Maternity Spanx: There is a hosiery god, by Nicole Rapaport

In the final trimester of pregnancy my body is now starting to resemble a rather large walrus and I simply can’t deny the fact that chic maternity clothes are a must.

The thing viagra pills buy is, I’ve found that a good maternity fit is hard to come by. If it cosies up to your belly, the legs are too baggy (not in a cool boyfriend jeans way either). If the leg fit is nice and tight I’m either left with a gaping pouch which a far bigger bump needs to fill, or a ‘digging in’ scenario so extreme I fear the oxygen supply to my foetus has been cut off.

I thought I could cheat the system by just buying bigger sizes or cheap mum-to-be brands – rookie mistake – especially with tights that just ended up shimmying down my legs half way through the day and traumatising my bump with their overactive seams and waist lines.

Enter Mama Spanx, the maternity pantyhose sent to me by an obviously female and pregnant god (aka MyTights). The bright packa

ging, wording and illustrations will put you in a good mood before you even put these on; ‘Super Spanx for a Super Mum’ even made me feel better about the daunting prospect of entering motherhood.

I tend to wear dresses to work, and although I was hoping by May there would be no need for tights, these feel supportive and give you a lovely feeling of streamlined sexiness (as you would feel in an ordinary pair of Spanx undergarments).

The thigh support stops wobbling and chaffing if you’ve expanded a bit down there and the tummy support feels comforting and safe, rather than claustrophobic or restricted; kind of like a luxury hammock for your floating sproglet. They feel silky and soft, yet are tough considering I’m whipping them up and down every 20 minutes for a toilet trip.

The sizing is particularly accurate and the cotton gusset means you can easily go without knickers if you feel so inclined. There is a back support section of which I didn’t feel any particular benefit, but the architecture of these maternity tights as a whole make for one happy mama with mighty firm hips, thighs, bum and tum.

Nicole Rapaport – 28 weeks pregnant

Shoes: Dune
Dress: Vintage shop in Spain
Blazer: Zara


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