Maternity Tights Reviews

Mama Spanx Maternity Tights

“Such a well know brand that continues to deliver in terms of packaging and wording. The bright colours, cute illustrations and funny tag lines give you a laugh also. They are not quite as soft as the Trasparenze pair, but feel strong and elasticated. The thigh support is great to stop wobbling, as you would expect with normal Spanx. The tummy section is tight and firm without being uncomfortable, and gives a seamless silhouette in tight clothes, which I often wear. Makes you feel compact and sturdy which in turn helps you to feel elegant and sexy (words that prednisone medicine I wouldn’t usually associate with pregnancy). I wouldn’t wear knickers with these either as if you feel secure enough, you don’t need them. These are my favourite. 8/10″

Nicole, 28 weeks pregnant

Trasparenze 20 Denier Maternity Tights

“The packaging is more formal, corporate and sophisticated [than the Spanx], but much less appealing to me. The tights themselves feel very soft, yet strong and elasticated. The fit is perfect for me on the leg, but the lower tummy section is very slightly big a

t present. The bottom and stomach section is in a grey ribbed material with thick seams. This does not work under a tight fitting dress or top and it can be seen though. However it does feel soft and comfortable. They stay up well but already have a couple of tiny nicks in them (bear in mind how many times I go to the toilet a day there’s a lot of up and down!) I would suggest that both Trasparenze & Spanx do a line of thicker denier maternity tights, not just for Winter, but for the more fashion conscious customers, as the sheer/ low denier look is quite dated and corporate. 6/10″

Nicole, 28 weeks pregnant

Spanx Maternity Tights

“I could tell from the moment I put these on that they were of a much higher quality than my usual maternity tights.  Maybe it was the way the crotch didn't manage to work its way down between my thighs within half an hour of putting them on.  The denier was not opaque but not sheer – perfect for most outfits.  My biggest concern, though, was the brand itself.  My pre-maternity experience of Spanx was of a restrictive garment that pretty much squeezed my lumps into something vaguely flattish.  I was concerned that with the maternity version, my unborn child would be pinned to my spine.  Fear not.  They kept my backside and ever growing love handles in check but allowed plenty of room for the bump.”


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