My Hosiery Valentine

Right dear hearts, it’s a well known fact that unless you are six foot tall, weigh less than 110 llbs and are under the age of 20, you will never look that good in a Valentine themed outfit. When old Cupid came up with the concept, he definitely had a young skinny woman in mind. For the rest of us who live in the real world, we have to look to subtlety to give us a nod towards romance and one of the best ways to do this is not to wear your heart on your sleeve, but on your legs.

It’s that time of year again  and we all want to share the love so whether you have a date or not, get into the spirit of things and show your softer side. You never know who might be looking.


For those traditionalists amongst us, we need nothing more than a good seamed stocking. Gerbe Carnation Fully Fashion Stockings are the real macoy. As the name suggests, these stockings have stuck to true wartime traditions and are made without Lycra and with a seam from the toe to thigh.  Pair with a pretty suspender belt to complete the look. Jonathan Aston has bought the product bang up to date combining 15% Lycra with a great vintage style in their Jonathan Aston Seam and Heel Lycra Stockings which have a classic 7cm top band.

Pamela Mann has given the back seam an update by breaking down the seam to create a delicate row of tiny hearts that run from toe to thigh on their Pamela Mann Heart Seamed Tights.  They have also played around with another variation on their Pamela Mann Love Seam Tights which spell it out up the back of your ankle. Someone would need to get quite close and personal to enjoy the design of these two!


Fishnets are another Valentines classic and one of the best around is Levante Fishnet Tights, Levante Fishnet Stockings and Levante Fishnet Hold Ups which are, well what they say they are. No fuss, no frippery, just the real deal.  Mary Portas has given an alternative twist to this style with her Mary Portas and Charnos Spotty Net Tights and Mary Portas and Charnos Crochet Lace Tights. Both give great prominence to your legs without being too obvious – well Mary is the Queen of High Street chic after all.


Staying with the more subtle, Pamela Mann Sheer Hearts Tights are a lovely 10 denier sheer dotted with tiny hearts throughout.  Charnos obviously had Valentines Day in mind when they designed Charnos Multi Diamond Tights, a lovely sheer that delicately hints at what’s expected to accompany great legs – a little sparkle on the left hand.

Pamela Mann also has one of the prettiest products in the colour range – their cartoon character cute  Pamela Mann Large Heart Opaque Tights which are a lovely 50 denier opaque literally laden with big red hearts. A great show stopper with that little black dress.   The Celeste Stein Old English Love Tights are great for a causal Valentine’s look, I see these with sawn off jeans and ankle boots. Uber fashionable opaque white background with large blousy roses all over them, or Celeste Stein Sweetheart Roses Tights, a strong pink overlaid with big curling cerise roses.  Both of these styles will have serious longevity once Valentines Day is over and done with.

Anklets are still relatively new to the scene but are growing in favour all the time. Offering an alternative partner for your favourites heels, Pamela Mann Sheer Heart Ankle Socks really need to be on show. Weather permitting you might get to flash a bit of leg as you leap from cab to restaurant in these, available in both classic sheer black and pretty pink.

Pink & Red

Of course, if all of this pattern and texture is too much for you, you could show your affinity with a lovely pair of bold red tights or pink tights. We really couldn’t get through a whole chapter without one mention of Falke but this time it is sooo justified.  Falke Seidenglatt Hold Ups in Classic Red are the most luxurious of 15 denier options. If dining al fresco is on the menu and a bit of warmth is needed, then Transparenze Gennifer Merino Wool Tights in Rubino are the ones for you. Combining a powerful red 70% wool weave with Lycra, these lovelies will work as a cheery antidote to less special winter days. Pink is a colour of choice and you might think powder puff while your frined thinks cerise. The strength of shade is a personal choice but two brands can cover every option. Jonathan Aston 40D Opaque Tights has two pinks while Pamela Mann 50 Denier Tights have a further three shades of pink. Jonathan Aston Sheer Coloured Tights even have the same hues in a 15 denier option. What more could you ask for.

So, no matter how you spend your Valentines Day, give dear Cupid the benefit of the doubt and show your support. We have everything you need for a great day.

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