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It feels a world ago now that Marc Jacobs unveiled his Spring/Summer 2012 collection for Louis Vuitton. But the legacy lives on! As Now Magazine feature Jonathan Aston’s Sweet Roses Anklets in their ladylike spread, reminisce on the faraway land on a cotton candy cloud that Jacobs’ S/S ’12 collection transported us to: a world of broderie anglaise and lady-like laces whispering of spider-web woven delicacy, all in sublime pastel shades so soft and sugar-sweet you could wince at the mere sight of such hues of lollipop creams and duck egg blues, as though looking at them was taking a bite from a duck-yellow saucer shaped sherbet lemon.

No wonder this dream that Jacobs’ dared to concoct in his designer lab of fairytales and frills has lasted in the high street trends. It’s what our dreams of being princesses from the age of four to…well our princess dreams are still alive and kicking if we’re going to be completely honest, have been made of. And the best thing about the look? It’s all far far too easy to access. As in, you can access it right now at the click of a button. Make the look, as Now suggests, through donning “ankle socks and sandals”, with the help of our ever handy Jonathan Aston. He really is our favourite at (but ssshhh don’t tell the others).

The petal power of these sweet roses anklets to propel you into a polished and picture perfect look is unmatched. Pair the elegant ivory or marshmallow pink shades Aston offers with peppermint greens, ice cream peaches and sorbet blue hues. Just as the model shows, in such candy coloured pastels oozing an age of innocence and girlie play, daring to bare your legs in ankle socks is one of the best things about the look. However, with the great British weather playing up as ever to add mercilessly to our wardrobe woes and hosiery hells, think of a few different ways to wear your anklets.

One alternative we love is to channel the layering look, wearing the little anklet on top of a pair of Jonathan Aston’s Sheer Coloured Tights; at an absolute steal of £4.10 you don’t even need to choose between which colours to make your pastels play with; team the little anklets with a pair of Fuchsia, Mulberry, Burgundy or Royal Blue shades on a different day each week and you can make the play date last until winter and beyond – we all know the trend will certainly still be around when the Autumn leaves come to fall and Jacobs’ move to Dior starts a whole new movement in the hosiery halls.

Alternatively, for those of you who find the concept of lace combined with cotton candy colours far too girlie to adorn their own slightly

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edgier ankles, the Jonathan Aston Roses Anklets in black lace offer the look in girlie grunge galore. Wear with checked shirts, denim, denim and some more denim, finished with a sprinkling of studs and leather in the form of a short ankle boot and you’ve transformed the anklet from girlie to grunge!

As Now point out, a pair of super girlie sandals are a great way (for everyone else) to finish off the look. Start by getting the look the easy (and economically friendly!) at The peep toes can wait; the little lace socks can’t!

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