Neon Like Never Before

Oh. Dear. Lord. No. It’s arrived. That dreaded moment to shred you of the dignity you’ve managed to convince your new partner you have an abundance of.  When friends or family in an act that makes them more frenemies and foes, and in an act you should have seen coming but of course never do, bring forth…the photo albums. You in your heyday, lathered in leather and nursing neon stripes in your hair.  Ohhh the shame, the mortification of being confronted with your fashion faux pas; tangible evidence that proves bright pink fluorescent hair was not just a dream gone wrong but rather ‘Inception’

multiplied a few times where your dream spiralled into layers and layers of nightmare. The “Rave” is what we called it; to its grave is where we rolled it. Or so we thought.

For imagine our fear, nay, our horror to hear of the return of…whisper it…N-E-O-N. Neon. Ladies, it’s time to forget the photos and the fashion flops we’ve faced in this most stunning of shades (Note: look up the dictionary definition of ‘stunning’ and you’ll know just how deeply, truly, literally it can be applied to Neon).  Neon is back and while we understand your hesitancy to go headfirst into a Neon flash with all guns blazing, all shades dazzling in a fluorescent flash of dresses, onesies and hair (you’ve done all three in the past and at once), accessories are the optimum way to wear loud shades subtly. So to get you channelling the trend, opting for bright over black, we’ve got a few tricks of the tights trade to share with you.

If you want to ace the loud shades in a ladylike look neon ankle socks are the way to do it. Try Transparenze’s Marta 70D Ankle Highs in shades of Ciclamino Hot Pink or Verde Aqua Blue, or for a touch more cotton comfort try the Transparenze Monique Ankle Socks in the Bright Daffodil Yellow or Bright Green.


If you want that Neon flash that gets people wondering “was it a bird? was it a plane? no it was your pins” you have to look at Jonathan Aston’s Sheer Coloured Tights and Jonathan Aston 40D Opaque Coloured Tights. Available in every colour under the sun, you and I are for the moment only interested in the Velvet Green Aqua and Fuchsia pairs, though we’re certainly partial to the Orange.

Now for the Never-Before-Seen-Neon MyTights bring you Henry Holland’s New Houndstooth Tights. Both the Blue and Pink pairs promise an electric flash of zesty shades so spotlight stealing people nearby will have to sport shades. The Henry Holland Zig Zag Tights which intersperse the tights semi-opaque base with neon bright zig zag stripes follow the trend just one decibel down. To get a neon look no one else has you can pre-order Fast at Jonathan Aston’s Scramble Tights made from an all-new cationic yarn fabric that brings a bi-colour effect to the neon Orange (Tangy/Lipstick) and Blue (Electra/Aqua) shades.


Finally, for the girls who want to get naughty in their neon, browse the Transparenze Valentina Hold Ups in Bougainvillea Hot Pink, Lemon Yellow or Azzurro Bright Blue. Is it ok if he has to don shades between the sheets? For fashion we say it’s fine. Alternatively, we have to show you Pamela Mann’s bargain Fishnet Tights in Fluorescent Yellow, Fluorescent Orange, Fluorescent Green and Fluorescent Pink. Don’t judge me when I tell you I’ve got a pair of every colour of these neon tights. At £3.75 a pair I’ll judge you if you don’t.

As ever, accessories are the best way to wear fashion when it’s as seasonal as ours always is. Not only do we save spending our unborn child’s inheritance on a dress that doesn’t see the light of day after its first outing, but we’re able to incorporate the trends into our daily lives. So forget your fashion ghost of yesteryear hidden in those photo albums and embrace the flash in a new way. For old times’ sake.



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