New Spanx range – Skinny Britches – Made for layering

Oh how I love Autumn. The transition into beautiful fabrics, deeper colours and more structured styles. It’s a time to contemplate new accessories, hosiery and underwear. I mean, what’s a bit of tailoring without a great base. In short, a disaster!

Spanx has been the name on most people’s lips since shapewear found fame a few years ago. Just as the Playtex Girdle reigned supreme when our mothers were getting dressed, now there are few of us that can claim they have the figure to go without some support and the support that most people seem to want comes from Spanx. Much imitated, Spanx has continued to revolutionise shapewear and its latest models, the Spanx Skinny Britches will have

us all thinking “Why didn’t they think of that before?”

There was an interview recently where the singer Adele claimed she squeezes herself into at least two, sometimes three pairs of Spanx before going out on stage. The company seems to have picked up on this trend and have now launched a collection that allows you to build the perfect level of control for your figure with a new type of Spanx which is very lightweight and very versatile.

At the moment the range is concentrated on your lower half (well it is where we all cite the most problems) and each of the products benefit from medium control compression. This basically means you can have light control on days when you need it, or add layers to build up more support.

The base layer to the range is the Spanx Skinny Britches Thong, yes a thong. It’s super lightweight and has a clever split waistband that prevents and squeezing or pinching,

creating a totally flat seamless effect. This is revolutionary thong is seriously comfortable. It’s the best base layer, working under the lightest seasonal party dresses and slim fitting trousers.

Combine the Spanx Skinny Britches Thong with the Spanx Skinny Britches Skort and you have a double wammy. Shaping the hips, the skort will then smooth everything down creating a perfect hourglass shape. The Spanx Skinny Britches Skort will also act a great underskirt, keeping your skirt in place, whilst ensuring your bottom gets the definition it deserves!

The range also has two more traditional styles, the Spanx Skinny Britches Short and the Spanx Skinny Britches High Waisted Short. Both can be worn with the Spanx Skinny Britches Thong as an underwear layer. The Spanx Skinny Britches Short is a mid leg, mid waist layer that is ideal under trousers and longer line dresses. It focuses its efforts on the lower half of the body, keeping hips and thighs in check, whilst sitting just below the waistline. The Spanx Skinny Britches High Waisted Short raises the bar, taking the control up and under the bust line. Both styles have laser cut legs for maximum comfort and medium control and a heat bonded waistband for the ultimate comfort. Again, the smooth slight sheen fabric will also ensure that there is no cling between your underwear and your top layer.

The genius team behind Spanx seem to have plugged the last gap in the shapewear market with a full range of tailor made problem solvers in a variety of strengths that also includes full slips, strapless slips, bodies, leggings, tights and briefs. How did we live without it all?

I can’t remember who it was that said (years ago) that you can tell a bad girl by her lack of girdle. I don’t think good or bad behaviour is a product of great shapewear but you can definitely tell who has and hasn’t attributed time to getting their foundations right. VPL? What about VBL? Visible Body Lines are definitely not something you see in the office. Make it your mantra to start feeling beautiful from the body right to the top. Come on girls. Those gorgeous Autumn fashions deserve respect!

Until next week!



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