New Year, New Hosiery

Well, have you started the great new year clear out yet? Done the kitchen cupboards, sorted the shoes, started on the wardrobe? It will all need updating you know, or so you make yourself believe. Well I’m here to tell you to stop right there. Before you do any more damage with your credit card, exercise some limitations and look at how you can creatively update your wardrobe on a budget.

We all want to start the New Year with a spring in our step and a new look can be the best way to refocus. Every January I extol myself to try something new and this year is no different. Last January I vowed to rid myself of all but essential plains and embrace pattern and colour. After a year of compliments, my commitment continues.

Opaque or sheer, a few pairs of coloured tights can completely change the look of every individual dress in your wardrobe. If we start with opaques, we should really look to the future and Andrea Bucci is a new name that has one of the most advanced Lycra formulas

on the market. Super strong and super soft, Andrea Bucci Lycra Fusion Fibre Opaque Tights are amazing. The technology applied to these tights guarantees that they won’t ladder. In fact, you can layer them, cutting the top pair with fabric scissors to create fab geometric patterns. Wash and wash again and the fabric will stay the same making their £12 price tag superior value for money. The range of colours – strong purples, burgundy, navy and greys heralds a new classic with a twist. Mary Portas tights are another brand that’s nodding downwards a more grown up audience. The range of seven sludgy, pared down hues of green, aubergine, rust and damson are typical of the colours so beloved by the fashion press. With a slight sheen, Mary Portas & Charnos Satin 80 Tights will work well into Spring. At the other end of the colour spectrum, Pamela Mann 50 Denier Tights strongly support the mantra of ‘a little of what you fancy does you good’. At just £4.95 per pair, there are 24 colours to try from the gently colourful to the downright shocking, all in a really good quality, matte reinforced toe finish. Sheers will also give you good colour coverage in a more subtle way and Jonathan Aston is the leader in this category. There are 19 colours available in the Jonathan Aston Sheer Coloured Tights range, priced at £4.10 per pair. Exchanging your traditional black opaques for sheers can also change the look of your outfits.

Acclaimed since the arrival of the Duchess of Cambridge, sheer and nude black tights are back with a venegence. Gone are the days of patchy and unrealistic colour. Now the matte black of Pretty Polly Nylons Tights or slight sheen of Falke Shelina Tights can make your legs look longer, give winter skin a healthy pallor or just add a different dimension to your clothes and shoes.

Now if there is anything in the hosiery department that’s stayed with us from 2012 into 2013, it’s patterned tights. Last year we saw some amazing designs burst onto the scene and it looks like the hosiery houses are at it again. Charnos was one brand that reinvented itself through pattern and in collaboration with Mary Portas, designs such as Mary Portas & Charnos Tattoo Lace Tights, Mary Portas & Charnos Crochet Lace Tights and Mary Portas & Charnos Spotty Net Tights were high on the want list of every fashionista. Grab them now before these designs are replaced by new ones. Italian brand Emilio Cavallini is another pioneer of great design. Masters of geometry, Emilio Cavallini Squared Optical on Sheer 3d Tights, Emilio Cavallini Houndstooth Tights and Emilio Cavallini Large Spiral Tights all channelled the 1960’s revival which looks set to continue this year. The company even had a bit of a Pam Hogg moment when it revived the buy generic viagra

siery/bodies.html?utm_source=newyear13&utm_medium=blog” target=”_blank”>bodystocking. The Emilio Cavallini Openwork Bodystocking and Emilio Cavallini Geometric Lace Bodystocking were paraded as stand alone wear by the likes of Jessie J whilst the more modest of us wore this under a dress, revealing just hints of the top part. Knitwear designer Mark Fast made headlines with his collaboration with Jonathan Aston and his Scramble range, available as Fast at Jonathan Aston Scramble Long Sleeve Body and Fast at Jonathan Aston Scramble Tights in luscious orange and powder blue were and still are divine when teamed together. Meanwhile enfant terrible Henry Holland continued to wow us with his designs for Pretty Polly and introduced new classics such as Henry Holland Reverse Star Tights and Henry Holland Zig Zag Tights. All of these designs look as fresh as they did when first launched and will continue to add pizzaz to work and play clothes.

Trouser wearers (and I know a few) should also be enticed into revealing more than usual. The range of anklets and colour trouser sock options available now makes it shameful to reach for those plain black numbers that you steal from your boyfriend or husband. Fast at Jonathan Aston Honeycomb Anklets are a personal favourite and I know they’re black but the design is just soo pretty they can’t be ignored. Ditto Pamela Mann Sheer Heart Ankle Socks and Oroblu Caroline Ankle Highs. On the flip side, Transparenze have a burst of colour in beautifully finished ankle socks designed to be worn with the slimmest of shoes. Transparenze Monique Ankle Socks and Transparenze Marta 70D Ankle Highs have a combined range of 21 colours. Compliment or clash, there are endless options available to entice you from full length to ankle slim or cropped trousers. Buy in bulk and when the weather gets warmer you’ve got a whole new range to wear with shoes or ankle boots and skirts or dresses.

Long socks are another hero product and combined with a bit of fake tan, they’re completely doable in this mild weather. The key to this look is to choose great quality products and Miss Oroblu gets our vote of confidence. Their preppy Miss Oroblu Heroes Knee High Socks combine soft grey, mustard and rust to great effect. Whilst Transparenze Cinzia Knee High Socks have a delicious range of colours in a super soft 70 denier finish. Try out the look before another cold front comes in.

If it is all change again on the weather front, then look out for leggings. THE hottest look of last year and another trend firmly staying put, leggings can drive a skirt length skywards like no other hosiery product. Miss Oroblu Match Leggings have a burst of futuristic colour and print while Oroblu Arielle Leggings give all over colour combined with pretty pattern. Jonathan Aston Hole Footless Tights are as thick as a pair of leggings and add a vintage knit twist to any outfit. Showstoppers have to be snapped up from the Celeste Stein range though. This crazy American company which is available exclusively at MyTights has produced some of the most unique prints in recent times and our current range includes Celeste Stein Mission Footless Tights, Celeste Stein One World Footless Tights and Celeste Stein Reddish Daisy Footless Tights. Perfect for complimenting weekend clothes such as sawn off jeans, look out for a whole range of new designs in 2013.

So, has that given you an appetite for change? I know I keep on talking about

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using your head not your wallet to make changes to your wardrobe but when better to try to instigate this than at the start of a new year. Use January wisely and it will not herald a new looking you! Visit us online at and if you want more information or to see how a product looks on person go to ‘What Laura and The My Tights Team Have Been Wearing This Week’. You’ll see we are all shapes and sizes and loving our look.

Until next week…


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