Not ready for Pastels just yet?

Has reading our feature on all of the celebs wearing coloured tights thrown you into a panic?  Don't worry, we have plenty of fashion options Cialis viagria levitra for you if you're not quite ready for the bright and bold tones of summer.

Everyone knows spring is the time to whip off those layers and start wearing your pastel basics and bright coloured tights, but if you just can’t face it yet why not try something a little subtler to give your wardrobe a chic boost?  Here are our top three looks for getting a new season look without looking completely underdressed…

1)      Subtle Colours

Swap your black opaques for a subtle colour palette that will lift your look without being too garish.  Try brown tights with beiges and animal print, or grey and navy pairings for understated chic that works for day or evening… coloured opaques and wool tights will make sure you stay weather-appropriate without compromising on style.

2)      Chic Prints


ny fashionista worth her salt knows that this season prints are big and bold – but let’s face it, wearing Hawaiian prints at the moment isn’t going to be your best ever look.  Stick to the ladylike prints of last season for the time being, with spotty tights the classic go-to design that will never truly go out of fashion.  They’re the hosiery equivalent of the trench coat – go-with-anything apparel that bridges the awkward gap between seasons and always looks on-trend.

3)      Cold-weather Florals

Florals are always the first sign of summer arriving, but at the moment your gorgeous flowery outfits are sitting at the back of your wardrobe.  The solution?  Try floral lace tights or opaque floral tights.  You could even try wearing them under your summer shorts or sundresses for a nod to the new season without fallen victim to the plummeting temperatures.


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