Patterned tights ‘will give you a playful edge’

If you want to liven up your outfits for a fun look this winter, you should try some patterned tights.

Melissa Magsaysay of the Los Angeles Times, writing for the Olympian, said they will add a playful quality to anything you wear, which could cheer you up if you’ve got the January blues.

"Patterned tights play well this time of year, breathing new life into existing pieces and adding a pop of unexpected texture," she enthused, recommending anything lacy, striped or dotty to fashionistas.

However, Melissa also said there is plenty of room for single-coloured tights, with grey or white great for pairing with a vintage dress and lace-up ankle boots and black fab for slimming the legs.

When it comes to dotty tights, you still can’t beat Gerbe‘s Plumetis style, which is a Vogue favourite too.

For nice thick white hosiery however, we love Falke‘s Elegance Cashmere Blend Tights.

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