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When the weather gets this good I think we all have the urge to throw off our tights.  However, if your legs have spent months clad in warm woollies and trousers they are probably not quite ready for their first bare outing.  That’s were our sensational range of bare leg tights come in to even out your skin tone and give a little healthy colour to pasty legs.  For example, we’ve just taken delivery of the new Pretty Polly Naturals range which has been relaunched with brilliant timing to coincide with the summery weather.  The Pretty Polly Naturals range has been a summer bestseller for some time so faithful customers will be pleased to know that they can still get their favourite bare leg look.  However, Pretty Polly have made a couple of tweaks to the range to make it even better for Summer 2011.

They’ve added a more decorative design to the brief as well as special cooling features that you’ll be thankful for when the weather hots up.  Priced at around £5 a pair, the Pretty Polly Naturals range still represent great value for money.

The Pretty Polly Naturals 8D Sandal Toe Tights are classic summer basics.  At £4.00 each you can afford to invest in a good supply for your tights drawer to see you through the summer but the fresh and pretty new packaging also means you’ll be happy to keep a supply in your office drawer too for emergencies!

Like before, the matte finish on these tights will give a beautiful natural look to your legs.  At 8 denier they are just thick enough to give a little colour to your leg and to even out the skin tone but still thin enough not to give away the fact that you are wearing tights.  Without any ugly reinforcing across the toe to betray the secret to your flawless legs, you’ll be able to slip these on under shoes and peep toe sandals too.

The new high leg brief is decorated with an attractive daisy design but still means you can wear these tights with short skirts or shorts without any tell tale lines across the thigh.  With hot summer days in mind, Pretty Polly have made the V Line brief fully breathable but they have also added a special cooling  treatment which will cool your leg as you move and help stop you from overheating.

If that’s still not cool enough, for really hot days you can get the same Naturals bare leg look in a hold up.  They’ll feel great under swooshy knee length skirts allowing the air to flow while your legs still look great.

Open toed sandals demand a completely natural look and although you might be able to get away the Naturals Sandal Toe Tights with some styles of shoe, it’s not going to work with all of them.   That age old dilemma of whether to sacrifice your toes (well the look of them anyway) or your tights is history because the Pretty Polly Naturals range includes Open Toe tights.  They are great for events like summer weddings, when you want to look your absolute best but you also want to show off your pedicure.  You’ll get the same benefits of the Naturals products to your toe line where they secured with two toe loops that stop them riding up over the foot.  The loops fit around the big and little toes so, as long as your sandals have some kind of a strap across the toe, they’ll be covered up nicely.

If you are wearing a clingy summer fabric like bias cut silk or satin you’ll probably welcome a little bit of control over your tummy, bottom and thighs.  Pretty Polly have introduced a new Secret Slimmer to the Naturals Range which will give a medium level of control to firm up those annoying, problem areas but with a better than bare leg that won’t give away the secret to your great figure.

Last, but by no means least in the Naturals range are the Pretty Polly Naturals 8 denier Oiled Tights.  With their shiny finish, they give the look of just moisturised legs which will last all day.  The sheen gives a wonderful healthy bronzed look to your legs so you will look like you have just jetted back from somewhere exotic.  Wear the Naturals Sandal Toe Tights for spring then move on to these Oiled Tights when summer really gets going!  With the same “stay cool” finish as the other Naturals products, heatwaves will hold no fear for you!

Have a great bank holiday weekend.

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