Pretty Polly: We Salute You!

Please forgive me, I’m going to just take a moment to gush just a little about how much I love Pretty Polly.  We give so much attention and space on this blog to the funky fashion ranges and the high end brands.  Pretty Polly might be an every day kind of brand but what they do is no less remarkable that some of the more expensive and impressive brands.  Matching quality with such affordability is no mean feat.

With a weakness for all things vintage, Pretty Polly Nylons are one of my favourite products.  Designed to evoke old fashioned Hollywood glamour and emulate old fashioned Nylons, I’ve worn Pretty Polly Nylons Tights and Stockings for 1940s themed parties (they even have a version with a cute backseam that looks so right with a little tea dress) and they always get complements as they look so authentic.

Then there is the Naturals range which are great value for such a convincing bare leg look.  When you want to look really summery but don’t want to wear your shoes with bare feet, the Pretty Polly Natural Knee Highs are brilliant for wearing under those plazzo pants that are everywhere this summer.  For really summery days, the Naturals range also includes Pretty Pollys Open Toe Tights which give a really natural bare leg with a hint of colour that you can wear with sandals.  Completely open at the toe with a loop that fits around your toe to keep them in place, people really can’t tell you are wearing tights at all!

Pretty Polly, we so often take you for granted but there can’t be a girl out there that hasn’t got at least one of their products in their underwear drawer.  Quality and affordability that is right for every day wear is what Pretty Polly is all about and I wanted to say just once – “We appreciate it”.

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