Review: Spanx Higher Power Brief


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Spanx Higher Power Brief


Spanx Higher Power




B (I’m a dress size 10)



Colour Comments (if applicable)

A pretty classic nude shade that didn’t show up underneath my sheer blouse!

Appearance comments

At first sight, this looks pretty scary – tiny when you first take it out of the pack, I wondered how I was even going to fit one leg in, leg along a bum and pair of hips too!? But the different sections ressured me that this was a product tailored to fit a real person’s body,? The fabric is functional rather than beautiful – if you’re after shapewear that’s a little sexier I’d try the Spanx Slimplicity range which is a bit more glamorous to the eye, or opt for a black shade instead.

Appearance Score


Feel comments

As outlined above, the name of the game here is function, so when it comes to the fabric don’t expect anything too fancy.? Perfectly comfortable, though, and with a cotton gusset and cotton brief it’s soft enough to keep me happy.

Feel out of ten


Fit comments

Be warned – this shaper looks tiny when you take it out of the pack and it does take some wriggling to get into (particularly over the hips and derriere).? Once on, though, I found it to be comfortable and I soon stopped noticing it.? Yes, it does feel constricting at first, but that’s just the strong shaping support working its magic.? If you really feel it’s too tight, chances are you may need to go up a size, but I found that size B was perfect and correct as per the product’s size guide.

Fit out of ten


Value for Money Comments

At just over ?30, this is relatively cheap shapewear.? Yes, you will find slightly cheaper on the market, but I find this to be the best quality and most effective product in this price range.? When you consider how many times you’ll wear it (and what you’d spend on a dress you only wear a handful of times) it’s actually a complete bargain!

Value for Money out of ten


So, Does it Work?

Shapewear is not a miracle worker – if you’re a size 14 it’s not going to make you a size 8.? But this strong control shaper will give you a smooth silhouette under tight clothing, eliminating lumps, bumps and unsightly bulges, and it definitely flattened my tummy. Plus I found when I was wearing it I became more aware of my posture, sitting up straighter and walking a little taller.

General comments

A classic shapewear style for all who need a little waist and hip shaping – great value for money and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend to a friend.

Any Tips or Care Instructions?

To stop the top from rolling down, firstly make sure you have chosen the correct size, and put it in in front of a mirror, ensuring that the back is pulled up as high as the front (this is a common cause of rolling waistbands).? Finally, put on your bra over the top of the waistband – this will effectively “pin” it into place and also help to create a silhouette uninterrupted by bulges.

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