Sara Cox Gets A Christmas Gift From MyTights

Radio queen Sara Cox was hitting up the airwaves yesterday covering for Fearne Cotton on radio 1, and the MyTights

office couldn’t help overhearing that the poor love was freezing her tootsies off. Her and the team

were talking about how cold it was and were discussing the necessity of thermals. Now, we’re all for toasty warm feet, but thermals??? No way. So we decided enough was enough, and sent her some cosy treats!

Our favorites from the goody bag we sent over included the Jonathan Aston Freeze Tights in Navy, which are on our Christmas list for sure. Frosty, silver sparkles in cosy, rich navy hosiery – what’s not to love? We also send over some super luxe Falke tights (pricey but worth it, in our opinion) and the gorgeous Aristoc Cashmere Blend Tights in Chocolate, which are sumptuously soft an thick, with an 8% cashmere content.

We were of course wondering if she’d received her stash… And we weren’t kept in suspense for long. She was on the airwaves again this morning talking about the tights and sharing them out with the team at Radio 1, and later tweeted her thanks to the MyTights team.

Ok, so she wasn’t a huge fan of the camel coloured tights (pictured) which she thought would give her “undercooked sausage legs” (FYI, Sara, camel is very en vogue this season and those exact tights appeared in the actual Vogue- it’s all in the styling), but we’ve no doubt that she’ll have the best dressed, warmest legs in radio over the coming weeks!



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