Seams Like a Good Idea

Fashions come and fashions go but a good seam has endured the last five decades, wowing would be admirers since WWII. I myself like a nice straightforward seamed leg but I have to admit that even I am falling in love with the new back seams, courtesy of a stable of designers working on behalf of the likes of Pamela Mann, Jonathan Aston and Pretty Polly, to name but a few. Here is my run down of the seams to be seen in this season.

We all like a bit of romance and seams certainly spell that. So too do Pamela Mann on their new Pamela Mann Love Seam Tights which spell the word ‘love’ in undulating script up the back of your ankle behind the words even out into  classic seam. The would be Europeans in us will also embrace the Pamela Mann Je T’aime Back Seam Tights with words that evolve into a back seam. Very fun when viewed from behind and a lovely sheer nude finish from the front, all are priced at £7.99. Pamela Mann has also played around with the love theme in their Pamela Mann Heart Seam Tights which have a link of tiny hearts forming the seam. Available in standard and plus size, both in classic sheer black, these tights will become a new wardrobe seam staple, priced at £7.95. An alternative to love, Pamela Mann has also played with ribbon in their Pamela Mann Bow Seamed Tights. A classic sheer black 15 denier pair of tights with cut scrolled bows at the ankle which loop off into a seam, these are a sweet but sassy new favourite, priced at £9.99.

Wolford has also embraced the trend for new seams and translated it in their Wolford Variete Tights. A gorgeous nude 20 denier finish with a polka dot fishnet design they are topped off with a seam of tiny interlinked bows which culminate in a tiny bow mock garter. So much prettiness and the kind of superb quality that we have come to love and list from Wolford. A complete opposite to the Wolford Variete Tights, Wolford Cheri Tights has all the detail going on at the top. Imitating the full briefs of the 1950’s in sheer black, the leg is barely there sheer with a traditional black seam up the back of the leg. A sexy alternative to displaying your own underwear underneath your tights!

Pretty Polly, one of our oldest British brands has played with a jigsaw effect in its seams. Pretty Polly Puzzling Jigsaw Backseam Tights has a line of joined and individual geometric pieces forming a delicate playful seam laid over a very nude 20 denier leg. Slightly more pricey at £10.00 but very eye catching all the same.  Jonathan Aston has picked up a similar theme with its Jonathan Aston Seductive Hold Ups which feature interlinked leaves from the ankle to the thigh in yet another take on the traditional seam. Priced at £12.00 these tights are available in black and sheer.

Transparenze flies the flag for Italy and its ladies with a whole range of interesting seamed back hold ups, tights and stockings including Transparenze Romantic Hold Ups which feature a Ric Rac wavering seam which ends in a filigree crest at the top of the thigh. Transparenze Canada Tights have a seam that culminates in a mock shoelace knot at the top of the thigh while Transparenze Leaves Tights have a delicate leaf tattoo design at the ankle leading to a plain seam and feature mock garter before turning into a lacy effect brief at the top.  Just a few of the beautiful new designs that Transparenze has, priced from £11.50.

A bit of colour can add another dimension and several brands have picked up on this in their designs. Pamela Mann Zips Tights have overlaid a white seam ending in a mock zip at the thigh over black opaque tights. Pamela Mann Wide Net Seamed Tights are sheer black with a racy red seam from ankle to thigh while Jonathan Aston Stardust Tights have a classic black leg with a shimmering gold or silver seam at the back. A great new party to make even better use of your old black dress, priced at just £12.00. Pamela Mann Jive Seamed Stockings are about as loud and colourful as you can get, featured in rip roaring red and whiter than white white, both with contrasting seams.

And, if you feel that fashion and colour detract from the design of a lovely simple seam, we have lots of brands to seduce you. Pamela Mann Jive Seamed Tights are the ones that would be snatched by girls from the 1940’s if a time machine landed. Having said that, they would also be hard pushed to keep their hands away from Jonathan Aston Seam and Heel Lycra Stockings which are another recognisable bygone era design.

So, seems like there is a seam for every leg, every design infatuation and every day of the week. Problem is where to start first. Check out details of our new same day delivery service if the urge to show your seams takes you by surprise. We can promise to have you out of your plains and into your seams in time for that after work drink with workmates, dinner date with someone special or simply just to wow the bus driver on the way home.

Until next week…


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