Shapewear: as normal as wearing a bra?

If my conversations with our customers are anything to go by, more and more of you are wearing your shapewear, not just as special occasion wear but for every day figure enhancing.  Certainly I’m known for breaking out the Spanx to give a little bit of a confidence boost under anything that tends to cling around the waist or tummy.  For me it is as normal as choosing a bra to suit the neckline of my dress.  Last week the Sun picked up on the fact that shapewear is now part of our every day wardrobes with a compare and contrast of the market leaders and, even if we do say so ourselves,’s favourite brands have come off pretty well.

Their size 16 model rated the Spanx Slim Cognito Shape Suit as the best all-in-one against shape suits from Matalan and Maidenform.   We agree with Hayley, the Spanx shapesuit can be a tricky one to get on (but that is sort of a necessary evil if it is going to do its job well) but once in place it is really comfy.  I’ve always appreciated the fact that this suit is seam free too as it means there are no seam marks left on the body when you take it off.  Could be a consideration at the end of a romantic evening!

Hayley also rated the Spanx Slimplicity High Waist Panty as the best waist and tummy shaper.  We think this is the closest you can get to wearing a waspie style corset while keeping the freedom of movement you get from shapewear.  For the best shaping slip, the Sun rated the Trinny and Susannah All In One Body Smoother.  The model seemed especially keen on the fact that there was room to accommodate and lift the bum in this shaper while giving a “really controlled, pulled in shape”.
We are not bragging (maybe just a little bit) but products seem to have come top in all the categories they were tested in and Hayley commented more than once on how comfortable these products are to wear.  I’m a huge Spanx fan and, ranging from extra strong to medium control, I have yet to find a product of theirs that I don’t find comfortable enough to wear all day.  New products like the Spanx Undie-tectable range show that Spanx is now making everyday shapewear which is ultra comfortable even if you are a shapewear newby.  There is clearly a demand and not just from the shapewear diehards like me.  How do you wear yours?  Could 2012 could be the year that shapewear truly becomes as normal as wearing a bra?

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