Spanx Shapewear Reviews

This week I thought I would share some of

the recent shapewear reviews, from our independent feedback service Feefo. Customer reviews are so helpful in choosing which product will work best for you, with honest feedback from customers just like you.

One of the original shapewear companies and still one of the best, Spanx has built a reputation for being the best around, with products that tackle everything from bums to tums, arms, thighs, backs and more, so read on for Spanx reviews on a variety of best-sellers…

Spanx High Power Briefs

These waist cinchers are one of the most sought after pieces of shapewear. They are discreet, multi functional and you can wear them every day. We’ve had buyers tell us they wear them under trousers, dresses, skirts and even larger bikini bottoms or swimsuits. I kid you not.

“These are great if you’ve got a bit of a flabby tum but your bum is ok, panty line is minimal but will show under fitted clothes. I’ve also got the longer leg version which is great for shaping your bum too although you can’t wear shorter dresses because the leg is quite long. Could do with an in-between version.”

This customer is absolutely right. The shorter everyday version gives you the support around your stomach but won’t deal with the tops of your legs. The longer line version is great for treating both but you need a lower hemline. I agree that a pair somewhere in between would be great. We’ll pass your Spanx review on, thank you.

 “Very pleased. The Spanx were more visually attractive than I was expecting and were very comfortable and didn’t roll up or down once on. The size guide was really helpful and accurate. I was pleased with the effect under my wedding dress and glad I paid more for the genuine product rather than a cheaper copy.”

Quite often the times when we want to feel and look our best are at events when our whole look, hair, clothes, make-up etc really counts. Weddings, birthdays, parties, promotions, no matter what the occasion, you want to feel that you look as good with your clothes off as on. This is where shapewear that imitates everyday underwear works best. Let’s face it, in real life do we think Hugh Grant would have reacted in that way when faced with Bridget Jones’s knickers????

“Compared to other similar products on the market – Spanx is the best.  I didn’t think they would fit but I was amazed at how comfortable they were.  Also, they stayed up and did not roll down all day.  I felt amazing in them and would recommend them to anyone.  Well pleased!”

That says it all really.

Spanx In Power Line Super Higher Power

In recent times ‘boy shorts’ have become as popular as pants and Spanx tapped into this fashion by creating Spanx In Power Line Super Higher Power Shorts.  These waist to mid thigh shorts have a very firm control bottom that give all round shape and support. As one shopper commented,

“The Spanx don’t shave inches off me but they give me a smoother silhouette as I do still have a tummy from when I had my daughter.  They have given me the confidence to wear a dress to my best friend’s wedding, rather than totally cover up.”

This is someone who really knows what shapewear can achieve and what it can’t. Covering up and smoothing out is what it’s all about. It’s a sort of secret friend, as another of our buyer’s said,

Makes a really big difference and is unnoticeable under clothes!”

And that’s what it’s all about. We don’t want people to see how we’re achieving that glossy effect. We just want them to notice that we look good. I am a big advocate of ‘you get what you pay for’ and this is one product that really stands up to its claim and its price tag. We’ve all been there and tried to emulate the success of a great product with the price tag of a much cheaper one. Rarely are we happy though and more often than not we end up buying what we wanted in the first place, as one of our buyers told us,

“I have wasted a lot of money on tummy taming pants that don’t work, wish I had bought these first, they actually do what they say and don’t feel restricting at all. I have already recommended this site and this item.”

Thank you! I rest my case.

Spanx In Power Line Super Footless Shaper

Now, no matter how great a brand is, it will still have a relentless need to improve and expand its offering. Spanx is no exception to the rule and Spanx In Power Line Super Footless Shaper is the latest way to wear shapewear. Aimed at those who stick religiously to trousers, this boxer top shorts shaper with mid calf tights length to prevent VPL is also a winner with floor length maxi dresses and occasion wear. We’ve already had reviews about this product with one buyer saying,

“Brilliant item, gave me such a sleek silhouette in my trousers and so comfortable! No one will ever know you’re wearing them! The model has the shaper up to her waist, but mine was large enough and comfortable enough to pull to just under my bust line, giving my stomach a pull in too!! Would definitely recommend to anyone!”

A great shapewear review, but we do also take criticism seriously too and pass on your comments. In the case of this buyer, her thoughts and opinions have been challenged with a new and improved product,

“These latest ones are the best I’ve had from Spanx. I’ve complained in the past that the quality (for the money) was not good.  However, somebody seems to have passed on the comments and they have improved significantly, giving longer life with less laddering and less unraveling of yarn around the waistband. Despite all that, couldn’t live without my Spanx!”

And neither could I.

Spanx Slimplicity Open-Bust Camisole

Now we are big advocates of shape at My Tights which is why we love shapewear. Not everyone is stick thin and shapewear helps you to celebrate your size, just giving you a smoother looking you. The Spanx Slimplicity Open-Bust Camisole might look like a bit of an oddity but it’s been designed for those ladies amongst us who are generously endowed. What it does do is allow you to wear your own bra so you get shape and comfort combined.  One fan wrote to us to say,

“Holds everything where you would like it to be, and gives nice smooth lines, even with your own bra, which is a great idea for bigger-busted ladies like myself.”

As anyone with a D cup or larger will tell you, good fitting is everything. Our online product guides obviously do their stuff as another buyer told us,

“The product description and sizing guidance were so good that the item proved to be a perfect fit, no problem at all.”

Spanx Slim Cognito Shaping Mid Thigh Bodysuit

I find separates great when the weather is warmer but if I want all over control then I prefer a bodysuit or a slip. It’s just a personal thing. The Spanx Slim Cognito Shaping Mid Thigh Bodysuit is a real all over miracle worker. It has super strong control yet is completely seamless. I wear mine even under summer dresses for a super smooth finish.  It seems I’m not alone and we have had endless Spanx reviews that echo our lady below who says,

“Does exactly what it says. It shapes perfectly in all the required areas and isn’t too tight on my thighs causing the mid thigh bulge that other shapewear seems to result in. A bit pricey however the best I’ve tried so far.”

Spanx Slimplicity Lingerie Strap Slip

Price is a factor that most people consider when buying shapewear but you really do get more bang for your buck with a brand like Spanx. Once you’ve worn something like the Spanx Slim Cognito Shaping Mid Thigh Bodysuit a couple of times, you really will wonder what you ever did without it. Now I’m not saying you have carte blanche to tuck into roast dinners ever night of the week, but a little of what you fancy does do you good and if you can hide it, well all the better. Consequently my other ‘hero’ product is the Spanx Slimplicity Lingerie Strap Slip. It’s very reminiscent of 1950’s film stars in the way it completely smoothes your body, giving you a lovely womanly shape. It’s also great under sheer dresses as it gives you a bit of cover and under woollen dresses, which might otherwise catch against your skin. Some buyers like the following lady also seem to think it looks quite alright on its own. Eat your heart out Katie Price!

“Great buy – fantastic under a fitted dress and nips in the waist and with a good bra gives a great cleavage.   It doesn’t completely flatten your tummy (like the all in one body does) but it is really comfortable and doesn’t ride up your thighs.   It also looks great on its own – love it!”

So there you have it. Our customers Spanx reviews. What not try some of the products for yourself and let us know what you think.

Until next week….

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