Sheer Tights: Dos & Don’ts

MyTights exclusively provides Britain’s Got Talent judge Alesha Dixon with tights for the show, and we love how polished and on trend she always looks.  As we look at how her legwear has gone wrong in the past and how fab she looks with the correct sheers, we thought it was time to remind you – and ourselves –about the dos and don’t of sheer tights…



- Spend some time choosing the correct shade – you can afford to go slightly darker for a sunkissed look or exactly match your skintone, but don’t go too pale as it will look odd, as poor Alesha discovered.  Falke have redeveloped their range of skintone shades offered with a dermatologist, so there’s no excuse to not get the perfect shade for your skin.

- Choose the correct size – baggy knees and wrinkly ankles will ruin the bare leg look.  Get the right size and you won’t spend the whole day hoisting them up or readjusting on your legs – use the size guides if you’re not sure, as every brand is bound to fit different shapes differently.

- Think about your outfit and choose your sheers accordingly.  You don’t want to opt for a boxer brief style if you’re wearing tiny shorts or a micro mini, so go sheer to waist so no visible reinforcement will peek out.  Similarly if you’re planning on wearing peep toes consider going for an open toe style, or at the very least a sheer toe to avoid them looking too obvious.



- Opt for a shiny finish if you want a bare leg look – glossy products like the Aristoc Ultra range are super glam but obvious, too.  If you’re worried about chunky calves or less-than-svelte thighs you should also avoid shiny tights as they can be unflattering.  Matte tights make the legs look slimmer, but for the best natural look the ideal finish is a slight sheen that will mimic the natural glow of your skin.

- Settle for the wrong shade or rush the buying process – think about what you need from your tights before you buy them.  Do you need a comfy style you can wear all day?  You might want to think about getting tights with a cotton gusset.  Wearing to drinks under a slinky dress?  Control top tights might be a good option that will slim as well as flatter your pins.

- Be scared to try something new – innovation in hosiery is happening all the time which means trying something different to your usual sheers could make all the difference.  Some styles use bicomponent yarns, which give a flawless finish, cool feel and are more durable than their ultra sheer appearance suggests, while ladder resist styles can make your life easier with a little added durability for strength in the face of hectic schedules.



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