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Describing colours to customers can be really difficult – everyone has a slightly different interpretation of each shade!  It is especially challenging when it comes to choosing the right shade for your skin tone – often we are talking about nude colours with very subtle differences in shade. I understand why lots of customers can find it reassuring to call us and talk through the colour they are looking for.  Since we have expanded the colour choices in our range however, I thought this might be a good opportunity to do a quick overview of how to shop on our website by skin tone.

We’ve divided the nude tones on our site into five broad categories:

English Rose

This term is used to describe pale, creamy coloured skin – if you have a tendency to burn quickly rather than tan you probably fall into this category.  Girls who are proud of their pale skin will find Falke products a good place to start.  The Falke Seidenglatt 15D Tights and Fond de Poudre both come in a colour called Cocoon which is one of the palest nude tones we offer.

For a lovely bare leg look on pale skin, the Golden shade in the Falke Shelina Tights should perfect your skin tone without masking it.  If you feel like adding just a touch more colour to your legs then you could try the Levante Resistenza Tights in Enhance.

Cocoon Crystal

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Sunkissed shades will suit skins that have a slight tan and they are good for giving a little colour to your legs before they have had a chance to see the sun.  Try Charnos’ Sheer Lustre Tights in Natural Tan or for something a little more special you could try the gorgeous La Perla Allure 15 Tights in Neutro which has lovely brown undertones that give a really healthy but not overpowering tan colour.

Natural Tan Neutro

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We use this term to describe those with olive skins or southern Mediterranean colouring.  It can also be a good colour if you tan well and you have just come back from holiday.  Trasparenze’s Fango colour, which is available in the Noemi and Capri tights, is a really good colour for classic olive skin.  Those with Mediterranean skins may start the summer wearing Falke  Shelina Tights in a colour like Sun and then graduate to the slightly darker Noisette as their tan builds.

Sun Noisette

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Products that are described as suitable for Asian skin may also work for dark olive or lighter black skins.  Aristoc’s Ultra Shine 10d Tights in Illusion are very popular with customer with darker or Asian skin tones and it is very similar to the Nutmeg colour in the Pretty Polly Nylons which are also very strong sellers.

Illusion Nutmeg

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This category covers colours from rich, reddish to very dark browns and many of our customers remark that these colours can be very difficult to find on the high street.  If you have a lot of reddish of golden tones to your skin then do consider trying Trasparenze’s Sifonie shade which is available in Capri Tights and Noemi Tights.  For very dark skins, Le Bourget’s Le Bourget Voilance Satine 15D Tights come in a colour called Typhon which is designed especially to complement dark skin.

Sinfonie Typhon

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People with different skin tones face different challenges when it comes to buying hosiery – it’s little wonder some of our customers stick with the same brand and colour for years and years.  White skins have a million slightly different shades to choose from and it can be difficult to distinguish between them.  A nude in one brand can be quite different from another.   Dark skinned black and asian women often face exactly the opposite problem.  There are certainly more limited options when it comes to choosing colours to match darker skins.  We’ve recently expanded our range but we are always on the hunt for good quality products that cater for the full range of skin tones so if you have come across a product you think we should stock do let us know.

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