Spanx’s Latest Celebrity Fan…

Another week, another celeb fan coming out of the shapewear closet. This week it was the turn of the Tulisa Constavlos, aka the feistiest lady in pop and X Factor judge, who lost her last act – 16 year old Ella Henderson – at the weekend to general outcry. The ex-N-Dubz-turned-solo-star has confessed that – gasp – she’d rather just buy cialis online uk slip on a pair of Spanx than diet, according to Heat Magazine.

Finally! A celeb that actually admits to liking food and even more, eating it! We thought it was generally accepted that celebrities live on a complex diet of vitamin water, unicorn-purified air and the occasional sniff of a McDonald’s bag (yes, we’re looking at you, Miley Cyrus), but now we know the truth. Goodbye, Gym! Farewell, Low Fat snacks! From now on, we’ll be doing a Tulisa and relying on shapewear to keep us svelte over the party season.

Spanx’s In Power Line Super Higher Power shaping shorts made it onto Heat’s top three shapers. The high waisted shaping shorts come in black or nude and has strong control for ultimate shaping power and a super-steamlined silhouette, which makes it one of our favourites, too! But if that’s not quite what you are after, not to worry. Whatever you’re wearing, there’s a Spanx to go with it, from shorts to briefs, bodysuits to slips, and camisoles to open bust shapers.

Ok, so maybe we won’t REALLY be able to ditch the gym and eat whatever we like (Spanx UK might be miracle workers but even miracles have their limits); but there’s no denying that being able to get a secret,

instant nip and tuck will mean we can tuck into our favourite Christmas treats, a little more relaxed that we’re still going to fit into our party frocks.

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