Sporting Style

The streets of London are buzzing as we are just two weeks away from the start of the Olympics. In my little patch, international travellers, athletes, support crews and a whole host of fans are drinking coffee at my local café and sipping champagne at my neighbourhood pub. If like me, you take an avid interest in our visitors (even if there is less of an interest in sport), then it’s a great time to show your support and get some admiring glances into the process.

Olympic fever doesn’t need to be all about your own nationality – you can show favour to whoever has the best looking team! Henry Holland obviously had this in mind when he created the Henry Holland Rule Britannia Union Jack Tights, the Henry Holland Stars and Stripes USA Tights and the Henry Holland Aussie Tights. These are some of the best quality flag tights we’ve seen, great 40 denier matte designs in subdued blues, reds and whites that spread the flag of each nation evenly and completely over both of your legs. Definitely daywear, pick up on this season’s hottest trend combo of sawn off denim shorts and tights.  Create your own mini Olympics by taking it in turn to wear each nation and see which one generates the most interest! Good old Pamela Mann and Jonathan Aston have also come up trumps on the patriotic front with their Union Jack tights, both of which have an all over pattern that will leave no doubt as to your country of origin.

Still on a patriotic theme but less in your face, Celeste Stein patterned tights are another favourite for attracting attention. Their Celeste Stein Royal Stripe Tights and Celeste Stein Royal Stripe Footless Tights, showcase the blue and white without the red. Great for supporting the Scottish contingent in our team! The 40 denier vertical stripe design elongates legs and both pairs will take you from day into night, when teamed with the right ensemble.

There might not be any green dragons of leprechauns floating around (perhaps Celeste Stein should be made aware) but you can still show your allegiance to Wales and Ireland with the range of solid opaques available. Transparenze Monique Ankle Socks come in red and green for Wales and green and orange for Ireland. Wear one of each on either foot, trim the socks and use the other half of the pairs as wristwarmers.  A very cheap but effective old trick that I’ve dragged with me from the 1980’s! You can do the same thing with Pamela Mann 50 Denier Tights which offer orange and green amongst their shades and Pamela Mann 3D Footless Tights which have hues of orange, green and red in their collection. You could even take

the more alternative option of layering Pamela Mann Fishnet Tights over the top for added effect.

Moving away from the British Isles, the flags of our nearest neighbours in Europe supply us with endless fashion ideas. The pale watery blue of the Greek flag can be emulated with Celeste Stein Blue Lace Footless Tights which have an all over light blue design on a white background. The orange, red and black of the German flag can be generated with Pamela Mann Twicker Tights in orange and black. Layered with Transparenze Monique Ankle Socks in Red. The bright yellow and red of Spain’s sunshine inspired flag can be created with Transparenze Cinzia Knee High Socks, again wearing one of each. You can also use Pamela Mann 3D Footless Tights to create the same effect.

Further afield the flags get even more exotic, evoking names of places that we never visit. Think of South Africa and you’ll think of game reserves. I on the other hand think of Celeste Stein New Giraffe Tights and Celeste Stein New Giraffe Footless Tights which have a strong all over pattern. The strong blue and white of the Israeli flag is matched perfectly with Henry Holland Stripe Knee Highs. Japan is a great combination or red and white and taking a cue from its own fashionistas, layer white Transparenze Diorella Footless Leggings under Celeste Stein Red Reverse Calf Socks. The blue and black of the Botswana flag can be shown off with Pamela Mann Duo-Tone Tights which will also work for fans of Tanzania and Uganda (both teamed with Transparenze Monique Ankle Socks in yellow).

If showing allegiance to just one country is limiting, show how welcoming you are to all nations with Celeste Stein One World Flag Tights which really do cover the globe, as well as your legs.

So hopefully these suggestions will lead you along the path to creating great international relations. And, once you’ve bagged the man, get him to support your Olympic effort with Celeste Stein One World Flag Socks. Just as great on a man as a woman and you can steal them away once the competition is over!

Until next week..


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