Stay Warm This Season With Plenty of Tights

As the weather continues to grow colder, the key to any great outfit is layering and the best place to start layering is with tights! Pretty Polly and Aristoc have some great tights this season to help you stay warm and cosy.

For those bitter cold days where all you want to do is cover yourself with a soft blanket and drink a steaming cup of hot chocolate, it is necessary to invest in some wool tights. Not only will they keep you warm, but they will

also keep you extremely cosy. Pretty Polly’s 150 Denier Angora Blend Opaque Tights and Aristoc’s Cashmere Blend 100 Denier Tights are great contenders if you’re in the market for some wool tights this season. Wool tights are extremely versatile and are perfect for wearing with a dress, skirts or shorts for Autumn and Winter.

If you want to add a little sophistication to your look while still keeping warm, textured tights are a great way to liven up your outfit. Textured tights are great for adding more conservative coverage under your favourite black mini-dress. For the winter, cable-knit tights are a must have. We suggest Pretty Polly Tangled Cable Tights to keep warm and look chic all at the same time. With 100 denier, you are sure to stay warm and the cable knit pattern gives off a bold look. Pair with a cute winter coat to get the perfect look this season!

With winter comes an assortment of greys and blacks, so why not brighten up your look this season with some fun coloured tights! If they can pull it off in Gossip Girl so can you! Try out Pretty Polly’s 60 Denier Lustre Opaques in red currant or ink to add a pop of colour to your winter look. If you’re feeling bold, try colour blocking by pairing your coloured tights with a brightly coloured overcoat.

No matter what style you choose to stay cosy and fashionable this season, make sure to always have an extra pair of tights on hand to keep you warm. Check out all of the great wool and extra thick tights MyTights has to offer!

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