Stock up on your stockings for Breast Cancer Care

Blame the rise of burlesque.  Blame Dita Von Teese personally if you like (I don’t think she will mind) but stockings have definitely crept back into our consciousness.  The 20th October has been designated National Stockings Day so this week is the perfect time to try them out.

We’ll be celebrating National Stockings Day by teaming up with Charnos to raise money for Breast Cancer Care.  Throughout this week, £1.00 of profit from sales of each pair of Charnos 75th stockings & hold ups will be going to the charity (Marilyn Stockings and Ava and Catherine Hold Ups).  So, stock up on your stockings with a clear conscience or try them out for the first time and help raise money for a great cause.

Charnos have been the driving force behind National Stockings Day from the start.  However, this year has been bigger than ever after they saw sales of sheer stockings rise by 15% in the first half of 2011.  With the vast majority of women appearing to favour tights, who is this army of secret stocking wearers?

Sexy siren

If you are planning a romantic night in then stockings and suspenders are an essential ingredient.  They are so sexy and, trust us, men of all ages simply love them.  Really turn up the heat with the Trasparenze Amandine Suspender Belt and Jonathan Aston’s Fishnet Stockings.  If you don’t like the idea of fiddly suspender clips, then you can get a similar effect with hold ups.  Draw the eye up your leg with the gleaming floral pattern that runs up the back of the Charnos Ava Hold Ups.


Some women simply prefer the hidden glamour of stockings and hold ups.  Everyday stockings wearers will know that nothing grips your stocking tops as firmly as metal clips.  To avoid embarrassing slipping stockings, the Kiss Me Deadly Van Doren Boned Belt has excellent metal clips and comes highly recommended.  If you favour hold ups, then make sure you check out the unusual and beautifully detailed flocked rose pattern on the tops of the Charnos Katherine Hold Ups.

Vintage babe

The vintage babe wears her stockings as a statement of her identity. She’ll love bullet bras and slipping into one of our Kiss Me Deadly Longline Girdles will be second nature to her.  She will of course favour fully fashioned stockings like Gerbe’s Carnation Fully Fashioned Stockings but she will be drawn to anything with a seam at the back.  Charnos’ gorgeous Marilyn Stockings with their cute bow and diamante crystal at the ankle will give her extra allure inspired by one of the silver screen’s greatest legends.

Fancy dresser

If you have never tried stockings before, burlesque themed parties, Rocky Horror Show nights or just general fancy dress are a great time to give them a whirl for the first time.  Whether you are channelling the smouldering looks of Moulin Rouge or the camp silliness of the Rocky Horror Show stocking will finish the look.  If you are not brave enough to bare your stocking tops, then you can always cheat with some suspender tights!

Whichever one of these “types” you are have some fun with your stockings on National Stockings Day.  Shout it from the rooftops, it is for a good cause after all and don’t forget to check out the Charnos’ Ava, Marilyn and Katherine styles to make sure that lots of money goes to Breast Cancer Care.

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