Surprise someone this Valentine’s Day!

Are you sick of doing the same old things every February 14th? Treat yourself or your partner to some sexy hosiery and break the mould for 2010! We’ve got stockings, suspender belts, hold ups and funky tights that are guaranteed to put a smile on both of your faces!

It’s no great shocker that men love sexy hosiery – according to the Sun’s agony aunt Deirdre, the favourite fantasy of one in ten guys is to see their partner dressed in stockings and suspender belts, so something sultry will knock him off his feet!

It can make you feel great too, so if you’re single and intend to go out on the pull on February 14th, some sexy hold ups will make you feel a million dollars. Or if you’re looking to stand out why not try some fun and fashionable heart print tights?

And guys, if you’ve stumbled upon this page, then read on in order to get clued up on exactly what to buy her this Valentine’s Day.

Seductive Stockings & Hold Ups

For a sexier alternative to tights, you can’t go wrong with stockings to pair with suspenders. We’ve got a wide range here at, including Levante’s Vanessa Stockings with their detailed leg band and Aristoc’s Sensuous 10d Lace Top Stockings, for a touch of hidden glamour.

A style that could also be perfect for Valentine’s is hold ups, as you won’t get lines from suspenders under your dress if you’re going out. We love Le Bourget Essential Hold Ups in Noir, which have a sexy black and red lace top for you to flash intermittently! or for a bit of luxury try Wolford’s Satin Touch Hold Ups.

Glamorous Lace & Sexy Seams

For some additional 1940s-style glamour, you could try a lace tights or an elegant back seam. Jonathan Aston’s Sweet Roses Hold Ups – also available in tights – have a delicate floral pattern, while Cette’s Berlin Sheer Seam & Heel Stockings are super-stylish and will really elongate your legs.

Elegant Fishnets

Of course, some classic fishnets look fab with eveningwear. Our Levante Fishnet Tights in Nero have an elegant small net and are sheer to the waist, perfect if you’re wearing a shortskirt. Other favourites in the MyTights office are Falke’s elegant fishnet tights and Jonathan Aston’s fishnet back seam hold ups!

Mock Hold Ups

However, if you’re not a fan of stockings or hold ups, you could always try a new phenomenon that’s sweeping the high street at the moment - mock hold ups. Try Pretty Polly’s Absolute Legs Mock hold ups (which look a bit like the original Henry Holland sell-outs!), or the new Super Suspenders from Henry Holland.

Classic Suspender Tights

If you dont want the hassle of suspender belts the try some Suspender Tights for all the allure of stockings without having to worry about them falling down. Charnos’ Boudoir Bodyfree Suspender Tights are essentially sheer tights with cut-out sections to resemble stockings and a suspender belt.

Something a bit fun

And finally, if you treat V-Day as a little bit of fun, then no problem.

Our Celeste Stein Be My Hearts tights are bright red with a cute white heart print that is sure to make you (and him) smile. Or for something a bit more elegant try Pamela Mann’s Sheer Hearts Tights, which are a kooky twist on classic polka dot tights, and very on-trend this season – so you can wear them again and again!

We also love Pamela Mann’s Love Seam Tights, with their blend of sex appeal, elegance and fun.

So there you go – check out our Valentine’s Day section, stock up on seductive hosiery and have fun this February 14th!

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