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Laura’s Choice: Summer Shapewear!

While the winter months are all about hibernating and seeking solace in a hot water bottle, social calendars in the summer are jam packed. Whether attending weddings, garden parties or catching the rays in a beer garden, summer is a time to let your hair down and have some good old fashioned fun. And with all those social occasions pencilled into your diary, you’ll no doubt have been eyeing up that dress you simply HAVE to have, not to mention those heels that will probably result in a twisted ankle come midnight! But have you considered finishing off your look with some shapewear? Don’t be daunted by the ‘S’ word; it’s now discreet, comfortable and incredibly effective. With something to slot beneath any choice of outfit, the collection of summer shapewear at MyTights will ensure that no matter the occasion, your figure will always look amazing!


Spanx Shape My Day Girl Short

Spanx Shape My Day Girl Short

Shaping Shorts

Target zone: tummy, rear, hips

Pros: Perfect for wearing with figure-hugging party dresses

Covering both your rear and the common problem zone at the top of the thigh (depending on height), shapewear shorts are a great option for the summer where dresses tend to be slightly less forgiving. Top of the bill are the Spanx Shape My Day Girl Shorts, stemming from the brand new Shape My Day range. Utilising the latest innovations in the world of ‘slimming and trimming’, these medium control shorts are altogether sleeker, more affordable and comfortable than styles past. Perfect for taming your tummy and lifting your rear, they’re perfect for wearing beneath party dresses, and come with a seamless waistband to remain incognito no matter how figure hugging your outfit.! Or if you want to enjoy the same shaping magic but with a feminine twist, check out the Pretty Polly Lace Shaper Short, with a chic floral lace design and purse-friendly price tag!


Mid Thigh Shapers

Target zone: thighs, tummy, waist, hips

Pros: Great for teaming with longer length dresses

Mid thigh shapers differ from shaping shorts in that they extend slightly further down your leg, finishing halfway between your knee and waist. While this means that the shortest of hemlines should be avoided, it’s worth it for all that extra shaping magic! The good news is that we have something to suit everyone, not least with the Spanx Shape My Day High Waisted Mid Thigh. Using medium control to tame your lumps and bumps, this shaper reaches just beneath the braline, making it particularly valuable for anyone conscious about their stomach. Prefer something that focuses on your rear? The Ambra Killer Figure Bum Lifting Shorts could be just the ticket. Doing exactly what it says on the tin (okay, packet), these mid thigh shorts use clever pockets of fabric to lift your derrierre, whilst smoothing your hips, thighs tum AND waist. Giving you a bottom that J-Lo would covet, anything that means I can skip spinning class in the morning is a winner in my eyes!



Trinny & Susannah All In One Body Smoother

Trinny & Susannah All In One Body Smoother

Open Bust Shapers

Target zone: focusing on your tummy, up to the braline

Pros: You can wear your own bra for all the support you need!

Shapewear is all well and good, but it can be tricky for anyone with a bigger bust. If this sounds all too familiar, the answer to your woes lies in open bust shapers. Giving you the same shaping effect but designed to be worn with your own bra, these shapers also give you the opportunity to wear any type of neckline, so they’re perfect for those of you who like lower neck dresses. In my opinion, the best on the market come from (surprise, surprise) Spanx, opting for the Spanx Shape My Day Open Bust Cami if you require medium control, or the Spanx Slimplicity Open Bust Mid Thigh Bodysuit for something a little firmer. Retail gurus Trinny and Susannah also stock a great option with their All in One Body Smoother, which, as the name would suggest, targets all of the most common problem zones in utter secrecy.


Spanx In Power Line Super Shaping Sheers

Spanx In Power Line Super Shaping Sheers

Shaping Tights

Target zone: tummy, hips, thighs

Pros: Convenience!

Anyone who’s worn shapewear in the past will know that it can be a drag having to wear hosiery over the top of your shapewear. Not only can it be uncomfortable, it just makes our already lengthy getting ready process even longer! But don’t fret, as you can enjoy the smoothing prowess of shapewear with an attached hosiery leg. For fans of sheers, opt for the Spanx In Power Line Shaping Sheers, which have a 15 denier pair of tights attached to shaping shorts. They also come in a footless variation should you be a devotee to sandals or open-toed shoes. Got a little’un on the way? In typical Spanx fashion, they’ve even branched into the maternity market with the Mama Spanx Maternity Tights. With a comfort panel that sits beneath your bump, these 20 denier tights are chic, completely safe and make your expectant months that little bit more bearable (especially in the summer heatwaves!). No section of shaping tights is complete without the bestselling Aristoc Bodytoners Range. With five fabulous products designed to target different problem zones, this range is ever popular and most importantly, will keep your bank manager on side!



Target zone: your arms (unsurprisingly!)

Pros: Great for wearing with sleeveless dresses

Armery? What’s that we hear you say? Perfect if you’ve fallen for a sleeveless dress but don’t want to show off your arms, cover up with the Mary Portas & Charnos Ruched Cuff Armery. Sculpting your arms and banishing the dreaded ‘bingo wing effect’, these chic shapers are ideal for weddings and formal events. Whether you’re the Mother of The Bride or heading to the races, this 140 denier shaper is a must have for boosting your confidence this season.

Let’s just hope the weather behaves! Be sure to check out our whole shapewear collection before you leave!

Until next time…


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Fashion Faux Pas: Kim loves Spanx!

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian

Love her or loathe her, there’s no denying that Kim Kardashian attracts more column inches than the average celebrity. This week was no different, although this time it wasn’t little North West or an outrageous outfit stealing her limelight. Spotted in New York wearing a figure hugging lace top and centre split skirt as she made her way to sign copies of her new (slightly pretentious) selfie-filled book, Selfish, Kim made no secret of how she maintains her curvy hourglass figure. And the verdict? Spanx! Peeking out of her skirt, Kim was wearing Spanx shaping shorts to smooth away her lumps and bumps. We don’t blame her; after all she is a recent mother, but it was satisfying to know that even Kim, with a bum as famous as the Kardashian star herself, isn’t free of everyday problems we face with our own body. Fashion faux pas aide, here are our favourite shaping shorts so you can have your own Kim-licious derriere!

Spanx Shape My Day Girl Short

Spanx Shape My Day Girl Short

Chic Silhouette

For just the right amount of slimming and shaping, try the Spanx Shape My Day Girl Short. These offer a high control and smooth panels that flatten your tummy and lift your bum for a 360 degree shaping support! Even better, these shaping shorts are laser cut  on the thigh which means you won’t get any nasty VPL while still being able to wear you flirty minis and cocktail dresses! If you want a little more tummy shaping magic, opt for the Spanx Shape My Day High Waisted Mid Thigh shorts instead!

A little extra bum boost

Unfortunately, not all of us are blessed with Kim’s lovely behind, but if you crave the extra booty boost, look no further than the Spanx Slimplicity Booty Booster Shorts, with optional “butt-lets” that you can insert into rear pockets to make your bum look fuller! For the post-workout bum look without even hitting the gym, try the Ambra Killer Figure Bum Lifting Shorts as well. And at only £16.00 a pop, these are practically a steal!

Spanx Slimplicity Open Bus Mid Thigh Bodysuit

Spanx Slimplicity Open Bus Mid Thigh Bodysuit

360° Magic

If all-round shaping magic is what you desire, try the Spanx Slimplicity Open Bust Mid Thigh Bodysuit! This body suit is designed with an open bust that begins shaping and slimming from just under the bust and doesn’t end until the mid-thigh. And with the signature trusty Spanx design, these are also laser cut for a seamless slimming silhouette. The ShaToBu Get Fit High Waist Mid Thigh Shaper should also be on your radar; with resistance band technology to tone your muscles and burn calories during wear… without even lifting a finger. Err, where do we sign up?!

Check out our entire range of shaping shorts before you leave!

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Could Shapewear Be The Secret Behind Pippa’s Perfect Behind?

booster-shortMillions of people were watching the Royal Wedding three years ago when Katherine Middleton became the Duchess of Cambridge, so naturally the eyes of the world were also on Pippa Middleton and of course her behind as she aided her sister up the aisle.

It’s understandable that Pippa would want to look her best and might opt for some shaping shorts to make sure she looked fit for the occasion, or at least that’s what the French TV presenter Stephane Bern has been saying. During his chat show Mr Bern stated that it was his theory that Mademoiselle Middleton had worn some shapewear to achieve curvier assets.

The sheer absence of VPL (visible panty line) as well as a toned appearance certainly does suggest that she was wearing control wear, but which product?

Pippa could have been wearing the Spanx Slimpicity Booty Booster Shorts with their removable pads designed to give you a peachy behind. The strong control flattens tummies, hips and thighs – just the thing for a figure-hugging white silk dress. Their smooth fabric is laser-cut making them feel like a second skin. Being removable, the so-called “butt-lets” can be taken out whenever they’re not needed- leaving you with a normal pair of shaping shorts.

Want a lifted behind at a purse-friendly price? Then take a look at the Ambra Killer Figure Bum Lifting Shorts featuring clever ‘pockets’ of fabric that shape and lift bottoms for that perfect rear. Their medium strength control also smooths hips, thighs and tummies, giving you a gym bunny look in an instant.

Of course, unless Pippa confirms or denies the rumours we will never know the truth… but at least we can be safe in the knowledge that a gorgeous behind can be achieved in next to no time without a squat or cross trainer in sight!


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