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Laura’s Choice: Body Perfecting Hosiery!

Life: it has a habit of getting in the way, doesn’t it? Whether spending all hours at your desk or tackling the never-ending pile of ironing, there’s just never enough hours in the day for some well-earned me time. But forget fad diets and ‘miracle creams’ that do the exact opposite of what they say on tin, a brilliant way to perfect your look is with trusty hosiery! At MyTights, we believe that your legs are there to be looked after, which is why we’ve sourced the very best in body perfecting hosiery on the market. From tights that combat the curse of cellulite through to hosiery that smoothes over figures without lifting a finger, we’ve got the shortcut to body confidence covered.


Charnos Energising Support Tights

Charnos Energising Support Tights

Skin Perfecting Saviours

We know you already look fabulous, but if you crave a helping hand to perfect your pre-holiday skin, look no further than the Charnos Energising Support Range. Quite simply the hardest working hosiery on the market, this innovative collection not only looks great, but comes with a host of hidden features that would leave even Superwoman feeling inferior. Each of the products has been coated with a luxurious mix of Vitamin E, Sea Kelp and Shea Butter that actively moisturise your skin as you go about your daily routine. Not content with cutting your beauty regime in half, the range also helps to combat cellulite (yes, really!) through the use of compression that stimulates blood flow and prevents your legs from feeling lethargic. Who would argue with that?!

For medium support, check out the Charnos Energising Support Tights, opting for the Energising Support Knee Highs if it’s your lower legs that need pampering. Or if you require a little extra support, treat legs to the Firm Energising Support Tights.


Wolford Neon 40 Tights

Wolford Neon 40 Tights

Wave goodbye to imperfections: Coverage Tights

Working at a hosiery company, we’ve become accustomed to images of models with impossibly long legs and perfect skin, but we know that this isn’t a true reflection of the average woman. But instead of lamenting your imperfections, learn to love what you’ve got with our range of coverage tights! Similar to wearing make-up on your legs (just without the mess), coverage tights help to even out skin tone and mask blemishes such as scars or varicose veins.

The trick to finding coverage tights is to opt for sheers that are slightly thicker than the average (20-30 denier, ideally),  which are still sheer enough to achieve a summery look without looking like you’ve dressed for mid Feb. Top of the bill, for me, are the Wolford Neon 40 Tights. Don’t be fooled by the name; although these tights have the durability of a 40 denier, they appear like 20 denier tights, camouflaging your flaws and coming with a suitably glam glossy finish. For something a little more affordable, Italian brand Oroblu also have a great option with their Sensuel 30 Tights. Available in 7 shades and with a slight sheen for day to night versatility, these tights are virtually indestructible and will feel utterly lovely against your skin. Or for the same peace of mind but with a little extra luxury, make a beeline for the Falke Sensation Seamless 20 Tights, which come free from any seams, so you can wear figure hugging dresses to your heart’s content.


Aristoc Bodytoners Low Leg Toner Tights

Aristoc Bodytoners Low Leg Toner Tights

Control Top

Amongst everything else we have on our to-do list, it’s not always easy to find the time (or motivation) to exercise. If you’ve found your gym pass gathering dust, control top tights may be the perfect solution. Defining your silhouette and remaining completely hidden from outside view, control top tights appear just like any other fashion-forward hosiery, but come with secret panels to smooth over the most common problem zones. It’s an absolute must for me to point you in the direction of the Aristoc Bodytoners Range, comprising 5 pairs of tights that target different areas of your body. From the Tummy Tuck Tights for your midriff to the Low Leg Toner Tights for your tum, bum and thighs, this range of sheers is affordable, effective and should be your first port of call! For stronger control, the same name always crops up: Spanx! It’s not all about shaping suits and the like at Spanx HQ, either, as they actually also produce shaping tights. The Spanx In Power Line Super Shaping Sheers combine strong control shorts with inbuilt sheer tights – one secret we’re very happy to keep. Or for smoothing control with the quality of Wolford, head to the Wolford Individual 10 Control Top Tights, offering a high-end look that will stand the test of time. After something a little more purse-friendly? The Charnos Killer Figure Hourglass Control Tights are just the ticket with their medium control, slight sheen finish and reinforced toe.

Whatever your body insecurities, you’ll find the answer at MyTights!

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Anti-Cellulite, Anti-Fatigue, Anti-Fat: The Body Improving Tights That Work For You

shatobu-tightsIf there’s one thing we love more than hosiery, it’s smartie-pants hosiery that uses modern technology to make our lives easier.  Caffeine tights made headlines a few years ago for their anti-cellulite properties, and now the science behind hosiery design is more advanced than ever.

So sit back, relax and forget all about the gym- here’s a round up of hosiery that could revolutionise your life…

Calorie Burning

We know it sounds too good to be true, but the range of hosiery and shapers from ShaToBu really can help you burn more calories with no extra effort on your part.  The boffins at the brand have designed a range of hosiery and shapewear that use resistance band technology to make your body work harder as you go about your day to day life – without you even realizing.  Still not convinced?  Check out the full ShaToBu explanation for all the science behind these amazing calorie burning tights.


Unsightly orange peel skin can be the absolute bane of even the slimmest woman’s life – how often have you worked your derrière off for months in preparation for the beach season, only to realise that you still dread donning that bikini in fear of others spying a telltale ripple?  The Charnos Emana tights have been clinically proven to increase collagen synthesis by 9% and skin elasticity by 8%, as well as giving an 11% improvement on signs of cellulite!  Again, feel free to check out the benefits of Emana for the nitty gritty on the magical fibre used to make these incredible anti cellulite tights.

Skin Perfecting

Charnos didn’t stop there, either.  They also created the skin perfecting Charnos Energising Support range. In a two month blind trial conducted by Charnos, results clearly demonstrated that support hosiery makes legs look and feel fabulous.  But the main draw of this revolutionary collection is that as well as all of the benefits that support brings (see below for more of us waxing lyrical about support tights), the capsule collection of three products has been treated with a unique microencapsulate blend of Vitamin E (containing anti-oxidant properties which help to protect the skin from premature ageing), Sea Kelp (rich in nutrients known to improve skin tone and stimulate blood flow – which helps to reduce the build-up of cellulite) and Shea Butter (a natural oil helping to keep the skin soft and hydrated).  The result?  Soft, smooth, revitalized legs ready to be put on show!

firm-support-tightsFatigue Busting

In our humble opinion, support hosiery is the most underrated antidote to a hectic schedule we’ve ever come across.  Formerly the preserve of the older woman or “problem” legs, newer products on the market like the aforementioned Charnos Energising Support range and the luxurious Falke Support collection have turned preconceptions on their head.  Support tights work by using graduated compression (which means that they are woven to be tighter around the ankle, slightly less around the calf and less again at the top of the leg), which forces blood back to the heart and can alleviate aching feet and legs, as well as improving blood circulation.  We’ve always said than independent women support themselves… and now from exhausted mums to busy professionals, it’s easier than ever before!

So whether it’s a little TLC for weary legs or tights as good as a beauty treatment for your skin, treat yourself to one of these miracle workers… or stock up on them all!  Who knew science could be so fun?



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Sheers with Superpowers!

In this day and age, it?s perfectly acceptable to want more from everyday life. From mobile phone apps that plan out holidays to kitchen gadgets that can whip up a three course meal before you?ve had time to set the dinner table. The same can be said for tights, given that our hosiery collection needs to do a lot more than look pretty (which coincidentally all of them do). Taking the hassle out of our hectic day, I?ve rounded up some sheers with fabulous superpowers. You have been warned though ladies, you may want the entire super-gang?Anti Cellulite Tights!

First things first ? anti-cellulite tights that help wage a war against lumps & bumps. It?s common knowledge that only a certain few can escape the clutches of cellulite, with the orange peel making an appearance at some point in our lives. Showing us all that it needn?t be an issue, British brand Charnos have gone about creating the perfect pair of sheers to help fight back. Made from a lightweight 15 denier, the Medium Energising Support Tights are a must have for all sheer enthusiasts. Along with delivering a graduated compression system to keep our legs perky and energised (see more about this in last week?s Laura?s Choice), the tights treat pins to a luxurious combination of Vitamin E, Sea Kelp and Shea Butter.By improving the skin tone, you?re left with younger looking legs, all without having to seek a detox boot camp. A true superpower if you ask me!Toeless Tights!

Next on my list are toeless tights. Perhaps not the most obvious choice when it comes to sheers with super powers, but the toe-free creations have certainly saved me from wardrobe malfunctions on more than one occasion. Ideal for peep toe enthusiasts and those who adore their weekly pedicure, toeless tights make it possible for you to show off both, completed with a clever toe loop or band. From Falke, the Shelina Toeless Tights are just what the hosiery doctor ordered. The sister product of the bestselling Shelina Tights, these will give you the most natural bare leg look on the market thanks to their ultra-sheer appearance and fab range of skin tone shades. With a neat & discreet toe band to finish off the sheer leg, you?re free to debut those open toed shoes without having to go hosiery free for the day. Three cheers for versatility!

Of course, no melting pot of superhero powers is complete without invisibility ? the power to go undetected. Earning their superhero stripes are seamless tights, making sure that regardless of how form fitting that LBD is, no-one need know about your decision to wear hosiery. As the name suggests, these sheers are completely seam free, eliminating the risk of any tell-tale lines. For a luxurious treat, invest in the Fatal 15 Seamless Tights from Wolford that deliver the ultimate seam free style. Created from a fine 15 denier, the transparent tights are seamless from the waist down (with an exception for the seam where the leg of the hosiery is attached to the wide, flat waistband).?Delightfully smooth against legs, the versatile sheers can be worn at the waist or the hip, making these an excellent choice for mums to be. Likewise, the Falke Sensation Seamless 20 Tights also provide the same seam free joy, with five shades to take your pick from (including three gorgeous skin tone shades).Ladder Resist Tights!

And last but by no means least, sheers that aid you in your daily battle against those pesky ladders. A true hosiery nightmare if ever I did see one, ladder resist tights are the easiest way to transform your day, as you?ll never be left with an unsightly ladder ruining your look. From Aristoc, the Ultimate 5D Sheer Tights are a hosiery drawer essential, combining an ultra fine 5 denier fabric with the revolutionary LYCRA? Fusion fibres. All thanks this special yarn technology, stitches are bonded together to stop those snags transforming into bigger holes and runs. With no need to pack that SOS bottle of nail varnish (we?ve all done it!), these are sheers that will never let you down.?For even more anti-ladder power, find solace in the Run Resist Sheer Tights from Charnos. Created with the similar textile technology, these will also make sure that small snags will never be anything more.

Super hero sheers, I salute you!

Until next time?

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