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Laura’s Choice: Summer Shapewear!

While the winter months are all about hibernating and seeking solace in a hot water bottle, social calendars in the summer are jam packed. Whether attending weddings, garden parties or catching the rays in a beer garden, summer is a time to let your hair down and have some good old fashioned fun. And with all those social occasions pencilled into your diary, you’ll no doubt have been eyeing up that dress you simply HAVE to have, not to mention those heels that will probably result in a twisted ankle come midnight! But have you considered finishing off your look with some shapewear? Don’t be daunted by the ‘S’ word; it’s now discreet, comfortable and incredibly effective. With something to slot beneath any choice of outfit, the collection of summer shapewear at MyTights will ensure that no matter the occasion, your figure will always look amazing!


Spanx Shape My Day Girl Short

Spanx Shape My Day Girl Short

Shaping Shorts

Target zone: tummy, rear, hips

Pros: Perfect for wearing with figure-hugging party dresses

Covering both your rear and the common problem zone at the top of the thigh (depending on height), shapewear shorts are a great option for the summer where dresses tend to be slightly less forgiving. Top of the bill are the Spanx Shape My Day Girl Shorts, stemming from the brand new Shape My Day range. Utilising the latest innovations in the world of ‘slimming and trimming’, these medium control shorts are altogether sleeker, more affordable and comfortable than styles past. Perfect for taming your tummy and lifting your rear, they’re perfect for wearing beneath party dresses, and come with a seamless waistband to remain incognito no matter how figure hugging your outfit.! Or if you want to enjoy the same shaping magic but with a feminine twist, check out the Pretty Polly Lace Shaper Short, with a chic floral lace design and purse-friendly price tag!


Mid Thigh Shapers

Target zone: thighs, tummy, waist, hips

Pros: Great for teaming with longer length dresses

Mid thigh shapers differ from shaping shorts in that they extend slightly further down your leg, finishing halfway between your knee and waist. While this means that the shortest of hemlines should be avoided, it’s worth it for all that extra shaping magic! The good news is that we have something to suit everyone, not least with the Spanx Shape My Day High Waisted Mid Thigh. Using medium control to tame your lumps and bumps, this shaper reaches just beneath the braline, making it particularly valuable for anyone conscious about their stomach. Prefer something that focuses on your rear? The Ambra Killer Figure Bum Lifting Shorts could be just the ticket. Doing exactly what it says on the tin (okay, packet), these mid thigh shorts use clever pockets of fabric to lift your derrierre, whilst smoothing your hips, thighs tum AND waist. Giving you a bottom that J-Lo would covet, anything that means I can skip spinning class in the morning is a winner in my eyes!



Trinny & Susannah All In One Body Smoother

Trinny & Susannah All In One Body Smoother

Open Bust Shapers

Target zone: focusing on your tummy, up to the braline

Pros: You can wear your own bra for all the support you need!

Shapewear is all well and good, but it can be tricky for anyone with a bigger bust. If this sounds all too familiar, the answer to your woes lies in open bust shapers. Giving you the same shaping effect but designed to be worn with your own bra, these shapers also give you the opportunity to wear any type of neckline, so they’re perfect for those of you who like lower neck dresses. In my opinion, the best on the market come from (surprise, surprise) Spanx, opting for the Spanx Shape My Day Open Bust Cami if you require medium control, or the Spanx Slimplicity Open Bust Mid Thigh Bodysuit for something a little firmer. Retail gurus Trinny and Susannah also stock a great option with their All in One Body Smoother, which, as the name would suggest, targets all of the most common problem zones in utter secrecy.


Spanx In Power Line Super Shaping Sheers

Spanx In Power Line Super Shaping Sheers

Shaping Tights

Target zone: tummy, hips, thighs

Pros: Convenience!

Anyone who’s worn shapewear in the past will know that it can be a drag having to wear hosiery over the top of your shapewear. Not only can it be uncomfortable, it just makes our already lengthy getting ready process even longer! But don’t fret, as you can enjoy the smoothing prowess of shapewear with an attached hosiery leg. For fans of sheers, opt for the Spanx In Power Line Shaping Sheers, which have a 15 denier pair of tights attached to shaping shorts. They also come in a footless variation should you be a devotee to sandals or open-toed shoes. Got a little’un on the way? In typical Spanx fashion, they’ve even branched into the maternity market with the Mama Spanx Maternity Tights. With a comfort panel that sits beneath your bump, these 20 denier tights are chic, completely safe and make your expectant months that little bit more bearable (especially in the summer heatwaves!). No section of shaping tights is complete without the bestselling Aristoc Bodytoners Range. With five fabulous products designed to target different problem zones, this range is ever popular and most importantly, will keep your bank manager on side!



Target zone: your arms (unsurprisingly!)

Pros: Great for wearing with sleeveless dresses

Armery? What’s that we hear you say? Perfect if you’ve fallen for a sleeveless dress but don’t want to show off your arms, cover up with the Mary Portas & Charnos Ruched Cuff Armery. Sculpting your arms and banishing the dreaded ‘bingo wing effect’, these chic shapers are ideal for weddings and formal events. Whether you’re the Mother of The Bride or heading to the races, this 140 denier shaper is a must have for boosting your confidence this season.

Let’s just hope the weather behaves! Be sure to check out our whole shapewear collection before you leave!

Until next time…


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The Girls Are Back in Town!

That’s right, our favourite five piece since the Backstreet Boys are back to what they do best and have kicked off their reunion tour with a bang. Complete with sequins, glitter and some rather strange feathered wings, the girls have joined forces once more to give fans an anniversary show to remember. Starting off in Newcastle, it’s clear they’ve set the standards high for the rest of the eight week tour. But it wasn’t the harmonies or Cheryl’s (questionable) new back tattoo we were focused on…it was Nicola Robert’s arms!

Looking fabulous and fierce, the girls changed into metallic basque style dresses and nude fishnets for a part of their set, proving just why they’re an office favourite. It was only then that we noticed that the 27 year old fashionista (and close confidante of designer Henry Holland) was modelling none other than some armery! Possibly one of the most forward thinking uses of hosiery fabric yet, armery was created for those of us who want to keep our arms under wraps when out and about. Great for layering underneath dresses and tees for a faux long sleeve, they add warmth and coverage to any ensemble. What’s more, you can style them over strapless & sleeveless dresses if you’re mindful of feeling too exposed.

 It seems Nicola has done just this, adding a chic black number to complement her stage ensemble. To

get the redhead’s savvy style, try the Mary Portas & Charnos Plain Armery. With four fab shades to choose from, including Nicole’s black, there is an armery option  for every wardrobe. Whether you wish to match or clash, let the hosiery sleeves sculpt & define your arms for a stage worthy look.

And if you have a penchant for pattern, these clever sleeves also come in a fishnet version and a floral one too!

So take your cue from the pop princesses themselves and get the look now, back tattoos not compulsory…



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Mary's Magically Marvellous New Collection!

Mary Portas is officially our saviour.  The redheaded retail guru has launched new products in her hosiery collaboration with top brand

Charnos, and this time she isn’t only helping us to look great – she’s making us slimmer, too!

“An instant red carpet figure for real British women”, states the tagline for her range of “Tights of Wonder” from the Mary Portas & Charnos collection, and we have to admit we agree wholeheartedly.  The capsule collection contains 3 amazing products, all with a control top boxer brief that targets the big three – flattening the tummy while slimming your hips and thighs and lifting your bottom!  The Scroll Shaper Tights feature a striking chain design for bolder fashionistas, and the Spotty Shaper Tights are great if you like your designs a little subtler (they’re even elegant enough to wear to work!)  If patterned tights just aren’t your thing, there is also a control version of her popular Sheer 10 denier tights which have a classic matte finish and are made from Lycra Fusion Fibres so they

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