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Avril’s Suspender Tights

Fashion-rebel Avril Lavigne donned a daring ensemble in her performance in Southern California over the weekend. Pictures show her pairing black suspender tights with mini black pleather, shorts and a rock-music emblazoned tank.  Her look matched her rock-inspired set list with just enough of a girly touch, reminding us that she is not the young sk8er girl she used to be – but rather an older and sexier version of one.

Backstreet Boys in concert, Los Angeles, America - 29 May 2014

Avril isn’t the only celeb wearing the suspender tights trend.  Miley Cyrus, Paris Hilton, Rihanna, and Selena Gomez have all been spotted wearing the sexy legwear with their own outfit choices.  While their styles were more fit for daily wear, Avril’s should be saved strictly for performing.  Her barely-there shorts paired with suspender tights give off a slightly raunchy look, one we recommend not copying for tea with your grandmother.  However, it does give off a rebellious vibe we love for clubbing.

While this trend is not for the faint hearted, we’ve done the work for you and chic-ified it so you can wear it to work and around town.

Suspender tights are sexy enough so the rest of your outfit should be a little more conservative.  We love to pair our Henry Holland Super Suspender Tights with a medium length skirt and jumper for a more covered up, cosy look.  For more of a relaxed look, black shorts with a plaid flannel or tucked-in blouse will make you look stylish yet covered-up.  Add a light parka over a simple dress to add an army-inspired edge to your sexy ensemble.

To add femininity to your outfit, we suggest wearing tights with a patterned suspender.  Try the Pamela Mann Large Overknee Heart Tights to soften your look.  Pair these with a simple dress and flats, and your outfit will be flirty while still maintaining the right amount of sexy.  If you’re feeling especially bold, you can try our Hello Kitty for PP Mick Suspender HK Tights for a young, playful look.

Thanks for the inspiration Avril; while we wouldn’t wear this outfit to our job, we love what you’ve done with this trend.  Leave a comment below telling us how you style your suspender tights.  

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Funky legwear provides perfect partner for celebs’ punk boots

After a brief flirtation with emo, punk is back at the forefront of the fashion agenda thanks to some of the hottest young stars from Britain and the North America.

Jamie Winstone, Avril Lavigne and Agyness Deyn have all been spotted wearing fishnets, patterned tights or leggings with nouveau-stlye Doc Marten boots, that staple requirement of mock anarchists everywhere.

According to Liz Hoggard, fashion reporter for the Evening Standard, punk is well and truly back, with sales of Doc Martens up by five per cent even with the credit crunch biting.

Jamie chose black opaque tights with turquoise boots and a jumper dress, Avril opted for day-glo yellow boots and black leggings, while Agyness chose scarlet Doc Martens and red leggings with a snakeskin pattern to embrace the revival.

“It’s not all wining and dining now – people want to look as if they can be taken seriously,” Liz Hoggard pointed out.

If you’re on the lookout for some punk-style patterned tights, Celeste Stein’s designs could be perfect – try the Playing Card tights or the Tattoo Parlour ones for a look to rival Agyness et al.


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