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Laura’s Choice: Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Mums – where would we be without them? No matter what we’ve put them through over the years, they’ve always been there. Be it toddler tantrums, our first day at school, picking us up from parties when we’ve had one too many or simply being on hand to offer us a shoulder to cry on, we really have put them through the mill. While we should show them just how much they mean to us on a daily basis, Mother’s Day is that one day a year when they deserve the extra special treatment. But this year, instead of opting for the traditional (and slightly boring) combination of flowers and chocolate, how about treating them to some gorgeous new hosiery? Something they’ll appreciate for seasons to come, we think it makes for the perfect gift. Not sure where to start? The MyTights team have been busily compiling our list of brilliant Mother’s Day presents to suit every need. Just call us your very own gift gurus…

Brrrrrilliant winter warmers

Falke Warm Deluxe Tights

Falke Warm Deluxe Tights

The calendar might state its March, but it sure doesn’t feel like it! While January and February are out of the way, the winter weather is still rearing its ugly head, with forecasters predicting temperatures this month will be well below the average. So why not give your lovely mum’s some snug hosiery to keep them going until spring FINALLY breaks through? The best on the market are without doubt the Falke Warm Deluxe Tights. We were excited about these as soon as we heard through the grapevine that they were being developed last year, and they did anything but disappoint. Taking advantage of the latest soft plush techniques, these 80 denier tights are designed to conserve every last bit of heat… it’s fair to say I was hooked as soon as I pulled them on! Great for giving your legs instant warming relief on those chilly mornings, they also come in 7 colours if your mum fancies herself as a bit of a fashionista.

If you like the idea of treating her to some cosiness but your budget doesn’t quite stretch to these, a fantastic alternative are the Pretty Polly 200D Fleecy Opaque Thermal Tights. Mega thick opaque tights with a top secret brushed fleece lining, the best thing about these is that they’re packed full of thermal qualities while appearing just a standard pair of thick opaques. And at just £9.95 a pair, you’ll have some spare pennies to treat her to a Mother’s Day meal! Control top tights are an excellent way to get your mum feeling her best and give her an extra dose of body confidence. Part of the bestselling Bodytoners range, the Aristoc Bodytoners Opaque Toner Tights appear just like a standard pair of 60 denier tights, albeit with a velvety soft finish that moisturises your legs during wear. Working on the most common problem zones, her social life is bound to go through the roof now she has these in her repertoire!


Super socks!

As the old saying goes, you can never have enough socks! In the past, it may have been the case that your mums might bemoan receiving a pair of socks as a gift… but she obviously hadn’t seen the selection at! Aside from their obvious practical uses, socks are the perfect way to add that last splash of style to your look. Brand new for SS15, the Trasparenze Fluture Socks are bound to be right up her street. Sheer ankle socks scattered with a dainty rose print, she’ll love how these transform her basic dresses and skirts, and even better, they won’t break your bank either.

Jonathan Aston Perfect Pellerine Socks

Jonathan Aston Perfect Pellerine Socks

If she’s never seen without a bit of sparkle, treat her to the Jonathan Aston Perfect Pellerine Socks. Made in an attractive pellerine design and in two colours, these fashion socks have a chic metallic thread running throughout… much more than just a standard pair of socks! With spring on the horizon, it won’t be too long before your mum starts to give her ballet pumps and court shoes an outing, which is why the timing of the Trasparenze Spindasis Footlets couldn’t have been better. Another new addition, these foot liners have all the basic properties of a reliable footlet, the only difference being this particular pair have enough style to be an outfit accessory in their own right. How, you might ask? Well they happen to be made with a sumptuous floral net that will decorate your feet to perfection.

From the summery to the cosy, no list of Mother’s Day gifts would be complete without the Falke Cuddle Pads. Arriving on your doorstep in its attractive gift box, these slipper socks are as cuddly as the name would suggest, being made from a wool and cotton blend and coming with an anti-slip sole to make them wooden floor proof!

One eye on the summer?

Wolford Neon 40 Tights

Wolford Neon 40 Tights

Okay, so it might be a little too cold at the moment to envisage packing away our opaques for another year, but there’s nothing wrong with looking ahead to the summer. Make sure your mum is fully prepared to nail a summery style with the Aristoc Ultimate 5D Sheer Tights. The closest thing to a bare leg look without bare legs themselves, Aristoc have utilised LYCRA® Fusion technology to ensure all the appeal of a natural look and the robustness of a thicker denier weight! In fact, these are so effective, you might just have a hard time convincing your friends that you’re wearing tights at all!

We often get requests around this time of year from women who are looking for tights that give their legs some coverage, but without the bulk or appearance of opaques. Ideal for covering up uneven skin tone or unsightly veins, the Wolford Neon 40 Tights are a real life hosiery hero. What’s special about these is that, despite their 40 denier construction, they actually have the appearance of 20 denier sheers. Providing your legs with a natural glow and covering up all your imperfections, they really do make for an amazing gift, regardless of whether you opt for classic black or one of the other 8 colours on offer.

Does your mum pride herself on her style choices? If the answer is yes, it goes without saying that she’ll want to keep up with the latest trends. You’d have to have been living under a rock to not have noticed the abundance of spots making their mark on the fashion world in recent months, so popular that they were the star of the show at Diane von Furstenberg’s latest New York Fashion Week collection. For a great pair, head to Pamela Mann and the Pamela Mann Sheer Dotty Tights, with their classic 20 denier leg and sweet spot print running throughout.

So, there we have it. Putting a smile on her face this year couldn’t be easier!

Until next time…


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Laura’s Choice – 20% off Birthday Promo!

Another year older and another fabulous year in the world of hosiery! It’s my birthday this week, and while I’ll certainly enjoy a glass of red wine or two to toast the occasion, our new promo means it won’t only be me who has reason to celebrate. That’s right, to mark my birthday, we’ll be offering 20% off my favourite 20 hosiery styles! Ranging from classic essentials through to the latest fashion additions, all you need to do to get your hands on the brilliant discount is enter the promo code BDAY20 on the basket page – but beware, there’s no time to hang around, with the offer ending at midnight (GMT) on Tuesday 3rd March! You’re probably wondering why these styles in particular have made the shortlist, right? Now, I’m not going to list all 20 styles in the mix, but if you are intrigued to know what makes these stand out from the crowd, I suggest you stay tuned…

BASICS – the foundation to a thousand looks!

Laura rocking her Wolford Satin de Luxe!

Laura rocking her Wolford Satin de Luxe!

They may not be as eye-catching as some of the patterned legwear on the list, but where would we be without our basics? The key to unlocking an abundance of stylish looks, I believe that every woman should own a collection of quality pieces which form the core of our wardrobe. Speaking of which, the Wolford Satin De Luxe simply have to get a mention. I’ve always been a fan of tights with a high gloss, and these opaque tights fit the bill perfectly, not only keeping me warm on evenings out but coming with a very shiny finish and backseam capable of adding a certain je ne sais quoi to any look. A must if you’re a social butterfly! If something a little more conservative is your usual point of call, it has to be the Falke Warm Deluxe Tights. Thick, wearable and as soft as kittens, these 80 denier tights come in nearly every colour under the sun (7, to be exact), all of which work to keep your legs effortlessly cosy thanks to an innovative soft plush technique that actively traps in the heat. Of course, they also come with the horde of quality features that Falke as a brand are famed for! From one luxury brand to another, the second Wolford product that’s made the cut are the Wolford Satin 50 Opaque Tights. Similar to the Satin De Luxe but with a more demure slight sheen finish, these 50 denier tights are in my eyes, the perfect opaque. Whether for a day in the office or after work drinks, the astonishingly smooth finish and choice of four hues make these everything you could possibly need from a pair of everyday tights– what could be better?


COLOUR – all you need to brighten your days!

Pamela Mann 80 Denier Tights - Turquoise Blue!

Pamela Mann 80 Denier Tights – Turquoise Blue!

I’ve got a bit of a confession to make. I might have founded a hosiery company, but like many women, I’ve often been guilty in the past of sticking to classic black tights. That is, of course, until I started to experiment with colour, and it’s safe to say I’ve never looked back, so much so that I’ve often been described as having the wackiest dressed legs in the capital! Of all the styles that have ever graced the MyTights warehouse, one of my all time favourites are the Falke Seidenglatt 70 Tights. I’m not ashamed to admit I own a pair of each of the four available colours, and why wouldn’t I? Incredibly thick, luxurious and having that shiny glow I adore, these 70 denier tights deliver both fashion and function, and what’s more, are virtually indestructible. Shopping on a budget? You can enjoy colour too, 20 of them to be exact…and it’s all thanks to the Pamela Mann 80 Denier Tights. The very best way to update your look and have change left over from a ten pound note, these 80 denier tights are perfect for jazzing up your basic pieces. If you like these but prefer something with a little more longevity, turn your attention to the Jonathan Aston Finesse Tights, with all the appeal of bright colours but made with 65% cotton for a skin-friendly feel and everyday luxury.

FASHION – it’s time to experiment!

We love the Jonathan Aston Magma Tights!

We love the Jonathan Aston Magma Tights!

I’m a big fan of how fashion tights can make something you’ve had languishing in your wardrobe for years look unrecognisable. Anyone who knows me will know I love my fishnet tights. Ideal for when the weather is too warm for sheers but you still want to decorate your legs, I’ve fallen hook, line and sinker for the charms of the Trasparenze Rita Tights, Made with a larger net than average, these fishnets are rare in that they come in 7 colours. A fashion statement in their own right, I also love to layer mine over sheers and coloured opaques to add a little customisation to my look. Brand new for SS15, the Jonathan Aston Magma Tights immediately caught my eye, so much so that I’ve already nabbed a pair for myself. Fun and quirky, there sheer tights come complete with a graphic inspired print to make any wardrobe piece look as good as new. It’s early days, but my prediction is that the MyTights office will be seeing a lot more of these over the course of the next few months. From the fun to the exquisite, the next addition to my top 25 is the Wolford Josephina Tights, and it will only take a single glance to see why! Yet another case of Wolford doing something that little bit different, these sheer tights come with a sumptuous quilted panel on the outside leg for a unique take on the seam trend.

SHEER – summer is on the way!

Trying out all the gorgeous sheer tights that have made their way into MyTights HQ, I’ve spent a lot of time over the last few years persuading my friends that I AM actually wearing tights. One of my favourite styles are the Wolford Sheer 15 Tights, amongst the best out there for cheating your way to a bare legged look. Made in a flattering matte finish and with two skintone shades on offer, they have a  smooth silky texture that feels utterly exquisite against the leg. If you prefer something even more lightweight, another option are the Pretty Polly Naturals 5D Sideria Tights. Your eyes aren’t deceiving you; these really are only 5 denier! Well, in appearance at least, as these tights have been made with Sideria yarn, sourced from Japan and giving these silky soft tights the robustness of a higher denier. A real gem to have in your hosiery drawer!

As wonderful as these styles are, I’ve barely touched the surface, with no less than 9 other top picks included in the promotion. It may not be your birthday, but I just couldn’t help but share some of the birthday cheer to all of our lovely customers. I’m off to cut the cake, but you should shop the whole selection here…

Until next time…


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New Year Fash-olutions: Our top ten



It’s that time of year again. New Year, new you! 2015 is going to be different. This year, you’re going to banish the carbs, work up a sweat at the gym 5 times a week and quit the booze, right?

We envy you if you manage to stick to your January promises, but let’s be honest, it’s not always easy. So why not save yourself the guilt come early February and make some New Year resolutions that you can stick to? In our eyes, the perfect way to bring in 2015 in style is to revamp your hosiery collection. With this in mind, the MyTights team have been busily compiling a selection of our own fash-olutions (get it?)

Here are our top ten…

1) Don’t stress, invest: We’ve all got that token pair of tights in our drawer that we bought on a whim – an impulse buy that you convinced yourself you’d wear once a week, but in reality, have never been taken out of the packet. So this year, spend some time in creating a capsule collection of quality basics that you will actually wear – we’re talking black opaques and luxury sheers!


2) Organisation is key: nobody wants to be rummaging through their bedside table at 6am, desperately trying to find THAT pair of tights that will finish off your outfit perfectly. So take action; throw out anything you haven’t worn in the last year and organise your fashion tights with the brilliant Stoxbox. A neat and tidy hosiery drawer awaits…

3) Be braver: fashion is there to be experimented with, so instead of wishing you could pull off a pair of suspender tights that you’ve seen in a celebrity magazine, go out and try it! You never know, you might find a new hosiery BFF. Ankle socks are a great place to start!

4) Discover your perfect skintone shade: it may take a little bit of trial and error to find exactly what you’re after, but finding your perfect skin tone shade is a must. Not only will it save you time and money, it’ll give you no end of confidence and allow you to pull off a bare leg look with panache! Need a little help? Check out our in-depth skintone guide.

Skintone Guide

Skintone Guide

5) Turn your back on black: colour, colour, colour! Black opaques are a necessary component of every staple collection, but it’s entirely possible to achieve a similarly chic and classic look with a pair of coloured tights. We’re not saying opt for bright yellow straight away, but why not try out muted tones like navy, burgundy and dark grey?

6) Find the ideal shapewear for problem areas: shapewear can be daunting at first – what will work for you? Is it worth the money? The MyTights shapewear guide is there to help, offering you all the advice you need to find something suitable for your problem zones. The hassle-free way to a streamlined silhouette!

7) Throw out your odd socks: most of us have done it at some point, haven’t we? Whether intentional or not, odd socks are a fashion faux pas. Start off the year with a clean slate – grab a bin bag, throw your rejects away and replace them with our fabulous range of quality socks. Something for every style!

8) Know the key trends: a capsule collection is a great idea, but it’s always nice to a mix it up a bit with a patterned pair of fashion tights! To ensure your legwear is current and on-trend, take it upon yourself to follow the catwalks at London Fashion Week to find the most up to date styles. We’ll no doubt be blogging about it as it happens, too, so watch this space!

Levante Relax Medium Support Tights

Levante Relax Medium Support Tights

9) Suffer no more: if you spend a long time on your feet at work, it’s not unusual for your legs to feel tired and jaded come the end of the day. In 2015, tell yourself that enough is enough – give your pins the attention they deserve with a pair of our excellent support tights. No longer limited to frumpy and unflattering tights, our range of support tights are sourced from an array of industry leading brands… so it’s entirely possible to channel a chic legwear look AND have a spring in your step in the process.

10) Put yourself first!: Last but not least…treat yourself. Feeling confident is hugely important, and a brilliant way to boost your mood in the miserable winter months. After all, if you look great, you feel great. So this year, if you’ve spotted a pair of tights that you can’t stop thinking about, don’t worry about the price…splash out and put yourself first!

Happy New Year!


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Bare Leg Look Tights – Which Style is Best for You?

40027-Shelina-12Forget diamonds, bare leg look tights are a girl’s real best friend. Like make-up for your legs, bare leg look hosiery will blend blemishes, vanquish veins and perk up pale, pasty pins.  And with an army of celebrity fans, headed up by Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge and Queen of Sheer Tights, it’s no wonder that sales of sheer tights have rocketed over the last year.

To help you through the maze of options, I have written a guide to getting the coveted bare leg look, so you can discover the right pair for you in a matter of minutes…

Best for: the ultimate bare leg look

My absolute favourite bare leg look products are made from bi-component (usually Sideria) yarns, which simply give an absolutely unbeatable look on the leg.  With a 7 denier appearance and 15 denier strength, the Charnos Simply Bare 7D Sideria Tights are a fabulous everyday option thanks to their budget busting price.  If you’re type of girl that loves a bargain, I’d also suggest taking a look at the Pretty Polly Naturals collection – a range of 7 styles in 5-8 denier, with a cooling finish that means legs feel as great as they look.  Too scared to debut your pasty pins?  Then I recommend the Oroblu Suntime Tights, as these ultra sheers come in a range of skintone shades designed to give your skin a subtle glow.  And last but definitely not least, the Falke Shelina Tights are my absolute must have – I wear them all summer long and no one can ever believe I’m wearing tights.  Not only do they give the best finish on your legs, the colours were relaunched last year with the help of actual dermatologists, so they now come in an array of shades that look even more natural on the leg.

Aristoc-UltimateBest for: Large choice of colours

The Falke Shelina products are by no means the only styles to come in a vast range of shades.  We pride ourselves on stocking bare leg look products for every skin tone including Afro-Caribbean, Mediterranean and the palest English Rose. To choose your perfect shade, it’s worth checking out our skin tone guide which shows bare leg styles on a range of skintones, so you can get the perfect match for you.

The Trasparenze Capri tights are a good place to start, as they come in 8 shades including a range of skintone matches.  Plus, in four sizes up to a size Maxi, they’ll fit up to a height of 7”1 and a weight of over 14 stone.  Also available in a plus size option are the utterly gorgeous Oroblu Geo 8 Tights, which feel silky smooth to the touch and glide onto the leg like a dream.   Available in a multitude of natural shades, the slight sheen finish gives a glowing, “just-moisturised” look to your skin – a little touch of luxury for your everyday routine.

Best for: everyday wear

If, like me, you seem to always be on the go, choosing a ladder resist product can be the perfect way to stop you spending unnecessary hard earned cash on emergency replacement tights.  Boasting a rather clever run resistant Lycra Fusion yarn, the Aristoc Ultimate 10D Matt Tights spell an end to ladders as any pesky snags that do appear just will not run – hooray for Aristoc! And back by popular demand, the Levante Resistenza Tights are a perennial favourite with our customers, thanks to their lighter than light feel on the leg, which belies their super strong run resist properties.

Best for: Occasions

Whether you have a special occasion coming up or are just the kind of woman that likes a little luxury in her life, then top of the range styles from Wolford are your perfect partner. I do love to pamper myself on special occasions by investing in something a little extra special, and the Wolford range is second to none when it comes to superior craftsmanship and timeless style. Treat yourself to a pair of the Wolford Individual 5 Tights, and the instant immaculate, powdery matte finish on your legs will garner admiring glances wherever you go.  I know though that 5 denier is sometimes not the most practical option for ladies on the go, which is why I would also stock up on the individual-5-tightsWolford Luxe 9 Tights, which are slightly thicker with a slight sheen finish for a subtly glowing skin.

Best for: showing off that pedicure

Toeless tights are the ideal solution for those of you that want flawless looking skin, but also want to show off that pedicure in peep toes or strappy sandals.  Featuring two to loops to keep them firmly in place, the Trasparenze Tropea Toeless Tights give a lovely natural look on the leg and are one of the oldest toeless options.  Other open toe options ideal for teaming with your summer footwear come from three of our favourite ranges: the Pretty Polly Naturals 8D Open Toe Tights, Falke Shelina Toeless Tights or the Charnos Simply Bare 7D No Toes Tights.

With so many options available, it’s no wonder that shopping for sheers can sometimes be confusing.  If you need any further help in choosing the perfect pair for you then you can contact our customer services team who will be able to expertly guide you through the process.

Until next week…



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Laura’s Choice – Workwear

aristoc-ultra-shine-tightsIt?s back to work again. Even those of us who love our jobs will miss those lie-ins and free time. However, the one thing that can perk up even the dreariest of commutes is new hosiery. Working nine to five (and then some!) is not as daunting when you are in a great pair of tights.

Stunning Sheers
How could you possibly be miserable with flawless, gleaming legs? You are bound to boast the glossiest legs in the office in Aristoc Ultra Shine 10D Tights, so prepare yourself for jealous glances! Woven in a fine 10 denier, they provide enviable coverage in a number of different shades. These glamorously glossy sheer tights are also available as hold ups.

For a subtler look, perk up your morning routine by slipping into a pair of silky smooth Oroblu Sensual 13 Tights. The sublime feel of these tights will give you a buzz even before you?ve reached for that frothy cappuccino! Furthermore, the sheer number of shades means that there is a pair for every dress you own. They come in a plus size version, too ? ladies with curves rejoice! Or if you?ve got never ending legs, look no further than Le Bourget Voilance Satine 15 denier tights. Stand tall in these gorgeous sheers thanks to their generous selection of sizes.

Busy girls have busy schedules ? and our range caters for all occasions. Has your calendar just reminded you of that glamorous black tie work event? The dress is sorted, now all you require is a pair of natural looking tights to give you flawless coverage. German brand Falke?s Shelina Tights come in a range of shades that have been developed with a team of dermatologists, ensuring that your bare leg style looks as natural as possible. Their 8 denier appearance (though it might as well be 0 denier, they look so invisible once on) is boosted by 12 denier strength, providing these sheers with superior resistance to snags. No one will ever believe you?re wearing tights ? they?ll just envy your ?naturally? flawless skin.


Outstanding Opaques
If you?re in need of something a little warmer in the colder weather, gorgeous work wear staples need not be expensive. Take the Pamela Mann 80 Denier Tights, for example. Made in a sublimely thick 80 Denier, these opaque tights will keep you delectably warm. Variety is the spice of life, and with 19 shades to choose from you will enjoy no end of choice. Give a classic dark purple peplum dress a novel twist with a Damson pair of coloured opaques for an on-trend colour block. look.

When the weather outside takes a turn for the arctic do not put off that commute, rather slip on a pair of Pretty Polly 200D Fleecy Opaque Tights. Recommended by the Guardian no less, these tights are so toasty thanks to their impressive thickness and wonderfully soft by virtue of their fleecy lining. No wonder they?re constantly at the top of our bestseller list! If you?re after glamorous opaques that embrace your curves then Cette Dublin Plus Size 60 Denier Tights are just the ticket. Having been designed especially for voluptuous goddesses, these tights will fit you like a dream, whatever your shape or size.

Now, no matter how many snagging hazards may dwell at your desk, the Andrea Bucci Lycra Fusion Opaque Tights triumph over adversity every time. At the forefront of hosiery innovations, these tights include special Lycra Fusion technology meaning that even if they get a hole these tights will not ladder. Even Velcro holds no fear for these tough tights. Give yourself a payday treat with Wolford Mat Opaque 80 Tights, they feel just wonderful and last forever. Now busy ladies on the go can stop fretting over unsightly snags for good.

oroblu-jillian-patterned-tightsSpeaking of busy ladies, we know finding time to fit the gym into your life can be nigh on impossible ? however, you can magic away any pesky muffin tops with the Calvin Klein Ultra Fit French 30D High Waisted Tights. Their light shaping control ribbed panels trim waists, slim thighs and lift up derri?res.

download software

For ladies who like the finer things in life, what better way is there to pamper yourself than investing in a pair of luxury tights? The Wolford Neon 40 Tights have a sublimely glossy appearance and are thick enough to give great coverage for blemishes and veins ? think personal air brush! Virtually indestructible, they are quickly becoming a firm favourite with our beloved customers. I often wear my Coca brown pair with a plaid skirt and cream cable knit jumper.

Classic Fashion
If your office lets you get away with something a little different, draw those faces away from their computer screens and indulge in Oroblu Jillian Tights. I adore fashion tights, it?s always refreshing to wear something different and yet subtle enough for the office. Their geometric pattern oozes style and sophistication, and I find that their 30 denier provides the right level of thickness all year round. I enjoy standing out from the crowd in my glorious demi-circle patterned tights and brown shift dress.?I also love the Charnos Honeycomb tights, which feature an exquisite design buzzing with tiny ovals.

For something a little more striking, the Wolford Nahla Tights are a modern twist on an old favourite- a classic net design now combined with intricately detailed lacey floral motifs. From your work space to that great cocktail place you will lose count of the compliments these tights (and of course your legs!) generate.

lebourget-essential-15-stockingsA bit much for your conservative office? Go for a classic like polka dots instead ? the Pamela Mann Sheer Dotty Tights are covered in dainty dots, meaning we can toil with spreadsheets in style!

Stockings/Hold Ups
Whether it?s comfort or style you?re after, some of you just prefer the old time glamour of stockings and hold ups. Keep both cool and chic in your stuffy cubicle with the aid of Le Bourget Essential 15 Stockings, which feature an intricately designed 12cm wide lace top packed with swathes of swirls and flowers. adorn these feminine lace tops. Misplaced that suspender belt? Jonathan Aston Seam and Heel hold ups provide the perfect solution ? their charming back seam evokes old Hollywood glamour, and makes your legs appear endless! I tend to match these hold ups and stockings with a mid-length dark emerald dress and pointed black heels.

For Under Trousers
If you?ve a penchant for a pant-suit, there are alternative hosiery options that can still transform your working day. No woman should have to suffer to look good ? the Charnos Court Shoes Padded Ball Footsies mean you won?t have to, as they have been made with a special cushion that protects the ball of your feet ? so now you can enjoy your lunch break stroll in style and comfort. Not a fan of heels? Chances are you won?t escape the winter unscathed, either. Well, Levante Ultra Sheer Knee Highs have come to the rescue ? a secret layer of warmth for your feet on the coldest winter days, and at ?5 for two pairs you can keep one in your handbag for fashion emergencies. Their subtle sheer finish will provide the perfect accompaniment to that treasured footwear. Plus wearing knee highs will protect both foot and shoe from odours and wear and tear.

I hope that I have given you some inspiration for banishing those winter blues. If you ever need any hosiery inspiration, feel free to ring us for some advice, we love discussing tights ? almost as much as wearing them!

Until next time?



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Tights Fit for your Princess

After several weeks (read: almost nine months) of anticipation, the Royal Baby has finally arrived, and so too has the media scrum surrounding it. Amid a sea of baby related souvenirs and office syndicates on the eventual name (just for the record, we?re all championing George at MyTights HQ), there?s no denying that this is the most exciting Windsor related news since a certain Prince got up to no good in Vegas. And given that Baby Cambridge is now next in line for the throne and very much in the public eye already, I can?t help but think about the endless outfits and impressive wardrobe that we?ll no doubt all coo over in the next few months. Of course, the chance of the newest arrival being dressed in tights is pretty nonexistent, but with stylish Kate as a mum, we can expect nothing less than fashion forward. Quickly earning herself the Queen of Sheers title, yummy mummy Kate Middleton has reminded us all just how elegant the bare leg look is, creating a surge in sheer sales across the nation.? But when it comes to hosiery fit for your little Princess, I?ve narrowed down the pick of the bunch and without that Buckingham Palace price tag, they?ll be able to join in on the fun too?Regal Hosiery!

With summer comes endless garden parties and wedding invitations, with a ?smart dress? requirement that may not sit so well with your little one, especially if they?ve nominated that well-worn fairy costume as their first choice of attire. To keep the peace and nip any wardrobe wars at the bud, settle on some elegant sheer tights from Country Kids. Perfect for adding a classic finishing touch to that sweet party dress, these will also keep her legs warm when the weather reverts back to its old, blustery self. Catering for ages 3-11, there are four fabulous shades (a classic black, sweet ivory and wedding friendly white) to pick from, even featuring a light tan colour to pay homage to Kate?s appreciation for a nude leg.

And from sheers to socks….appeasing to her inner girlie girl is a sure fire way to win you brownie points, and speaking from firsthand experience with my nieces, anything with frills is a huge advantage. From Country Kids, the super soft cotton-feel ankle socks are just the ticket for special days out or parties. With a dainty appearance created by a lace frill around the tops, the soft socks are ideal for adding plenty of pretty points to simple sundresses or pinafores, with three pastel shades to keep her and her wardrobe happy. What?s more, these have been reinforced for extra strength, keeping up with busy bees as they run circles around the house/park/garden and earning themselves an Official Mum?s Seal of Approval in the process.

Regal Hosiery!

Whilst there?s no denying that current sunshine situation is glorious (and who doesn?t love heat waves!?), switched on mums and dads will realise that the new school term is only a summer holiday away. With new uniforms comes a seasonal change, with wind and rain taking over from where the sunshine left off. Whilst Baby Cambridge won?t be settling into school just yet, there?s no reason why you can?t treat your little one?s hosiery drawer to some new additions. As colourful as they are cosy, the Cotton Rich Children?s Tights from Pex are the just what you?ve been searching for ? durable and soft tights that? look great but refuse to cost the earth. With an extensive range of 11 colours available (so there?s bound to be one that matches uniform requirements!) you may be a little spoilt for choice, but if you?re still searching for ?that? shade, be sure to look at the Warmer Cotton Children?s Tights from Country Kids too. Both products cater for tiny newborns too, so whilst tights may be off the agenda for Kate, we can only hope that mum-to-be Zara Phillips is listening!

Of course, everyone knows that with any Royal announcement comes a jubilant party, so what better way to celebrate the arrival of the future heir than with glitter ? and lots of it. Making sure that your little one steals the spotlight at every celebration, the Sparkly Footless Tights from Country Kids are fit for a Princess, with enough shimmer to take her into the approaching party season too. With no feet, negotiating footwear at the front door will be a thing of the past, as anything from open toed sandals to ballet pumps go. Phew!

And from everyone at MyTights HQ, congratulations Kate and William!

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Barely there sheers – Blink and you’ll miss them!

Shock, horror! The inevitable has happened here in Blighty and we’ve all been granted the summer that we spent months wishing for through chattering teeth. Saving our summer wardrobe from the brink of despair (I can hear my sandals rejoicing as I type), it appears that the sun is planning on staying put for a while too. Whilst the thought of a hosiery free day may cross some minds, a lot has to be said for the enviable skin tone and flawless look that summer sheer tights bring with them! With the scorching temperatures giving us such short notice, we can hardly be blamed for our lack of preparation, but I’ve come to rely on a simpler solution that won’t leave you knee deep in SOS lotions & potions…

Kate MiddletonIf it’s extensive shades you’re after, then Oroblu may just be the brand you’ve been waiting for. Feather light and gorgeously soft, the Geo 8 Tights from the brand come as a godsend for those fretting over blemishes or unprepped pins. For legs that haven’t quite seen sunlight yet thanks to the frosty first part of the year, the nude tone is ideal. Pale without any chalkiness, this shade has been designed for the fairest of English Roses. With just the right amount of elastane in, the sheers hug your legs for that ‘second skin’ look, leaving those around you none the wiser. If you struggle to find natural looking hosiery for your olive skin tone, then struggle no longer. Available in the Suntime Tights, the sun shade will leave legs on the right side of St.Tropez (a personal favourite of mine), whilst peachy brown tones create that sundrenched colour. What’s more, darker colours that were previously so tricky to find have all been catered for by the brand, with fabulouBarely there and super sheer, the bare leg look has risen in popularity since Kate Middleton revealed the extent of her impressive collection. All with good reason of course, as the stylish mum to be has shown us how important it is to find your perfect shade – and stick with it. From the palest of English Roses to dark brown or black African skintones, there’s a shade for absolutely everyone, helping us to fake that no-hosiery look day in and day out. When it comes to selecting your shade, the truer to life the shade is the better – and more believable. Of course, there’s always a little leeway when it comes to adding that post-holiday glow (with no need for a passport or bikini) but I hasten to add that natural is the name of the game if you want to avoid that tell-tale too-tanned giveaway!

Taking a far more scientific approach when it comes to the barely there look, German brand Falke have recently enlisted the help of a clued up dermatologist to discover the ideal pair of Shelina sheers for you. Basing it all on your complexion, eye colour and hair colour (natural this is ladies, peroxide will not be counted!), each of their shades have been analysed and if necessary, adjusted. Think made to measure as you consult nifty colour guides in order to discover the shade your legs will thank you for. It’s no secret that I’m a fan of the Shelina sheers (and you clearly are too as they’re our current number one best selling sheer!), as with a little help from a clever bi-component yarn, these have the appearance of a daintier 8 denier as opposed to their true 12 denier. With super sheer toes that show off that new pedicure to perfection, you can get away with a plethora of peep toes and open toed sandals – simply made for heatwaves.s shades for both light and dark African & Asian skin tones.For those who pitch their flag in the hold up camp, there are always the Shelina Hold Ups. As the name would suggest, these are from the same family as your sheers, containing all the same plus points but offering a little more freedom of movement. Earning their gold star for believable and beautiful shades, the hold ups are available in four fab colours that cover a range of skin tones (oh and a classic black for extra measure too!). Likewise, the Charnos Simply Bare 7D Hold Ups will help keep hosiery collections happy this summer too, but with some additional paler tones for the alabaster inclined amongst us.


If you’re still struggling to get your head around the colour wheel (and who can blame you in this heat?!), I’ve made sure that we’ve included a simple and easy to use bare leg look skin tone guide on our website. Simply select the legs that match your hosiery-free pins best, and scroll through the products that have been specially selected for you. Kate Middleton, eat your heart out!

Until next time…



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Our Top Picks: June

Each month we’ll pick our top three products, and tell you why…


naturals-sideria-tights1)      Pretty Polly Naturals Sideria Tights

Why?  The newest addition to the bestselling Naturals collection by Pretty Polly, these bare leg look sheers are the hosiery world’s equivalent of Superman.  A V line brief means any height of hemline goes, sandals toes make peep toes possible and a cotton gusset provides breathability and a superior fit.  The 5 denier appearance means they look so natural on your leg no one will guess you’re wearing tights unless you choose to share – but the 15 denier strength is an indication that these aren’t only a one-wear wonder, either.

Wear to: the races

Style With: Anything – they’re so natural looking you’ll be able to wear them with everything, any time you want a flawless bare leg look.  If you are off to the races, though, we recommend sky high heels, a sleek, chic shift and a show-stopping hat.

How much? £6.00 / €8,50 / $15.00


2)      Jonathan Aston Dream Tights

Why? The clue’s in the name – these Jonathan Aston beauties are romantic,

Jonathan Aston Dream Tights

whimsical style to a T.  The butterfly trend is huge this season – the print is everywhere, thanks to designers like Mary Katrantzou and the high street shops which have hopped on the bandwagon with haste.  These summery sheers take full advantage and are covered from toe to waist in a super sweet butterfly design.

Wear to: summer garden parties

Style With: Floaty chiffon dresses, embellished pumps and flowers in your hair

How much? £12.50 / €13,60 / $20.75


3)      Trasparenze Marta 70D Ankle Highs

Why?  The ankle socks trend is sticking around for another summer, so if you haven’t yet, it’s time to get involved.  These ankle socks

from Trasparenze are perfect – cute, inexpensive and available in a rainbow of hues.

Wear to: laid back lunches with the girls

Style With: Chunky heeled strappy sandals and a short skater dress – ankle socks can shorten pins so high hemlines will


counterbalance this by exposing more leg at the other end.

How much? A purse friendly £3.95 / €4,75 / $6.25 – so you can stock up on all the shades!




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Sheer Tights: Dos & Don’ts

MyTights exclusively provides Britain’s Got Talent judge Alesha Dixon with tights for the show, and we love how polished and on trend she always looks.  As we look at how her legwear has gone wrong in the past and how fab she looks with the correct sheers, we thought it was time to remind you – and ourselves –about the dos and don’t of sheer tights…



- Spend some time choosing the correct shade – you can afford to go slightly darker for a sunkissed look or exactly match your skintone, but don’t go too pale as it will look odd, as poor Alesha discovered.  Falke have redeveloped their range of skintone shades offered with a dermatologist, so there’s no excuse to not get the perfect shade for your skin.

- Choose the correct size – baggy knees and wrinkly ankles will ruin the bare leg look.  Get the right size and you won’t spend the whole day hoisting them up or readjusting on your legs – use the size guides if you’re not sure, as every brand is bound to fit different shapes differently.

- Think about your outfit and choose your sheers accordingly.  You don’t want to opt for a boxer brief style if you’re wearing tiny shorts or a micro mini, so go sheer to waist so no visible reinforcement will peek out.  Similarly if you’re planning on wearing peep toes consider going for an open toe style, or at the very least a sheer toe to avoid them looking too obvious.



- Opt for a shiny finish if you want a bare leg look – glossy products like the Aristoc Ultra range are super glam but obvious, too.  If you’re worried about chunky calves or less-than-svelte thighs you should also avoid shiny tights as they can be unflattering.  Matte tights make the legs look slimmer, but for the best natural look the ideal finish is a slight sheen that will mimic the natural glow of your skin.

- Settle for the wrong shade or rush the buying process – think about what you need from your tights before you buy them.  Do you need a comfy style you can wear all day?  You might want to think about getting tights with a cotton gusset.  Wearing to drinks under a slinky dress?  Control top tights might be a good option that will slim as well as flatter your pins.

- Be scared to try something new – innovation in hosiery is happening all the time which means trying something different to your usual sheers could make all the difference.  Some styles use bicomponent yarns, which give a flawless finish, cool feel and are more durable than their ultra sheer appearance suggests, while ladder resist styles can make your life easier with a little added durability for strength in the face of hectic schedules.




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Get a Fabulous Bare Leg Look this Summer…

Okay, it was here and now it’s gone. It charmed us, and now we’re wondering if we’ll ever see it again. I’m talking of course about the sun and how as Brits we are used to the disappointment of starting the day in blaring heat and ending it, soaking wet. It’s what we do.

There is no reason why the weather should dampen down your style though and this week we want to talk about grooming. Not the eyebrows, smart haircut, manicure type of grooming, but the ‘healthy looking, well turned out’ look. Deep down it’s what we all want, to look as though our shell is a perfect foil for the clothes, make-up and accessories that we layer over it.

Legs, which in my view should be on display all year round, can look a bit mottled when first exposed to the sun. If your skin has been under wraps all winter, it’s amazing how it can react when exposed to a little sun. Rather than the healthy glow most of us expect to get, it serves only to bring out blemishes and reminds us of the little imperfections that we’ve striven to keep hidden.

Sheers! That’s my solution. Now before you all run for the hills with blindfolds emblazoned with ‘American Tan’ on them, I urge you to take a fresh look. Sheers aren’t what they used to be and these days companies have really pushed technology, texture and colour to try to make sheers as close a match to your own true skin colour as possible.  A friend of mine who is a master with the bare leg look tights is often complimented on her perfect legs. Even up close it’s impossible to tell that she’s wearing tights because she gets the colouring absolutely right.

Falke is a German brand that deliver consistently high quality hosiery, and their Falke Shelina Tights are perfect for getting that super natural, bare leg look.  They are made from bi-component yarns which give a really superior bare leg look because they are generally much finer to look at that the denier suggests, and are generally cooler to wear so they are perfect for the hot summer months.  They are 12 denier but look much less, meaning you get a wonderfully ultra sheer look – but with a little added strength, too.  All of the products will leave you with “better diflucan latin america than bare”, flawlessly natural pins!  And what a selection of

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products they have.  The classic option is the Falke Shelina Tights, but the range also includes hold ups, stockings, toeless styles and socks.  And with an enormous variety of beautiful shades, you can be sure that you’ll get a gorgeous pair of tights that will match your skintone.

The Pretty Polly Naturals range is great if you want a gorgeous bare leg look product for everyday wear that's a little less expensive.  The 8D Sandal Toe Tights are a classic everyday product.  The ‘only just there’ eight denier matte finish is one of the most realistic around and the colour range which extends from pale English rose to olive skin covers plenty of skin tones.  Plus, at just £5 a pair, it’s a really inexpensive way to get a gorgeous bare leg look.

Belgian brand Cette know how to dress to impress. Their tights are knitted from bi-component Sideria yarn for an extra thin, almost transparent finish and infused with cooling Aloe which will last for the life of the tights.  Or Transparenze Capri Tights are another style that mean you can get smooth blemish free legs, even when wearing sandals or open toe shoes. The very fine eight denier finish offers a range for light to dark skintones that are completely sheer from toe to waist.

How low can you go? In denier, we mean!  Wolford has the last word on this and their Wolford Individual 5 Tights have four barely there colours and a smooth matte finish that just evens out skin tone and creates a better overall look.  Wolford is the ultimate in luxury and are perfect if you’re looking for high end, luxury sheers.

The newest addition to the bare leg look collection is the wonderful new range of Oroblu sheers.  An Italian company, Oroblu are masters at the well groomed look and both the Suntime products (again made from bi-component yarns for the best bare leg look money can buy) and the luxurious wear anywhere Geo 8 classic sheers collection will give you flawlessly natural looking legs.

In my view there is no point fishing for compliments if you don’t work with your best assets. Creating great legs is the easiest way of giving the impression of a well groomed you. Forget expensive fake tan, tights are more cost effective. Treat them with respect and you can wash them and wear them again and again. Don’t say I never give great financial advice!

Until next week


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