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Surgery hits a bum note for Christina Aguilera

It has come to our attention this week that pop diva Christina Aguilera has been spotted with a dramatically differently shaped bottom to pictures taken a few months ago, sparking the questions: has she or hasn’t she? Mutya has, Nicki Minaj is rumoured to have, Kim Kardashian denies having and Towie’s Chloe Sims is planning on getting – we’re talking of course, about bum implants.

Since J-Lo showed us that bigger can be better when it comes to rears, a whole host of stars like Beyoncé have paved the way for curvier ladies to feel sexy with a little more junk in their trunk. But what if you’re naturally petite? Hence the sudden spate of surgery for certain slimline celebs.

Ladies, what on earth are you playing at? Not that we’re against surgery per se, and we agree that J-Lo’s rear is to be envied, but these girls have all got great figures already bum implants are generally a pretty permanent option. Thankfully, our saviour Spanx have cottoned onto the trend for curvier derrières and brought out shapewear designed to sculpt your bottom as well as your other problem areas.

Whilst traditional shapewear can flatten your behind, Spanx have got several options that will really help you to make the most of your curves, including the Spanx Undie-tectable High-Waisted Mid Thigh Shaper which whittles your waist while a looser knit around the derri-area (see what we did there?) provides a subtle lift and prevents flattening. Or for ladies who want a little extra padding, you need to try the Spanx Booty Booster Shorts, which come with removable bum pads so you can choose exactly what silhouette you

want to go for on a daily basis.

Now, who’s going to give Christina the memo?


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