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Q&A Session with Hosiery For Men!

We caught up with popular male hosiery blog ‘Hosiery For Men’ to get his thoughts on the world of male hosiery!

Why did you start wearing tights?

I first wore tights when I was asked to wear them for a school Shakespeare production when I was 14. I recall that they were opaque and dark green. I was amazed at how comfortable they were and unlike any clothing that I had worn previously.

I did feel that this was probably I should keep to myself at that stage, as I grew up at a time when if any boys were ‘different’ in any way at school they might be bullied..

But from that time on I became interested in wearing them more. I didn’t get that many opportunities when I was younger, but later on I started to buy pairs from myself. I experimented with different brands and styles (sheer, opaque, support etc) until I found what I liked.

It did feel somewhat lonely at first as in those days there were not many men wearing tights openly or admitting that they liked wearing them. Of course men wearing tights were visible in obvious places like theatre and dance, but not as a practical, every day item of clothing.

I think the breakthrough for me was in the early 1990s, when the upmarket tights brand Wolford made and marketed a style of black opaque tights for men. They called them ‘waist socks’, rather than tights (probably for marketing reasons). They got quite a lot of media coverage at the time and I actually remember going to the Wolford flagship store in Bond Street and trying to buy them but they didn’t yet have them in stock. I wish I had gone back as those tights are a very rare collector’s item now!

But with the internet, I have found that there were very large numbers of guys that were wearing tights and almost all the leading tights retailers, such as My Tights, were starting to cater for them.


Did it affect your confidence when you first started to wear them out?

Well, at first I was quite wary of sharing this preference with anyone, for fear of stigma etc. But actually those demons are just in one’s own head really. I have always worn them under trousers, and wear occasionally with shorts. Although I know there are some men who are very open about wearing them with shorts and this is also a look that many leading fashion designers have been developing.

I used to be worried that someone would notice, so used to always wear socks over them, Now I don’t bother if anybody notices whether I am wearing opaque tights or sheers.

I feel very confident wearing them now and in cold weather the feeling is wonderful. They seem to have this ability to warm the whole body.


What issues do you have when choosing tights for yourself, such as sizing, fit etc?

I have learned a great deal from buying different brands and styles, and also from testing the samples that I am sent for the Hosiery For Men blog that I write. Good quality sizing information is essential for men buying tights for themselves. We tend to be taller and of course have a different anatomy, particularly in certain areas! In general I look for tights that are available in a wider range of sizes and avoid one-size sizing as that almost always doesn’t work out well. I look for sizing that caters for 5’10″ and taller. Another key factor is whether the brief/panty has good depth – low-rise waists are not good for most men. They need tights that can comfortably stretch above the waist. Not all women’s brands do that. Plus size ranges often have good potential.

I particularly look for quality fabric and tights that are going to wear well and not ladder very easily, probably because we expect more wear from them, and we may not always handle them as carefully as women.

I also look at the Lycra/Elastane content in the fabric as that is a key factor in getting a good fit.


What styles and brands do you like?

I prefer the better quality and slightly more expensive brands. Basically when it comes to buying hosiery, you do get what you pay for. My preferences include Falke, Wolford, Aristoc and Cette. You pay a bit more for some of these brands but it’s worth it for the quality and how much wear you get from the tights.

Falke, in particular, are really superb. Every product they bring out seems to have been carefully designed and developed. The range of sizing is excellent and the XL sizes always fit me perfectly. They use premium yarns and their tights always make your legs feel amazing. I love their Pure Matt 100 tights in really cold weather. The Pure Matt 50 tights are also great when it is cool. The Falke Cotton Touch tights are another favourite of mine, as they are so comfortable and the fabric breathes well. The Falke Pure Matt 20 tights are a great premium sheer tight and seem to last for ever if you look after them.

Falke used to make men’s tights also. They know that their products are popular with men across Europe but I am convinced that they now design their ranges to be unisex.


Why are tights a good idea for guys as well as women? What advantages do they have for men?

Well tights were invented by men so they have never really not been a good idea for us. Firstly they are practical for keeping your legs warm and healthy. Secondly they can provide support for the legs and circulation for men who work outside or who work standing up for long periods. Tights are very beneficial for men with leg cramps or circulation problems. Finally, they simply feel great. I can’t see why only women should be able to enjoy the benefits of wearing tights.


How do you like to style your tights?

I like opaque tights more than anything in dark colours such as black, brown and blue. I don’t really have a style as such as I wear them under trousers and jeans. But I do try and match the shade with the shoes or boots, and trousers I am wearing. I quite like argyle, ribbed and diamond styles as well. Thick black opaque tights look just like socks unless they have a shine to them.

I also like sheer and semi-sheer tights when it’s not very cold. They feel great under trousers, especially if they have a slight sheen to them.


What have been your experiences when buying tights for yourself?

My experiences, to be honest, have only been positive. A couple of times, sales assistants have assumed that I was buying the tights for someone else until I told them they were for me! Occasionally that has been met with surprise, but usually people have been really professional and helpful. I think that is because it is less unusual than people might think. One of the best experiences I had was in Harrods in London, who have an extensive range of Falke hosiery. The assistant talked me through the range and based her recommendations on her expertise and experience. That was the first time I tried the Falke Pure Matt 100 tights.

Of course, it is easy to but tights online now. My Tights, for example, has a huge range of brands and styles to choose from. This makes it so much easier to choose what you need. The selection is much more extensive than any high street store can offer.

To me it’s been such a positive development that there is such a great selection of tights available online now. There always seem to be new styles and brands to try. From a quality perspective, tights now are the best they have ever been. With modern technology and great fabrics, it is much easier for men to find great quality tights with good fit. My advice is to go for quality brands and you won’t be disappointed.

Shop our tights for men before you leave!


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Want to mask your blemishes? Cover up sheers are the answer!

Working at a hosiery company, we’ve become accustomed to images of flawless looking legs on an everyday basis. Never-ending, perfect skin tone and not so much as a blemish in sight? While this is the dream for many, in reality we know that many women feel insecure about their pins. But instead of lamenting your imperfections and covering up in jeans 24/7, why not enhance what you’ve got, instead? One option is to turn to body foundation, a popular choice amongst celebrities before a red carpet event. But not only is this expensive, it creates a lot of mess and quite frankly we don’t have time to slot this into our already impossible list of tasks! What’s more, we don’t know how practical it would be whilst waiting for the bus in the rain…

Here at MyTights, we’ve discovered a far easier and affordable way to mask our imperfections, and it’s as simple as pair of coverage tights. So, what are coverage tights, you might ask? The trick is to opt for hosiery that’s ever so slightly thicker than your average sheer, ranging somewhere between 20-40 denier. Choosing skin tone shades to give your pins a natural look, the slightly thicker weave helps to eradicate imperfections and create the impression of an even skin tone. And in typical MyTights fashion, we’ve rounded up a fantastic selection of cover up sheers to save you the hassle of rifling through hundreds of products. To make things even easier, we’ve separated the options into both light and darker coverage, so regardless of whether you hate your varicose veins, feel low about blotchy skin tone or want to mask your scars, you’re bound to find something to suit!


Light Coverage

Great for: Uneven skin tone, blotchy skin


If you require some light coverage, we recommend opting for tights in the region of a 20 denier, which offer just enough coverage to mask slight imperfections or blotchy skin. See our top picks below:



Oroblu No Risk 20 Tights

Oroblu No Risk 20 Tights

Falke Matt Deluxe 20 Tights as the name would suggest, these Falke tights have a gorgeous matte finish, and feel super soft against your skin – it won’t be long before they become your ‘can’t live without tights!’ Oh, and they also come in a knee high if you tend to wear longer hemlines.

Oroblu No Risk 20 Tights – virtually indestructible thanks to their ladder resist yarns, these reliable tights not only offer peace of mind but a classic look, and have a sandal toe, so are great with open toed shoes.

Falke Sensation Seamless 20 Tights – ideal for fans of figure hugging outfits, these 20 denier tights are free from any seams, so as well as being comfortable, they won’t show through your clothes, either!

Trasparenze Strip Panty 20D Suspender Tights – a suspenders effect without the hassle, these 20 denier tights have an elegant slight sheen finish and will remain completely incognito from the outside world.

Pretty Polly Stand Easies Tights – these everyday saviours are a must, not only offering coverage with their 20 denier weight but coming with light support to combat tired legs.

Cette Brighton Tights – flatter your curves in these plus size tights from Belgian brand Cette, catering for sizes up to a UK34 and made from 10% Lycra for a smooth feel against the skin.




Wolford Satin Touch Tights

Wolford Satin Touch Tights

Levante Brilliante Tightsthese 20 denier tights have a gorgeous glossy finish, making them perfect for evening events, and come with a reinforced toe – so will last, too!

Oroblu Magie 20 Tightssimilar to the Levante tights with their very shiny finish, these elegant sheers are great for giving your look instant glam, and also come in a plus size alternative.

Wolford Satin Touch Tights smooth, silky and glam, these shiny 20 denier tights are a must for luxury seekers, and come in a plethora of skin tone shades!



Greater Coverage

Great for: Darker marks, varicose veins


If you’re after a little extra coverage to cover imperfections that may be more noticeable, the trick is to choose semi-opaque styles, ranging between 30 and 40 denier. Opting for skin tone shades will still result in a natural look! See all of our semi-opaque hosiery here.



Oroblu Sensuel 30 Tights

Oroblu Sensuel 30 Tights

Oroblu Sensuel 30 Tightssilky soft and gorgeous to the touch, these 30 denier tights come in four skin tone shades, and have a slight sheen finish to add a sprinkle of luxury to your everyday looks.

Wolford Perfectly 30 Tightsgain a flawless look with these Wolford classics, complete with slight sheen, sandal toe and semi-sheer appearance. A must for those who appreciate the finer things in life!

Cette Semi Sheer XX Firm Support 70 Tights made from a 70 denier yarn but with a 30 denier appearance, these Cette tights will not only mask blemishes and veins but come with a strong level of support to alleviate all aches and pains.





Wolford Neon 40 Tights

Wolford Neon 40 Tights

Wolford Neon 40 Tightswidely considered to be the ultimate in camouflaging tights, these Wolford tights have the durability of a 40 denier yet the appearance of a 20, and have a shimmering finish that’s suitable for even the most glam of events!

Falke Pure Shine 40 Tights as shiny as the name would suggest, these luxurious tights not only create the impression of an even skin tone, but come with moisture absorbent technology to keep you feeling lovely and refreshed.



Ladies, it’s time to put your insecurities to the side and make the most of what you have. In the age of airbrushing, it’s easy to forget that the perfect legs we’re subject to on glossy magazines and catwalk shows are in fact a facade! Crave flawless looking legs? It’s easy with our coverage tights…


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Plus Size Fashion: Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes.

Well, Meghan Trainor said it herself… she’s bringing booty back. So if you’re all about that bass, taking a look at our range of Plus Size Hosiery is a must! At MyTights, we cater to every size and shape so you’ll always leave feeling satisfied. To find just the tights you’re looking for, we’ve taken the liberty to put together a top 5 of all our favourite curvaceous styles.

Pretty Polly Curves Nylon Tights

Pretty Polly Curves Nylon Tights

 Number 1: Subtly Sheer

With spring rolling in, what better way to celebrate than to put away the wool, and break out the sheers. The Pretty Polly Curves Nylon Tights have a nice light 10 denier and offer a glossy look with a fit that will hug your curves with perfection. For more from this bestselling brand, see the whole Pretty Polly Curve Collection.

Number 2: The Semi-Opaque Look

The Charnos Xelence 30D Plus Size Tights are just the combination of comfort and coverage. These tights were made to fit you every inch of the way with a soft touchable feel. Even better, the unique pinch free waistband will have you feeling like these tights were custom made just for your body.

Cette Dublin Plus Size Tights

Cette Dublin Plus Size Tights

Number 3:Classic Opaques

If it’s a thicker pair of tights you need, try the Cette Dublin Plus Size Tights for a soft and luxurious satin finish. With a durable 60 denier, you will find these tights to be an undeniable staple of your wardrobe. With a large array of colours and sizes ranging through 4XL, you can’t go wrong.

Number 4: Burst of Colour

Need a burst of colour? You can count on the Pamela Mann 50 Denier Plus Size Tights every step of the way. With their amazing value, add a few colours and make your wardrobe springtime ready.

Le Borget Essential 15 Stockings

Le Borget Essential 15 Stockings

Number 5: Bold with Patterns

Last, but certainly not least, try the glamorous Le Bourget Essential 15 Stockings for a pinch of pattern and a lot of class. These sheer stockings are straight out of Paris, designed with a delicate scalloped trim, and with luxurious lace tops. Who said plus size fashion was all abut function?

From  your wardrobe staples to your luxury hosiery, MyTights is here to make sure your curves get just the attention they deserve. If these five picks weren’t exactly what you were looking for, check out the entire Fuller Figure Collection for a variety that will be  sure to please. And remember, “Every inch of you is perfect from the bottom to the top.” Thanks for helping us bring back curves Meghan Trainor!

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Laura’s Choice: My Top Opaques To Get You Through The Winter Months

Can you believe that it was only a couple of weeks ago that we were enjoying a resurgence of wonderful summer sunshine? Almost overnight, it seems as though we’ve said our last goodbyes to blue skies and mild temperatures, and hello to frost, early morning chill and battling with our umbrellas in the wind. And if the latest weather projections are anything to go by, it’s only going to get colder! Instead of mourning my summer sheers, I’ve decided to truly embrace the winter weather, and round up my favorite opaque tights to get you through the next few months with panache. Having adorned the legs of the likes of Taylor Swift in recent weeks, opaque tights are a chic and on-trend option, and with so much on offer at MyTights, I thought it would be a good idea to impart some of my wisdom and help you to find the perfect pair for you!


Vibrant colours and interesting patterns are all well and good, but when the time calls for everyday opaques to wear to the office, it’s important to be able to get your hands on quality hosiery at an affordable price. The first port of call for me is the updated Aristoc range; the pick of the bunch being the Aristoc 50D Opaque Tights. With all the quality features of a more expensive product, these 50 denier tights are perfect if you’re looking for black tights that are a) comfortable and b) excellent value for money. For something particularly purse-friendly, I’d also like to point you in the direction of the Pretty Polly 60D Silk Finish Tights. At just £5 for a value two pack, these versatile tights give your pins even coverage and are super-soft to the touch. What’s more, with a slight sheen finish, they’ll also work seamlessly for post-work drinks! Money well spent. A great plus-size alternative is the Cette Dublin Tights, which will give your pins a timeless look and solid colour, while beautifully framing your lovely curves – something of a wardrobe staple.

Warmth Factor

Sometimes, there’s simply nothing better than pulling on a cosy pair of thermal tights, is there? Making chilly January mornings a whole lot more manageable, I love the Pretty Polly 200D Fleecy Opaque Thermal Tights, which have a super snug brushed fleece lining – the warmest tights around! With a flattering matte finish, they’re also great in that they won’t break the bank. Another fantastic option is the Falke Warm Deluxe Tights, which are brilliant at providing a wonderful warming effect , but without the bulk of traditional thermal tights. Choose from 7 chic colours, ranging from classic black all the way through to deep burgundy and stylish marine.

Pretty Polly 200D Fleecy Opaque Thermal Tights

Pretty Polly 200D Fleecy Opaque Thermal Tights

Colour Pop

Coloured hosiery is ideal for giving tired outfits a new lease of life, and even better, at an affordable cost! Here at MyTights, we stock a number of coloured opaques. For all out impact, the Pamela Mann 50 Denier Tights come in no less than 20 vibrant colours, ideal for regularly updating your look  at minimum expense. So whether you want to channel a 60’s legwear look in daffodil yellow, or jump on board the current trend for rich autumnal colours, there really is something for everyone! If none of these colours take your fancy, I’d also recommend perusing the 20 colour options available in the Jonathan Aston 40D Opaque Tights, which are perennially popular here at MyTights HQ. Or if you’re looking for something a little more luxurious, look no further than the Falke Pure Matt 50 Opaque Tights. These are always a popular choice amongst our customers, and it’s hardly surprising, with a lovely velvety texture and high-end appearance. A real must-have, opt for the petrol and grape if you really want to stand out from the crowd and jazz up a wardrobe favourite.


Calvin Klein are brilliant at producing top quality and attractive opaque tights, brimming full of shaping magic. Considerably less restrictive than other control top tights on the market, the Calvin Klein Ultra Fit 80D Shaper Tights provide gentle shaping support to streamline your shape, which is great if you have a sweet tooth and loathe the gym! Also available in a 50D if you want something a little more lightweight for the milder winter days.

A spot of luxury

With the trials and tribulations of modern day life, it really is important to look after yourself from time to time, and this extends to your legwear, too. My absolute favourites are the Falke Seidenglatt 70, which, in my opinion, really do offer a little bit of everything. Luxuriously soft, these versatile tights are great for keeping your legs snug and cosy, thanks to a thick 70 denier finish that genuinely does keep out the chill. I also love how seamlessly they can take you from day to night thanks to their glamorous glossy finish. Perfect for those of you with a busy social schedule, I love to wear mine with a patterned work dress! Or for days where the temperature is just a tiny bit higher, another recommendation of mine is the Wolford Velvet de Luxe 66 Tights. The epitome of elegance, these matte tights have a sumptuous velvet finish, keeping your legs content, stylish and warm until spring breaks.

While it’s undoubtedly sad that the warmer weather is behind us for another year, being able to wear chic opaques really does soften the blow, don’t you think? Wrap up warm, ladies!

Until next time…


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Fuller Figure Fabulous: Make Like Adele and Dress Your Curves to Perfection

I think the recent news about the singer Adele having a baby has only served to bring her even closer to being our ideal woman. For the longest time she has been a style ambassador for the larger lady and I’m sure has been instrumental in getting High Street shops to finally embrace the use of real sized women in their ad campaigns. Long may it continue!

The curvy shape of larger ladies lends itself so well to great undergarments, including fuller figure hosiery. Gone are the days when one size fits all and now you select the sizing of your tights and hold ups in the same way that you choose the size of your underwear – or outerwear. Take care with your choices and and it can serve you well.

Plus Size Opaque Tights

Let’s start with opaque tights, the greatest of all basics. Pretty Polly fly the flag for British design. Pretty Polly Curves 60 Denier Opaque Tights are a solid black all rounder with built in shaping. The kind of tights that wear once and you’ll wear forever. Cette Dublin Plus Size Tights are another great mid price 60 denier staple which are available up to a size 32. These tights come in three different shades of black so you can choose the tone that suits. Transparenze Denmark Plus Size Tights are another hero basic. A matte 60 denier finish and a range of lovely autumnal colours will keep these firmly at the top of your drawer. Now, you’ll have heard me go on and on about Falke and my trusty German favourites are also big advocates of size. Falke Seidenglatt 70 Tights have an incredible nine colours in a 70D silky shiny finish. Perfect for the party season.

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