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Our Top Picks: August

Each month we pick our top three products, and tell you why.? This week, the new autumn fashion lines have been giving us plenty of style inspiration, and we?ve been also been mulling over the best of back to school basics?

Pex-70d-childrens-tights1)?? Pex 70D Opaque Children?s Tights

Why?? It?s that time of year again, as mums everywhere spend the last week of summer preparing the kids for the new school year.? We know as well as anyone that uniform costs can rapidly stack up, which is where these everyday opaques from our range of children’s tights come in.? Great quality and available in 6 uniform friendly shades, they fit ages 5-13 and come in a handy 2 pair pack, so they?re unbelievable value for money, too.

Wear to: school

Style With: uniform during the week, and denim shorts and t-shirts at the weekend

How much? ?4.40 / ?5,50 / $7.25

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Tights Fit for your Princess

After several weeks (read: almost nine months) of anticipation, the Royal Baby has finally arrived, and so too has the media scrum surrounding it. Amid a sea of baby related souvenirs and office syndicates on the eventual name (just for the record, we?re all championing George at MyTights HQ), there?s no denying that this is the most exciting Windsor related news since a certain Prince got up to no good in Vegas. And given that Baby Cambridge is now next in line for the throne and very much in the public eye already, I can?t help but think about the endless outfits and impressive wardrobe that we?ll no doubt all coo over in the next few months. Of course, the chance of the newest arrival being dressed in tights is pretty nonexistent, but with stylish Kate as a mum, we can expect nothing less than fashion forward. Quickly earning herself the Queen of Sheers title, yummy mummy Kate Middleton has reminded us all just how elegant the bare leg look is, creating a surge in sheer sales across the nation.? But when it comes to hosiery fit for your little Princess, I?ve narrowed down the pick of the bunch and without that Buckingham Palace price tag, they?ll be able to join in on the fun too?Regal Hosiery!

With summer comes endless garden parties and wedding invitations, with a ?smart dress? requirement that may not sit so well with your little one, especially if they?ve nominated that well-worn fairy costume as their first choice of attire. To keep the peace and nip any wardrobe wars at the bud, settle on some elegant sheer tights from Country Kids. Perfect for adding a classic finishing touch to that sweet party dress, these will also keep her legs warm when the weather reverts back to its old, blustery self. Catering for ages 3-11, there are four fabulous shades (a classic black, sweet ivory and wedding friendly white) to pick from, even featuring a light tan colour to pay homage to Kate?s appreciation for a nude leg.

And from sheers to socks….appeasing to her inner girlie girl is a sure fire way to win you brownie points, and speaking from firsthand experience with my nieces, anything with frills is a huge advantage. From Country Kids, the super soft cotton-feel ankle socks are just the ticket for special days out or parties. With a dainty appearance created by a lace frill around the tops, the soft socks are ideal for adding plenty of pretty points to simple sundresses or pinafores, with three pastel shades to keep her and her wardrobe happy. What?s more, these have been reinforced for extra strength, keeping up with busy bees as they run circles around the house/park/garden and earning themselves an Official Mum?s Seal of Approval in the process.

Regal Hosiery!

Whilst there?s no denying that current sunshine situation is glorious (and who doesn?t love heat waves!?), switched on mums and dads will realise that the new school term is only a summer holiday away. With new uniforms comes a seasonal change, with wind and rain taking over from where the sunshine left off. Whilst Baby Cambridge won?t be settling into school just yet, there?s no reason why you can?t treat your little one?s hosiery drawer to some new additions. As colourful as they are cosy, the Cotton Rich Children?s Tights from Pex are the just what you?ve been searching for ? durable and soft tights that? look great but refuse to cost the earth. With an extensive range of 11 colours available (so there?s bound to be one that matches uniform requirements!) you may be a little spoilt for choice, but if you?re still searching for ?that? shade, be sure to look at the Warmer Cotton Children?s Tights from Country Kids too. Both products cater for tiny newborns too, so whilst tights may be off the agenda for Kate, we can only hope that mum-to-be Zara Phillips is listening!

Of course, everyone knows that with any Royal announcement comes a jubilant party, so what better way to celebrate the arrival of the future heir than with glitter ? and lots of it. Making sure that your little one steals the spotlight at every celebration, the Sparkly Footless Tights from Country Kids are fit for a Princess, with enough shimmer to take her into the approaching party season too. With no feet, negotiating footwear at the front door will be a thing of the past, as anything from open toed sandals to ballet pumps go. Phew!

And from everyone at MyTights HQ, congratulations Kate and William!



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Tights for Little Legs

Last month it was all about the who’s who of the fashion world showing us what we had in store this Autumn and it seems that this week it’s happening again…except the models are a lot smaller…and cuter!

For the first time ever in the history of catwalks , our little ones are in the spotlight as Global Kids Fashion Week visits London for a two day delight. In light of this, I’ve decided to dedicate Laura’s Choice to those with very little legs. Whilst they may have knack for transforming our lipsticks into impromptu crayons and emptying expensive perfumes into the bathtub, they adore tights as much as we do in the grown up world. And why shouldn’t they? With the ability to pull off candy pink and glitter more than most of us can, I believe that children’s hosiery should be as fun and as fashionable as the tights we fold away in drawers ourselves.

I’ve even spotted a few celebrity tots debuting their admirable hosiery collection,with Harper Beckham rarely photographed in anything but her cosy tights and Geri Halliwell’s daughter Bluebell showing off her love of coloured opaques.

But before we get too fussed with glitter and offspring of the A-list, lest we forget just how quickly these little ones move! Over the years, I’ve witnessed my nieces run in the door from school, complete with the latest dried pasta collage and a new collection of snags in their tights. Short of going out and purchasing titanium trousers, I quickly clocked on that children’s tights have to be as functional as they are fashionable. Playground proof and washing machine friendly, hosiery for little ones needs to withstand the climbing frame test, which is why I can’t champion our range of children’s tights more. 

From the small legs to the very small legs (even newborns), there’s a size for all ages, which makes keeping up with that ever expanding wardrobe a piece of cake.  For their very first pair, why not try a pair of cotton tights? The high cotton content in the Country Kids Warmer Cotton Tights ensures that they feel gorgeously soft against her skin, eliminating any irritation and most importantly, they’ll keep her warm! With 15 shades to choose from, there’s no risk of temper tantrums either when she starts to dress herself in the morning…

From their first pair to her first school party, glitter and sparkly tights will always go down a treat. Guaranteed to put a smile on her face, these are the perfect finishes touches to that outfit. The Country Kids Sparkly Tights come in a gorgeous black tone, with a subtle shimmer so chic that we want a pair ourselves! With a handy footless version available that you can layer under her boots for a snug fit, these are likely to fall into her ‘favourite pile’ every morning.

And for when she outgrows her obsession with all things pink? Although no mother wants to admit it, there will come a time when their little one will want to stretch their wings and with this comes experimenting with the latest trends. Whilst you may raise an eyebrow over some of her choices (whilst conveniently forgetting our teen fashion faux pas), add to her hosiery collection with a few on trend styles that will even fit you too, keeping your wardrobe happy in the process. For daughters that swoon over anything with hearts on, the Pamela Mann Candy Hearts Tights are just the ticket. Great for dressing up or down, the subtle but sweet pattern looks fab when worn with her converse, and just as gorgeous when you style it under your shift dress & heels.  The choice doesn’t just stop there either, as there are enough patterns, prints & colours to keep her content and out of your wardrobe – also known as her ‘one stop shop’ for new clothes…

So whether you’re after tights that will keep that smile on her face or you simply want to keep your little ones warm in the chilly temperatures, let them join in on the hosiery fun and give them a wardrobe to rival Mums!

Until next time…

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Here Come The Fashion Kids…

Celebrity Children.  Cuter, better behaved and often, these days, better dressed than their famous parents, the latest generation of celebrity children are becoming fashion icons whilst still in their formative years.  And whatever you think about Suri’s high heels, there’s no denying that some of the little ones’ apparel is infinitely covetable.  Harper Beckham was spotted in public in a pair of Chloe tights that were utterly adorable – and now your kids can get lovely legs too, with the new range of childrens tights at MyTights.com.

There loads of variety for you to choose from – Pex does a great range of cotton opaque tights that are soft, comfy and come in tons of colours – so you can get navy, black and grey for their school tights and opt for the brighter colours at the weekend.  This is a really cheap way to update their outfits (we know how fast they grow, plus their favourite colour one week will almost certainly become uncool/disgusting/the worst colour in the world in a heartbeat).

Younger kids will love the patterned kids tights (soft pastel stripes and colour pop polka dots) from Country Kids, while older children will delight in their first pair of sheer tights for that first “formal” grown up dress.  And of course, the sparkly tights are perfect for pairing with party dresses for all ages!

Yummy mummies everywhere, beware – your kids are after your fashion crown, and they’re much cuter than you…


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