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Surgery hits a bum note for Christina Aguilera

It has come to our attention this week that pop diva Christina Aguilera has been spotted with a dramatically differently shaped bottom to pictures taken a few months ago, sparking the questions: has she or hasn’t she? Mutya has, Nicki Minaj is rumoured to have, Kim Kardashian denies having and Towie’s Chloe Sims is planning on getting – we’re talking of course, about bum implants.

Since J-Lo showed us that bigger can be better when it comes to rears, a whole host of stars like Beyoncé have paved the way for curvier ladies to feel sexy with a little more junk in their trunk. But what if you’re naturally petite? Hence the sudden spate of surgery for certain slimline celebs.

Ladies, what on earth are you playing at? Not that we’re against surgery per se, and we agree that J-Lo’s rear is to be envied, but these girls have all got great figures already bum implants are generally a pretty permanent option. Thankfully, our saviour Spanx have cottoned onto the trend for curvier derrières and brought out shapewear designed to sculpt your bottom as well as your other problem areas.

Whilst traditional shapewear can flatten your behind, Spanx have got several options that will really help you to make the most of your curves, including the Spanx Undie-tectable High-Waisted Mid Thigh Shaper which whittles your waist while a looser knit around the derri-area (see what we did there?) provides a subtle lift and prevents flattening. Or for ladies who want a little extra padding, you need to try the Spanx Booty Booster Shorts, which come with removable bum pads so you can choose exactly what silhouette you

want to go for on a daily basis.

Now, who’s going to give Christina the memo?


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Christina Aguilera stuns in embellished tights

With the release of the Burlesque movie fast approaching, Christina Aguilera is the style queen everyone is watching, and she’s not only favouring fishnets. She stunned the crowds on Saturday night’s X-Factor performance in her sparkling embellished tights. These hand made beauties from Bebaroque, with their gorgeous crystals and pearls, fetch for £195. But fear not if that is a little out of your price range, we have a great selection of embellished tights available from just £8.00 – choose from sparkly sequins to stunning studs, whether you want something subtle or daring there is something for everyone….

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It will probably come as no surprise that the MyTights team are all massive fans of the burlesque movement – well we do spend all day working with gorgeous tights and stockings!  So we were all very excited to be treated to a sneak preview of Burlesque the Movie this week courtesy of Jonathan Aston.

Jonathan Aston is one of our best selling brands and also an official partner of Burlesque the Movie, having designed an exclusive range of Burlesque hosiery especially for the film.   The film is set in a burlesque club that has seen better days.  It is run by Cher’s character, Tess, who is experiencing financial difficulties and risks losing the club that has been her life.  That is until small town girl Ali, played by Christina Aquilera, shows up and uses her considerable talents to help turn the club’s fortunes around.  Both gritty and glamorous the film captures the essence of burlesque and celebrates all things a little bit naughty.

Just minutes into the film you can spot the distinctive Ringers over Knee socks which play a prominent part of the wardrobe for this film.  They can be spotted on practically all the stunning girls in this film and – to get the really authentic Burlesque look – look their best when worn layered over sheers or fishnets.   While this is one of the most eye catching looks from the film we also think it is totally wearable if you swap the fishnets for a pair of opaques and team with a plain black dress.

Of course no tribute to burlesque would be complete without some saucy fishnets.  As you would expect, funky fishnets are a wardrobe staple in this film and of course Jonathan Aston has updated this old classic by adding a glittering gold back seam.   Available as a hold up or a tight, these are actually some of the softest fishnets you can buy and the gold back seam is a perfect accessory for the run up to Christmas and New Year.

If you prefer to keep it classic but are still hoping some of Cher’s Burlesque glamour will rub off on you there are also lovely midinet tights and hold ups in the range.  Like their fishnet cousins they are also brilliantly stretching – perfect if you are planning to do a little high kicking of your own.

With this new range, Jonathan Aston has championed old fashioned glamour and dressed some of the hottest legs in Hollywood.   As Burlesque the Movie opens in cinemas across the country, the MyTights team is excited to be offering the very leg wear sported by stars Christina Aguilera and Cher.   Burlesque is one of the hottest films of the year so shimmy on over and get your hands on the look.

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Christina steals the show in fishnets and leopard print

Christina Aguilera embraced the nouveau-1980s look this week – and stole the show at Perez Hilton’s birthday party.

The diva sported big hair, a leotard and fishnets with black boots as she sang Lady Marmalade for the celebrity blogger at the Viper Room in LA.

However, she brought the outfit up to date with a diamante-studded belt to cinch in her tiny waist. The all-in-one was also leopard print – one of the hottest trends just now – and similar styles have been worn by a number of other celebrities, including Daisy Lowe.

Perez, now 31, looked very pleased with the show – and the bevy of bare-chested male dancers – as he posed for photos later on.

Meanwhile, former Spice girl Mel B has told Gloucestershire paper the Citizen how pleased she is with rehearsals for her cabaret play Peepshow, in which she has to dance in fishnets and a tiny thong.

“If they’d told me I would be doing this a few weeks ago I would have screeched, ‘Hell no!’” she enthused.


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