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ShaToBu: As seen in The Daily Mail!

ShaToBu Get Fit Mid Thigh Shaper

ShaToBu Get Fit Mid Thigh Shaper

We’ve always been big fans of the ShaToBu range of shapewear, and it seems that it’s not just us catching onto the magic – as an article featured in this week’s Daily Mail reviewed the very shaper provided to them by MyTights!

If you’re not familiar with ShaToBu as a brand, the concept was first created by chiropractor Dr Denise Perron, who used the principles of resistance training to help her patients burn calories and tone their muscles – without having to lift a finger! Scientifically proven to shape, tone and burn up to 12% more calories in a given day, the shapers offer a streamlined silhouette to be proud of.

Currently in our big summer sale, the ShaToBu Get Fit Mid Thigh Shaper helps to flatten your tummy and firm your bottom, hips and thighs. What’s more, through making your muscles work harder, you’ll burn calories as you carry out your normal daily activities. What could be better?!

Be sure to check out our entire range of shapewear before you leave!

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Patterned Tights Beneath Ripped Jeans? It Might Just Work…

Oroblu Elaine Tights

Oroblu Elaine Tights

Here at MyTights, we love nothing more than saving a bit of cash when it comes to fashion. Always keen to hear of new ways to update our look without spending so much that we’re forced to live off bread and water until payday comes around, we were thrilled when we came across these top tips from influential fashion blogger Lily Melrose. Shared with the readers of the Daily Mail, the talented blogger revealed her 15 favourite style hacks for making the best of what you have and making your 2014 pieces suitable for 2015.

Amongst a number of gems, one such idea left us feeling particularly inspired. Recognising the hot trend for ripped jeans, Lily suggested cutting a rip in your trusty jeans just above the knee cap for a distressed and laid back look. Not content with leaving it there however, for extra style points, the blogger recommended layering a pair of funky patterned tights underneath! We like her thinking. In fact, we’re so taken with the idea, we’ve been busily compiling a list of potential tights to perfect the look before we get home and reach for the fabric scissors. Want to get in on the action? Take a look at our favourite patterns for nailing this trend…

Pamela Mann Sheer Faces Tights

Pamela Mann Sheer Faces Tights

If it’s a vintage boho-inspired look you’re after, it simply has to be florals. We imagine the trend looking best in bright colours, so with this in mind we recommend trying out the Oroblu Elaine Tights in Avio, a dusty blue/purple shade. You might have noticed that one of the big trends for this season is spots, so why not try out wearing dots beneath your jeans? Our top pick are the Pamela Mann Sheer Dotty Tights, or the more adventurous amongst you might like to try out the wacky larger dots of the Wolford Leonie Tights. For a particularly novel take on the trend, how about opting for the Pamela Mann Sheer Faces Tights, with their smiley (and not so smiley!) faces on the knees?

You don’t have to stick to just patterns either. A pair of coloured tights will look equally as funky, so how about trying one of the brighter shades in the Jonathan Aston 40D Opaque Tights? The velvet green and violet would be perfect!

Do you have any other great tips when it comes to wearing tights? We’d love to hear them!

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Have You Ever Considered Suspender Belts? Maybe You Should…

seduction setTypically associated with being uncomfortable and slightly risqué, suspender belts are enjoying something of a sartorial comeback this season. And it’s not just petite, twenty-something’s who are opting to ditch their traditional undies in exchange for sexy suspender belts, either! With some careful consideration about what works for your style and body shape, suspender belts really can work for everyone.

Here at MyTights, we love the glamorous and flirty look that suspender belts can offer. Equally perfect for a special occasion as for everyday wear, they’re also now incredibly easy to wear, thanks to streamlined design and simple contraptions that make wearing stockings a simple and stress-free process.  All you need to do is clip your stockings of choice to the belt and well…that’s it! Your stockings will stay firmly in place all day long. Simple, huh?

To make your lives that little bit easier, our hosiery experts have created the ultimate guide to wearing suspender belts, giving you the very best the market has to offer, and how each one could work for you.

Here’s our top picks:

What Katie Did Harlow Suspender Belt – Vintage Peach, £31


A must for those with tummy insecurities, this vintage inspired suspender belt comes with a powermesh panel that will work to suck in your tummy, and leave you brimming with confidence. There’s also six metal tipped suspender clips for maximum security, so you’ll have complete peace of mind, too!

Jonathan Aston Suspender Belt – Fuschia, Violet, Black, £9.95

Great if you love the retro edge that suspender belts offer, but want something a little more affordable, this pretty suspender belt from Jonathan Aston is decorated with cute bows, for a feminine twist. This is also a great choice if you’re a little wary about wearing suspender belts, being lightweight and particularly discreet when compared to others!

What Katie Did Maitresse Narrow Suspender Belt – Black, £31

The easiest from our selection to wear over underwear, this elegant suspender belt from What Katie Did is perfect if you want to add a subtle retro feel to your overall look. Also coming with a powermesh panel, the belt measures only 3.5cm in width, so this will allow you complete versatility in terms of underwear choice. Anything goes!

Beautifully glamorous, and actually extremely useful. Bet you didn’t think you’d be considering suspender belts, did you?

These styles for you? Why not browse our entire range of suspender belts? You might also want to stock up on stockings, while you’re at it, too.

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Spanx Skinny Britches, as seen on Daily Mail Online

skinny-britches-short-lifestyleWe’re used to seeing shapewear giants Spanx UK in the press, so today we were delighted, but not altogether surprised, to spot the Spanx Skinny Britches collection being talked up on the Mail Online website. We’ve known for yonks that Spanx is not just for special occasions, but it seems the rest of the world is finally cottoning on.

Sure, the last thing you might feel like doing in this heat is adding an extra layer under your outfit, but the Spanx Skinny Britches collection is ideal for warmer temperatures. The medium control shapewear is super fine – the sheerest shapers available from Spanx – which means that you won’t begin to melt as soon as you slip them on. The Mail Online calls them “lightweight and breathable”, and it’s true – these really are shapers that you won’t notice you’ve got on – until the compliments on your sleek figure start pouring in, of course!

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MyTights in the Daily Mail: It’s not just us that loves them!

We’ll have to admit, this week has been jam packed with hosiery praise from the press and we can’t wipe the smiles off our

faces! One particular display of affection for tights has got us blushing, as we receive top marks from Daily Mail journalist, Marianne Powers.

Putting her pins through their paces, 35 pairs of tights were washed and worn in an attempt to separate the fabulous from the not-so-fabulous in the leg wear stakes. Naturally, some of our best sellers & most loved made it onto the list, coming up trumps in both fashion and function. To say we’re proud is an understatement, as some of the high scores left us as giddy as mum at a parent’s evening!

No pattern or denier was left out – from sheer to opaque, fancy to control, all of our favourite hosiery heroes were present. And to show off these top rated tights, we’ve made it oh so simple for you to get your hands on them, so help us celebrate the winners and treat your legs in the process!

Wolford Individual Ten Tights – 9/10

Some may spend a life time searching for the perfect pair of sheers, but we have just the ones to call off all searches ladies! The Wolford tights have been picked up on their luxurious feel and “super comfortable fit” – and we couldn’t agree more.

Charnos Killer Figure Control Tights – 9/10

Yet another fab score, these opaque control tights will lift bums & tone tums thanks to a clever shaping brief. The Daily Mail loved how durable these were, and despite an accidental snag from a ring, they remained ladder free throughout the day. Hooray!

Charnos Two Tone Floral Opaque Tights – 9/10

Securing us a hat trick for the score out of ten, these gorgeous patterned tights were congratulated on their good quality and “sturdy” feel. What’s more, they lived up to the wash & wear test with a no-fuss washing machine experience. Made in three shades, there’s a colour to complement any ensemble they’re faced with.

Wolford Botanica Tights – 10/10

Full marks! Taking us to

prime position on the hosiery leader board, our Wolford net tights proved that looking good doesn’t mean you have to compromise on comfort. “Ridiculously comfortable”, the fine net tights were saluted for remaining subtle and sexy, with a generous fit to boot. Passing the wash & wear test with flying colours, these take centre stage in our trophy cabinet.

For the complete Class of 2013, shop the capsule collection now and see for yourself why the Daily Mail loves them so!

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Spanx from MyTights.com in the Daily Mail's Top Ten Underwear!

Hooray!  The Spanx In Power Line Super Higher Power from MyTights.com has been chosen as one of the top ten pairs of Knickers by Daily Mail writer India Sturgis, who calls them “an absolute essential under evening dresses”.  We wholeheartedly agree – in fact, forget the other nine entries.  Who needs “date night” or “holiday” pants when you have a miracle worker instead?  Kelly Osbourne is someone else who agrees – a few days ago she was quoted in the Daily Mail as saying, when asked about her favourite underwear: “Spanx! I don’t do sexy underwear” – and she reckoned that anyone who said otherwise was talking rubbish.

An attractive slight sheen finish makes India’s control pants of choice nicer to wear than standard shapewear, plus they stretch from mid thigh right up to braline to keep everything tucked in an give a really gorgeous streamlined silhouette.  As India points out, they are perfect under your “occasion” outfits but we even love them under a tshirt and jeans!  These really are an all singing, all dancing shapewear product – one of our favourites for sure.

If we’ve convinced you and you’re thinking of giving shapewear a try, here are our top tips for getting it right…

1)      Choose the right size.  The sizing of our products should be as per the product’s size guide – this is designed to fit properly so getting anything smaller (as lots of women discover) WON’T make you slimmer – it will just dig in, causing lumps and bumps as well as being incredibly uncomfortable!  If you want to be held in more you need to go for a firm or strong control level instead.  In your ACTUAL size.

2)      Know how to wear it.  Some women find that high waisted products can roll down, making shapewear uncomfortable and giving an unattractive bulge.  This is usually caused by an ill-fitting product (in which case follow our advice above re: getting the perfect fit). 

Also making sure that you have pulled the product up properly at the back can help (either get someone else to do it for you or check in a mirror!)  However, ladies with shorter bodies may get this problem even with the best fitting product – the way to solve it is by putting your bra on over the shaper, effectively “pinning” it in place.  Or to eliminate the issue all together, why not go for a bodysuit instead?

3)      Pick the right shade.  Most shapewear comes in two options: nude or black.  Go for nude if you’re wearing anything short, revealing or sheer to minimise its visibility.  Most nude tones have been made a little bit prettier with an attractive sheen finish – we especially love Spanx’s Slimmer and Shine Slip which comes in a gorgeous rose gold – so pretty we don’t want to cover it up!  Alternatively, black is great for making shapewear just a little bit sexier and is perfect under a black dress.

For more advice and tips, including how to know which brand to go for and what type of product to choose check out our Ultimate Shapewear Guide.



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