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Kate in Opaques: Savvy Styling or Fashion Faux Pas?

kate-middleton-opaques-under-dress-editOur beloved K-Middy can do no wrong, it seems, when it comes to fashion.? Through her carefully selected on-trend-yet-classic wardrobe, she has expertly toed the line between Royal protocol and her own (excellent) taste, leaving us with a serious case of wardrobe envy.

Much was made a couple of years ago about her devotion to the nude sheer, with some corners of the fashion world turning their noses up and decrying them as an 80s throwback we should have long since left behind.? But with sales of luxury sheer tights up 43% so far this year, we think some of those critics might now be eating their words.? But what do you make of the Duchess? latest fashion ?controversy??

At the screening of Sir David Attenborough?s Natural History Museam Alive 3D last Thursday, Kate wore a stunning, floor skimming Temperley dress, ticking all the necessary boxes (on trend lace/cool Brit designer/flattering but reserved cut).? But as she lifted her skirt to step up onto the pavement, she unwittingly also lifted the lid on her warming secret ? black opaque tights layered under her floor length gown.

Now, we?re all for trying where possible to combine fashion with comfort (except for when it comes to onesies), but we?re wondering if maybe a thicker sheer might have been the answer? Twenty or even thirty denier semi opaque tights in a skin tone shade would have provided the necessary protection from the chill but also would have remained incognito if a glimpse of ankle or shin were to be unveiled.? But then she?s the darling of the fashion world for a reason ? for all the rules and protocol, she can wear what she likes and 99% of fashionistas everywhere will happily follow suit.

We say, if you are going to go there, why not go the whole hog?? Layer your long party frocks over a pair of Pretty Polly?s Fleecy Tights and you?ll have a toasty warm layer no one will ever know about ? unless of course they happen to catch a glimpse, in which case you can just tell them you?re working The Kate.



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Happy Birthday, Kate! The Queen of Sheers is 31 and Fabulous

It’s Kate Middleton’s birthday today, so we’ve taken a look at her defining fashion moments…
1) The dresses
When images of Kate wearing

that see through dress at a Uni fashion show emerged, the UK’s women were simultaneously overjoyed and dismayed. Overjoyed, because it just goes to show that no matter who you are, embarrassing mistakes will be made (Prince Harry of course plays his own part in this too). Dismayed, because the sheer dress displayed all too clearly a figure that we could never even dream of achieving. Sigh.
Still, fast forward a few years and Kate was wowing us in the blue Issa dress she wore to announce her engagement – in our opinion her most iconic look to date. A classic cut in a gorgeous fabric and beautiful hue made it the perfect dress for the occasion, so it was no surprise that not only did it sell out in minutes, Issa decided to make it part of their permanent collection.
2) The tights
If we were Kate, we’d be walking around declaring that we personally ended the recession in the UK (probably a good job we’re not, then). There’s no denying her impact on sales – after it was discovered that she wears nude sheer tights, sales of Falke and Wolford Tights at one depa

rtment store were up by 40%, while for some vendors sales were up by as much as 500%!
Kate, who packed 9 pairs of nude sheers in her case for her tour of the Far East last year, ended the stigma for nude sheers when she paraded her glowing pins around town, showing women everywhere that they are the perfect way to fake pin perfection! High end brands like Falke and Wolford are best for getting a truly luxe look, but if you’re on a budget check out the Pretty Polly Naturals range.

3) The ring
For many the most romantic part of the engagement and the centrepiece to every

Kate look, her engagement ring is iconic for more that one reason. The stunning diamond and sapphire ring was passed down from Princess Diana to William, and he then chose to give it to Kate. Sob!
We just can’t wait for the royal baby to arrive. Imagine what looks that blue blooded tot will be rocking! And while the Duchess is still by and large recovering from her pregnancy sickness, she can at least take heart from the fact that she’s still one of the world’s best dressed women. Happy Birthday, Kate!

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