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The yummy mummy secret!

We love it when our favourite ladies in the limelight let us in on their yummy mummy secrets, giving us a glimmer of hope in the process. Showing us that they are (PA and make up artist aside) just like…us! Now we admit that it?s not often that such secrets are revealed, but it seems that Radio One DJ Edith Bowman is keen to set herself aside from the glossy red carpet brigade and we couldn?t be more chuffed. Revealing her fabulous post-baby figure at a pop up cinema earlier this week, the presenter was quick to note that whilst she may look a million dollars, she?s had a little helping hand to get there. No surgery, no manic dieting ? the answer simply lies with Spanx.

Edith Bowman Loves Spanx!

According to the radio royalty herself, there is ?a lot? of Spanx involved when it comes to getting dressed up, and judging from the scores of other new mums that rely on the same solution ? it works. Thankfully, the brainboxes at Spanx HQ realised one delightful day that mums with newborns don?t have enough time to brush their hair, let alone get the full benefits of that monthly gym membership. By creating enough shapewear to take care of every single body complaint, happy women & happy babies were created as a result of this and what?s more, happy wardrobes. Whilst snug catsuits and hotpants may not be your first choice of attire for that initial outing post-bump, a chic shift or wrap dress may well be on the agenda (a la Kate Middleton). Helping to smooth your silhouette, your shapewear will emphasise gorgeous curves, helping to leave those lumps & bumps back at home. Hooray!

If you fancy a nipped in waist just like Edith?s, the Spanx Undier-Tectable High Waisted Panty is perfect for this. With a medium strength control that refuses to overwhelm, the lightweight brief will hug your body for that second-skin, ?I?ve forgotten I have Spanx on? feeling. ?Much like a sultry 50?s high waisted brief, these stretch until just under the bra line, smoothing out any unwanted muffin tops and tummies in the process. With barely there seams and handy silicone to keep them in place at the top, that desirable hourglass curves is mere seconds away.

For those that want the strongest on offer, along with much more coverage for complete peace of mind, then a shape suit is the way forward. Albeit not the most glamorous of options, but shape suits are perfect if you?re craving more noticeable control. And given that most come in both incognito shades and undetectable seams, you?ll have no difficulties keeping them disguised! The Slim Cognito Shapesuit offer a super duper strong control, meaning that everything from your bust below is taken care of. With removable underwire and flexible cups up top, you can be sure that you?ll feel body confident and more importantly, comfortable no matter how long you spend wearing it.

And for those amongst us that actually lament the absence of particular pregnancy curves, treat your underwear drawer to the Lifting Hi-Waist Boy Short from Naomi & Nicole. Designed to lift and define your derriere with some clever textile techniques, that gorgeous rounded look will soon be yours, creating a perky look that you?ll want to show off in skirts and shorts. We told you there?s shapewear for everything!

Edith Bowman, our yummy mummy inspiration!


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