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Laura’s Choice: Support Tights

Whether you spend long hours on your feet at work or remain largely inactive sat at your desk, it’s not uncommon for our legs to become jaded, tired, and generally uncomfortable. Many of us often suffer in silence, choosing to ignore our aches and pains and in the process neglect our long-suffering pins. But think about it this way – if you had a migraine, you’d reach for the Ibuprofen. Just as you’d get some antibiotics for a nasty cough. So, why should our legs be any different? Support tights are a fantastic way to alleviate your sore limbs, using a clever little technique called graduated compression. This works by applying pressure to the ankle region, gradually getting lighter as it travels up the leg to push blood towards your heart for an all-round healthier circulation. Not bad for a pair of tights, right? Even better, it’s now entirely possible to channel a fabulous legwear look and have a real spring in your step, with the excellent variety of options on offer at MyTights!

First things first, you should know that support tights come in a range of different factors. In simple terms, these denote the strength of compression used, which range from 6 to 21, although it is worth noting that anything above factor 15 does require a medical prescription. These are displayed in brackets next to all of the products on our support tights page, as well as the level of support (Light to XX Firm). If you’ve never used support tights before, a general rule of thumb is to start with the lightest support, swapping for stronger if these aren’t doing the trick. Now, with the technical stuff out of the way, I can get back to giving you some of my top picks…

Great for…on a budget

Pretty Polly Stand Easies Tights

Pretty Polly Stand Easies Tights

If you want to look after your purse as well as your legs, a great option are the Pretty Polly Stand Easies Tights. As the name would suggest, these light support tights will give your legs the gentle boost they need, all the while giving you a classic pair of 20 denier tights for everyday use. With three natural skin tone shades, they also come with the advantage of being available in sizes ranging up to XXL. All of that for £5…who can argue with that? If you like these but prefer a slightly sheerer leg, the Pretty Polly 15D Light Support Tights are just the ticket, made with a 15 denier leg, the choice of Nude and Barely Black and a budget busting price of just £3.25 a pair. Perfect for the office, a brilliant option for fans of semi-opaque legwear would be the Levante Relax Medium Support Tights. Typical of Italian brand Levante, these 30 denier tights are excellent value for money and come with a real air of quality. What’s more, the medium support level is ideal if the lightest support options aren’t quite enough, while the choice of 7 shades means you can stock up to have the perfect pair for each occasion.

Great for…added benefits

Falke Active Shaping Support 20 Tights

Falke Active Shaping Support 20 Tights

What would you say if I told you you could look chic, feel revitalised AND tame your problem areas all at the same time? Well, the reality is that you can, with the Aristoc Bodytoners Tummy Tuck Tights! Made with a medium support level (factor 8), these 15 denier tights have an incognito control panel that works to flatten your midriff and energise your legs. Given an added style hit with an elegant slight sheen finish, trials showed that 9 out of 10 wearers saw a marked improvement in both their aching legs and silhouette. Statistics never lie! Carrying on with the formidable trio is the Falke Active Shaping Support 20 Tights, perfect for your tiresome legs with their X Firm support level. Slightly more expensive, but, in my opinion worth every penny, you’ll gain a stylish pair of 20 denier matte tights from a luxury German brand  that feel truly exquisite against your leg. Not just focusing on your tummy this time, you’ll also achieve a silhouette to be proud of, with a top secret control panty that works on your hips and derrierre as well as your stomach. The hardest working tights in the business! If your waist is your problem zone, you simply can’t go without the Aristoc Bodytoners High Leg Toner Tights. Again boosting your circulation with their medium support level, these 15 denier tights have a knitted control panel and high cut leg to really get to work on shaping your waist and tummy region. Killing two birds with one stone – sounds good to me!

Great for…specialist brand

Elbero Sheer Magic 20D Support Tights

Elbeo Sheer Magic 20D Support Tights

No guide of support tights would be complete without Elbeo, a traditional support brand that are wonderful at producing affordable, everyday legwear in a range of different support factors. With tights, stockings and knee high socks in the mix, there really is a great deal to choose from, so you’re bound to find something to suit yours or your loved ones needs perfectly. If this is your first time using support tights, a great place to start are with the Elbeo Mirage 15D Light Support Tights. With a light support (factor 6), these sheer tights are lovely and comfortable, boasting a boxer brief for some added durability and the option of 8 timeless colours. If it’s a medium support you need, look no further than the Elbeo Sheer Magic 20D Medium Support Tights. Doing exactly what it says on the tin, these 20 denier tights really are magic, with factor 8 support level no less than 9 lovely colours to peruse. Also available in a 20 denier stocking and a two pack of 15 denier knee high socks if you’re a fan! They also cater for those of you requiring firm or X-Firm support, with the Elbeo Caresse Firm Support Tights, and the Elbeo Supreme Support 30D Tights.

So there we have it – fatigued legs are a thing of the past! It’s high time you gave your pins the attention they deserve, don’t you think? Be sure to check out our entire range of support tights before you leave!

Until next time…

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Support Hosiery – The ultimate helping hand!

Support TightsRight ladies, it?s time to talk support tights. Yes, historically they may not be the most glamorous additions to your hosiery drawer, but by god do they work magic on fatigued pins and sluggish circulations. A saviour for those of us who spend the best part the day standing or sitting still for long periods of time, support tights are undoubtedly the hardest working hosiery out there. Once old fashioned and a little on the dowdy side, support tights have been given a swift makeover by fashion savvy brands, making sure that when it comes to wanting a little more support, you?ll sing your praises loud & proud.

How do they work?

From tights to hold ups and even knee highs support hosiery has made its way into almost every shape and form, making sure that just about everyone can benefit from a little support now and again. But how exactly do they work? To put it simply (and without the need for a lab coat), support hosiery works its magic by applying a graduated compression system. With the pressure at its highest on your ankles, it then decreases as you go up your legs, helping to encourage blood along your legs and eventually meeting the heart. A better flow of blood equals a healthy circulation, resulting in happy legs and an even happier you! To top it off, the gentle massaging effect does its bit to help prevent unwanted health conditions such as varicose veins or Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT). I told you they worked hard…

Support Tights can shape too?!

Aristoc Bodytoners

If you?re not already won over by their superhero qualities (saving the world one varicose vein at a time!), then may I point you in the direction of the gorgeously chic Aristoc Bodytoners range. Designed to deliver a graduated compression, the fabulous collection proves that you can forever feel as good as you look. Offering support for your legs, the range also comes with several control options to help reveal a sleek silhouette. For those who consider their stomachs as a problem area, the Aristoc Bodytoners Tummy Tuck Tights are just the ticket. Working to iron out any unwanted lumps & bumps, the legs of these tights offer a medium Factor 8 level of support (more about this in a minute!), meaning that your circulation is still taken care of. If you?re after a touch more compression for your legs but still want to tame wobbly bits, the Relax Firm Control Tights from Levante are a must have. With a higher Factor 10 support looking after your circulation, a light control has been worked into the brief section of your tights to lift derri?res and smooth stomachs .Fashionable by name and by nature, the Fashion Toner Tights offer the same Factor 8 leg support but this time round, the designers at Aristoc HQ have added a little flair, with an elegant diamond print decorating pins. Support tights, dowdy? I think not!

What do support factors mean?

Support Factors Explained!

As the pioneers of support hosiery, British brand Elbeo has been around a lot longer than our circulation complaints. But before I delve into all that Elbeo has to offer, I ought to explain exactly what different factors of support mean. Ranging from the extra firm Factor 12 to the light Factor 6, the levels are available on MyTights.com total four factors all together. Each factor equals a different amount of ?mm Hg? ? Millimetres of Mercury at 0?c. However, anything beyond Factor 12 begins to creep into medical grounds, with some prescriptions even calling for a Factor 20+ compression.

From super strong to a light helping hand…

Pretty Polly Support Tights

For some, the stronger the better, making the Elbeo Supreme Support 30D Tights a must have. Delivering the highest level of compression that we stock, a Factor 12, the semi opaque tights are ideal for everyday wear, working to eliminate aches. Likewise, the Active Support 40 Tights from Falke also offer a strong Factor 12 support, but high quality yarns treating your legs to an oh so smooth and silky soft feel. Available in five shades for versatility (including a chic black, trendy navy creamy nude), these are ideal if you want to remain stylish & supported on that lengthy commute. Too strong, too soon? Treat pins to the other end of the support spectrum in the best selling Pretty Polly 15D?Light Support Tights. Great if you?re searching for a comfortable pair for every day wear, the sheer tights offer a light Factor 6 support to energise and revive tired legs.

If you?re simply after a little pick up me to take travelling, pop on a pair of the Charnos Medium Energising Support Knee Highs. A must have for frequent flyers, the sheer 15 denier knee highs offer a medium Factor 8 support around ankles, with a gentler Factor 5 around your calves. Perfect for keeping circulation moving without you having to lift a finger or foot, these also come with a nifty massage sole to help bring a little more comfort to your day on the go. Discreet enough to pop on underneath trousers, the Pretty Polly Silver Fresh Support Knee Highs will also help you win the war against DVT and varicose veins too!

Support hosiery, we salute you!


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