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Maternity Tights: Fearne Cotton Shows Us How!

Fearne rocking her fab maternity style!

Fearne rocking her fab maternity style!

As far as women go, Fearne Cotton is one of our favourites. Announcing earlier this month that she’s leaving her post on Radio 1 after ten years in the hotseat, it’s taken us quite some time to come to terms with the revelation. What are we going to do without our daily dose of the DJ who puts the effortless into cool? However, it doesn’t look like Fearne’s about to drop off our radar any time soon, having been papped almost daily since her big revelation. Of course, we all know the reason behind her departure is a happy one – she’s pregnant with her second child! Good on you, Fearne! As well as continuing to showcase a quirky style, one thing we’ve noticed about her recent outfits is that each and every one of them has featured a pair of tights. While Fearne’s kept tight-lipped about when her due date is, we would imagine she’s treated herself to a few pairs of maternity tights to support her growing bump. As a high-profile celebrity mum to be, we thought this was a great excuse to round up some of our favourite maternity tights on offer at MyTights.com!

Now, it’s not uncommon for women to be slightly dubious about wearing maternity tights during their term, but you needn’t worry. Maternity tights are a completely safe option that boost comfort and provide some much needed support for your bump, particularly in the later stages of your pregnancy. Many of them are made with a panel that sits beneath the belly to reduce the pressure on your lower back. Made from nylon, maternity tights will grow and stretch as your baby does, so there’s no need to keep replacing as your bump grows outwards. If you like the idea of maternity tights, the good news is that MyTights.com have searched high and low across all of the leading brands for the very best styles. Often associated with being frumpy and unflattering, our selection will keep you bang on trend and make your expectant months a stylish affair.

Mama Spanx Maternity Tights

Mama Spanx Maternity Tights

1) Mama Spanx Maternity Tights - the ultimate in maternity tights from everyone’s favourite shapewear brand, these 20 denier tights have a high-waisted panel to offer you much-need support before your baby is born. Appearing like regular tights with their slight sheen finish, these maternity tights come with a special panel that sits beneath the tummy, offering support to the lower back and making you feel a little more confident about your growing frame. Smoothing over the bump in a completely safe way, choose between black and nude.

2) Trasparenze 20 Denier Maternity Tights – another 20 denier offering but a little more affordable than the Spanx tights, these maternity sheers are made with a stretchy and generous fabric that will expand with your growing sprog. Made using natural cotton to ensure you don’t overheat, the flat lying waistband will rest comfortably over your bump without showing through tighter clothing styles. Beats a pair of unflattering trousers, right?

3) Trasparenze Perdue 70D Maternity Tights – great if your expectant months span across the winter, these 70 denier maternity tights offer a similar support but with a thicker denier to keep you feeling lovely and snug. Coming in three colours and made with a cotton/Lycra composition, they have a great amount of stretch to accommodate your bump and make these precious months extra special.

Giving you more time to put your feet up and relax!

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Work Thick Opaques Like Departing Radio 1 DJ Fearne Cotton…

We'll miss you Fearne!

We’ll miss you Fearne!

Fearne Cotton broke our hearts this week when she revealed she’s leaving her slot on Radio 1 after ten glorious years on our airwaves. What are we going to do without her? But it’s not all bad news, as the reason behind her departure is a happy one – she’s pregnant with her second child! Cute!  On her first public outing since making the announcement, the glowing star showed she’s nowhere near ready to swap her quirky style for tracksuit bottoms and slippers just yet, being papped in a chic camel coat, brick print jumper, leopard print skirt and thick tights. Tights like this are the perfect backdrop for wearing with statement pieces, not to mention keeping the cold at bay on frosty March mornings.

Lusting after Fearne’s snug style? Cast your eyes over our selection of fantastic winter tights below…

The everyday essential – Quality opaque tights that won’t lead to a fallout with your bank manager, the Aristoc 80D Opaque Tights are ideal for everyday wear. Made with deluxe nano yarns for exquisite softness, it’s hard to believe they’re only £9 a pair!

Falke Seidenglatt 70 Tights

Falke Seidenglatt 70 Tights

Evening glamour – proving that plain tights can add the je ne sais quoi to your look, the Falke Seidenglatt 70 Tights come with a gorgeous high shine finish. Shimmering your way to dancefloor success, these are the perfect accessory for a night sipping cocktails, and what’s more, come in 4 shades to match any ensemble.

A helping hand – put your gym pass to one side and cheat your way to a svelte pins with the Calvin Klein Ultra Fit 80D Tights. With light shaping control discreetly tucked away in ribbed control panels, these thick winter tights tame your problem zones and leave you with a chic legwear look to boot.

Pamela Mann 80 Denier Plus Size Tights

Pamela Mann 80 Denier Plus Size Tights

Mega-thick – sometimes regular  tights just won’t suffice. The answer? The mega-thick opaqueness of the Falke Pure Matt 100D Tights of course! Made in a versatile matte finish and choice of eight shades, these give new dimensions to the meaning of ‘cosy’!

Fuller figures – Flatter your curves in the Pamela Mann Plus Size 80D Tights. Specially designed for curvaceous beauties and made to accommodate dress sizes up to a size 32, these are the only winter tights you need to last you through to spring.Not found the perfect style for you? Good news, there’s more; be sure to check our huge range of thick tights before you leave…

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Thick Black Opaques: A Style Battle!

Emma Willis looking characteristically fab! Generally as far as winters go, this one hasn’t been too bad. Sure, we’ve rarely been able to leave the house without at least a few layers, but we’ve admittedly done pretty well. That is, until this week of course! Thousands of us across the country have been hit with a dreaded cold snap, bringing with it a blanket of snow and forcing hundreds of schools to shut down for the day. While celebrities usually have a knack of being able to wear sheer tights or bare legs all year round, it seems that the current cold weather has proved too much for two of MyTights style favourites. Both Fearne Cotton and Emma Willis this week opted to wrap up warm, stepping out in a pair of thick black opaque tights, albeit channelling rather different looks. But the question that’s on all of our lips; who wore it best?Fearne Cotton at BBC Radio 1 Studios, London, Britain - 23 Jan 2015

Celebrity Big Brother presenter and all round golden girl Emma Willis braved this week’s live eviction in a stunning floral PVC jacket, high neck burgundy mini and chic suede heels, finishing off her quirky look with a pair of thick black opaques. While we don’t think Emma’s jacket is wearable for us normal folk, we can’t help but admire her gorgeous ensemble, and we particularly loved her choice of burgundy dress, which nailed the trend for block colours perfectly. Opting for a pair of black heels also gave her bottom half a uniformed appearance, showing off her slim legs brilliantly. We salute you Emma! Moving on now to Radio 1 DJ Fearne Cotton, who wore her black opaques as part of a more relaxed daytime look. Protecting herself from the elements in a glamorous leopard print coat, the TV personality wore a somewhat unusual (although stylish) mix of a pastel knitted jumper and matching dress in a floaty chiffon fabric. Finishing around the mid-calf, her dress allowed for a hint of her thick black opaques to shine though. Typical of Fearnes style, her outfit was certainly original, but we can’t help think it had a little too much going on to pip Emma to the post.

This round goes to the lovely Mrs Willis!

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Socks, socks and even more socks!

HH_SS12If like me you’ve had one eye on the weather and one eye on the catwalks, you’ll soon notice that ankle socks have become hot news. Helping to show off a post-holiday tan and frame those new pointed courts, ankle socks have become a must have item for stylists and fashionistas alike. No longer content with bare legs this summer, fashion has dictated that no ankles will go without. Ideal if you feel the chill and are fed up of blisters ruining your heels and your day, the sock drawer update couldn’t have come at a better time!

From edgy fishnet socks at Holly Fulton to ultra sheer anklets at Louise Goldin, it’s clear that catwalks have gone gaga for the style, using them to break up a hosiery free leg and adding a little sartorial finishing touch to creations. Of course, high-streets have since caught on, teaming them with any and every combination – jelly shoes (remember those?!), dungarees and even prom dresses. Quirky clothing aside, the gorgeous weather recently has presented us with the perfect opportunity to flaunt our socks so what better way to celebrate the sunshine than to update that sock drawer?

Now, given that honesty is the best policy, I’ll hold my hands up and admit that styling my socks with flirty hemlines would not be part of morning routine. For me, it all depends on the footwear – the chunkier, the more likely I am to call upon my ankle socks. I’ve quickly learnt that ankle boots and trainers are not built for a sock free look, and sadly sore feet are the price to pay for their absence! For a silky smooth feel and a touch of luxury, I rely on the Velvet Socks from Wolford. As classic as they are chic, these will slip hassle free underneath shoes along with bridging the gap between trousers and ankles. Keeping your shoe protected and your foot in complete comfort, these come in two versatile shades, with a vibrant pink to keep colour enthusiasts happy too.

Fearne Cotton leaving the studios of Radio 1, London, Britain - 22 Mar 2011And from the functional to the fashionable, it seems that ankle socks have quickly adopted the prints & pattern trend that’s set to take over our wardrobe in the upcoming months. From rebellious tartan to Burberry hearts, you’ll be pushed to find a sock that doesn’t slot into an AW13 trend. To pick up some fashion brownie points, treat bare ankles to the Pamela Mann Tartan Ankle Socks. Especially commissioned for MyTights, these colourful patterned socks will work their magic on any outfit, transforming those worn out brogues and adding a little interest underneath cropped jeans. More high end fashion than Highland fling (you only have to look at Versace and Prada AW13 collections to see how much designers love tartan), these will act as an instant couture hit. For those that can’t get enough of peep toes, you’ll be pleased to discover that the toes of your ankle socks are reinforcement free too! Likewise, the charming Sweet Roses Anklets from Jonathan Aston are ideal for adding an on-trend touch to footwear. Equals parts lacy and lovely, the lust have ankle socks have even been spotted on red carpet regular Kristen Stewart in the pages of Vogue! For an elegant evening style, opt for the goes-with-everything black shade, whilst the angelic ivory colour would go down a treat at a garden party.

Given that glam-grunge is set for a big revival come September, I wouldn’t be doing my job if I didn’t give you a few insider tips. First off is fishnet.  And lots of it. Setting the grungy and serious 90s tone for the approaching season, fashion house heavyweights Marc Jacob and YSL showed us that the netted fabric can be worn in just about any form. Tights, gloves and dresses amongst others paid homage to the fishnet, leaving wardrobes bracing themselves for a netted takeover. To make sure that your legs remain current and ahead of the fash pack, invest in the Falke Net Knee Highs. Admittedly longer than the usual ankle length, these fishnet socks will look fab scrunched down or folded over. LFW_sep10_anklesocksNext on the trend list – sultry sheers. Reminding us that sheer ankle socks are not just for locking in warmth underneath trousers, Chanel used the sheer fabric to inject a sense of ‘je ne sais quois’ into an outfit. To combine the grunge trend with a lady like aesthetic, wear your Levante Ritz Anklets with loafers and a retro circle skirt.

It’s not common knowledge that getting dressed in the morning is tricky enough without having to sift through your sock drawer, so take the drama out of anklet anguish by investing in one of every colour? Far more achievable than it sounds, Italian brand Trasparenze have made it possible for you to paint a rainbow with your feet – without breaking the bank. As chic as they are cheery, the cotton rich Monique Socks come in just about every shade imaginable, and then some. Whether neon pops are your thing or you’re simply searching for the perfect pair of coloured socks to go with that dress, you’re bound to discover your favourite hue.

So whether you’re looking to banish blisters  or you’re just in need of updating your hosiery collection (and sock drawer!), make sure to treat feet to some fabulous new ankle socks – just in time for AW13.

Until next time ladies…



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Updating your hosiery for the new season…

Although sheer tights are storming their way back into society with an influx of top quality bare leg look styles hitting the shelves over the last few years, many of you will simply switch your winter opaques to bare legs as the season turns.  This season, however, the all-too-inevitable has happened, and the British weather is showing no signs of settling into summer, instead creating days on end of rain as well as a muggy atmosphere that makes anything thicker than 30 denier impossible to wear.

So what’s a girl to do?  Here are our top three ways to get you through the transitional fashion period…

1)      Sheer Tights

Sheer tights are the solution to the ever changing weather – they’ll give you a little bit of coverage so that when it’s cool you don’t freeze but will give you a summery bare leg look and are much cooler than wearing thick opaques.  Plus if it suddenly gets scorchingly hot outside you can take off your tights without anyone noticing!  Our favourites are the incredibly popular Falke Shelina Tights, which come in a huge variety of shades and will make your legs look better than bare!

2)      Hold Ups & Stockings

Hold Ups and stockings are great for unpredictable weather because they give your legs some coverage but are cooler to wear than tights.  Try sheer patterned styles like Vanessa Hudgens did at Coachella this year for a new way to wear – the Trasparenze Fiore Hold Ups have a gorgeous floral design, or go for a pop of colour with their Valentina Coloured Hold Ups.

3)      Socks

When you’ve just bought those gorgeous strappy sandals but it’s raining cats and dogs outside, rocking the ankle socks trend is the perfect way to keep your toes warm AND stay looking fabulous, With an army of celebrity fans including

Fearne Cotton and featured in Lisa Armstrong’s column in the Telegraph last month, this is a trend that’s easier to rock than it looks.  Pastels colours are the ones to go for this season – but make sure you wear with heels for a look that says more sophisticated fashionista and less 5-year-old schoolgirl.


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Stars Go Wild for Henry Holland at Pretty Polly!

Henry Holland is one of our favourite British designers around right now, and it’s fair to say that his amazing hosiery collection for Pretty Polly has been a hit with pretty much everyone…

Fearne Cotton

The radio and TV star has been seen in numerous House of Holland styles, including the super cute Pearly Suspender Tights, which are just crying out to buy viagra com be teamed with a peter pan collar and frills, just like Fearne.

Jessie J

As the face of Pretty Polly, Jessie J has more reason than most to be seen in tons of amazing hosiery.  The Voice judge has been spotted in loads of styles, but out favourite has to be the wittily designed I’m Laddered Tights, which she wore on the Jonathan Ross show.  Henry Holland – for turning every girl’s worst nightmare into innovative fashion design, we salute you…

Kourtney Kardashian

Perhaps not known for the greatest fashion choices in the world, Kourtney Kardashian made jaws dropped when she stepped out looking calm, collected and very, very cool in the Henry Holland Alphabet Ti

ghts.  Available in black or silver!

Suspender Tights

The most iconic and enduring of all his design, the Henry Holland Super Suspender Tights are so super they have been spotted on everyone who’s anyone, including Caggie Dunlop from Made in Chelsea, Paris Hilton, Rihanna, The Pussycat Dolls’ Kimberley Wyatt, Jessie J, Frankie Sandford… ok, we’re running out of space now.  Needless to say, you need a pair.

The latest Henry Holland fashion has just been launched so you can now browse his SS12 collection as well as the super cool flag collection.  We’ve already spotted Rihanna in fishnet anklets just like those from the new range, and we can’t wait to see which other celebs are spotted in the latest designs!

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Hosiery of the Year Awards: Part 3

So far this week, we’ve brought you the MyTights Hosiery Awards, with our nominees winning… well, nothing actually.  Never mind.  We’ve already seen Mary Portas pip shapewear giant Spanx to the post for best brand, and all other trends bow down to the mighty suspender tights as the winner of Trend of the Year.

We also saw Kate Middleton unexpectedly take the crown for Trendsetter of the Year, thanks to her love of sheer tights, and teen-brat Taylor Momsen take the trophy for Mess of the Year.  So it’s finally time for the big one: who will be our hosiery icon of the year?


Winner: Jessie J

Honourable Mention: Fearne Cotton

Maybe it was obvious, but we don’t care.  Named as the new face of Pretty Polly, exploding onto the music scene and making everyone fall in love with her were just three of a hundred achievements.  And she did it all wearing some ama

zing hosiery – to get her look, all you need to do is check out the Henry Holland collection…  We can’t wait to see what the next year will bring for the Essex girl.

A worthy runner up, Fearne Cotton turned up at the last moment last week after taking a hiatus from her amazing tights collection.  The DJ and presenter’s love for quirky fashion extends to her weird and wonderful choice of tights, from lace to prints and everything in between with nothing off limits – our kind of girl!

So that’s it for another year!  Here’s to the next twelve months of hosiery, and may we wish all of our customers a very happy new year.

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Fearne's Back!!!

Fearne Cotton is back, and her hosiery’s better than ever!

It’s been a bit quiet on the Fearne front recently.  We got used to seeing her in gorgeous hosiery all the time, and then, fickle as we are, we got distracted by all things Jessie J related.  But a couple of weeks ago she was photographed in an outfit so gorgeous we sat up and took notice.

Teaming a cream, ruffled, lacy skirt with a black jumper over a buttoned up shirt, Fearne rocked the cute look to perfection, toughening it up with a leather jacket, black bag an army boots.

But the best bit was, of course, her embellished spotty tights.  Matte black mock suspender tights with dainty pearl embellishments, the Henry Holland Pearly Suspender Tights ha

ve been incredibly popular since they hit the shelves a few weeks ago.  Rock them like Fearne with a slightly longer skirt to cover up the mock hold up tops for a sweet look or make the most of your legs with shorts cut high up your leg to show off all the detailing.

Get the look: Henry Holland Pearly Suspender Tights or, for a rocky edge, get a similar look with the Pamela Mann Studded 120D Tights, available in black with silver or gold studs.

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Get the Look: Fearne Cotton

Fearne Cotton is consistently spotted in the best hosiery around, so it’s really no surprise that More! Magazine named her tights-centred style as their “Look of the Week”. Helping you to recreate the look, they suggested the Baroque Floral tights in Rich Red, supplied by MyTights.com.

Created by the collaboration between our favourite retail guru Mary Portas and hosiery giant Charnos, they feature metallic yarns woven into a gorgeously intricate floral design in a deep wine shade. We were thinking about wearing these tights with luxury fabrics like chiffons and silks, but the ever stylish Fearne has shown us exactly how to dress them down for daytime grunge-luxe.

The leather jacket, striped dress and brogues are all thing you’ve probably already got in your wardrobe from last season (or if not, More tells you exactly where to find them!) If wearing sunglasses in the middle of winter, in the evening, indoors is something you’re not QUITE sure you can pull off, go for some geek-chic thick rimmed black glasses instead (with plain glass inside if you don’t actually wear glasses, obviously).

The one thing we’d change? The bag. Fab as it may be, we think our new season tan satchels would complement this look perfectly. For more statement tights, check out the rest of the Mary Portas range or take a look at the collection of lace tights.

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Hot Spots: New ways to work the spots trend…

Everyone has gone spot crazy this season, thanks to the Marc Jacobs and Stella McCartney AW 11 catwalks, so we’ve spent all season with our eyes peeled for all the latest spotty designs.  We’ve seen the classic polka dot design on everything from bags to shoes to dogs (ok, so we were watching 101 Dalmations) and everything in between.  Then we began to notice a new sub-trend forming, full of quirky and exciting new ways to wear spotted hosiery, and realised that this is a great way to sport a trend without looking like everyone else out there.  Here are our favourite new ways to work the spotty trend…


Both Fearne Cotton and Cheryl Cole have been spotted in spots – dress them down à la Fearne by pairing Pamela Mann’s Oversized spot tights with denim cut offs and a cosy scarf, or get the Cheryl Cole Spotty Tights from Wolford and team with a monochrome outfit for a sophisticated take on big spots.


Embellished tights are a great way to add a touch of glamour to plainer outfits.  Look Magazine recommends teaming Henry Holland Pearly Suspender Tights (see below left) with bright accessories on a night out for maximum wow factor!  Alternatively, try the Brigitte Tights from Charnos’ 75th Anniversary Collection, featuring Swarovski crystals mingling with polka dots – incredibly luxurious style that will look great for any occasion!


Try adding a pop of colour to the style to get an eye catching design perfect for parties!  Try the Oroblu Milly Hold Ups (pictured above right) for a fun and quirky way to work a splash of colour, which are available with red, camel, white or teal spots – or for a pared down take on the trend, grab a pair of the Mary Portas & Charnos Sheer Spot Tights in Indigo.

P.S. Don’t worry if you still like the classic style – Look Magazine reckons you can work that look to perfection too.  Simply mix with other sheers for a super luxe feel and a look perfect for the office.

If you’re undecided, check out our entire range of spotty tights for the right spots for you.

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