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Ask The Expert: Your hosiery questions answered!

Spending the working week surrounded by tights, I’ve amassed a fair chunk of knowledge over the years about all the different realms of the hosiery world, whether on the production side of things, technical terms, or even how to instantly spot different types of toe (yes, really!) With the colder autumn months looming, we thought it would be a great idea to put together a one stop guide that will hopefully answer the most common questions the MyTights team are asked. Haven’t found the answer to the question you’ve always wanted to know? Don’t hesitate to contact our friendly customer services team who will be happy to assist!


1. What is denier?

All tights are discussed in terms of denier, but what actually is it? Well, put simply, denier is the technical term used to describe how thick hosiery is. Referring to the weight of the yarn from which the hosiery is woven, 1 denier means that 9,000 metres of yarn weights 1 gram. Generally speaking, the lower the denier, the sheerer the appearance of the tights are. Likewise, the higher the denier, the more opaque the hosiery will be!










2. What’s the difference between sheer and opaque hosiery?

You might have noticed that hosiery is classified as being either sheer and opaque, the difference lying in the weight of the yarn used. Sheer hosiery (usually between 10-20 denier) is finer in appearance, and thin enough for your skin to show through. Opaque hosiery on the other hand is thicker in appearance, much warmer and altogether more durable. We define opaque hosiery as being above 40 denier, with tights lying between 30-40 denier considered to be semi-opaque


3. What is a matte finish?

The most versatile of hosiery tends to have a matte finish. This is characterised by tights that have a completely flat look without any reflection, generally knitted from multifilament yarns which don’t reflect light. What’s more, matte hosiery won’t draw any attention to your legs, so can be worn for just about any event, regardless of whether it’s a trip to the shops or a formal event. How’s that for versatility?


Falke Shelina Tights - one of our favourite bare leg styles!

Falke Shelina Tights – one of our favourite bare leg styles!

4. What are the benefits of bare leg look hosiery?

You might think that wearing tights in exactly the same shade of your legs is futile, but wearing bare leg look hosiery has a host of hidden benefits. Like make up for your legs, skin tone styles give your pins a flawless finish, help in achieving an even colour and moisturised finish, and can even help you cheat your way to a sunkissed glow! What’s more, they offer some slight coverage should it be a chillier summer day, without taking away from a natural look.





5. Are footless tights the same as leggings?

Similar in appearance, the main difference between footless tights and leggings lies in the thickness. Although both are free from any material at the foot, leggings tend to be much warmer, and thick enough to be worn without the need for longer hemlines. Footless tights on the other hand tend to be less opaque, and would usually require a dress or tunic to cover up.


6. What’s the difference between hold ups and stay ups?

You may have seen both ‘hold ups’ and ‘stay ups’ used to describe the same style of hosiery, that is hosiery that offers a similar look to stockings, but with sticky pads rather than the inconvenience of a suspender belt. So, what is the difference? The answer is – there isn’t one! Both terms are used to describe the exact same thing – tomay-to, tomar-to!


7. Can I fix a snag in my tights before it becomes a ladder?

We’ve all been there – getting dressed in the morning to find our brand new tights have already snagged, it’s enough to put anyone in a bad mood! But to stop it developing into a ladder, a top yet very simple tip is to add a dab of clear nail varnish to the area. Or if you’re especially keen to prevent ladders from forming, check out our range of run resist hosiery, instead!


Pamela Mann Sheer Dotty Tights: A fab fashion style!

Pamela Mann Sheer Dotty Tights: A fab fashion style!

8. What makes fashion tights ‘fashion tights’?

Any regular visitors to the site will know that we separate some of our hosiery into a fashion category. This is generally the case when tights feature something that is considered to be a trend, be it a floral pattern, spots, diamonds, or even something as traditional as a backseams. Fashion styles will ensure you stand out from the style pack, and differ from plain opaques and sheers, which are considered to be more everyday wear.


9. Which hosiery brands will last me the longest?

At MyTights, we hand select our products to ensure that they all offer value for money, but there are some brands that tend to go the extra mile in terms of durability. As with all walks of life, you get what you pay for when it comes to hosiery, but my top tips for brands to invest in when you’re building a hosiery capsule are Wolford, Falke and Oroblu. That’s not to say that the brands in the more affordable end of the price bracket should be overlooked however, and I would also advise to take a look at our ladder resist styles, which are made with specialist yarns to prevent ladders from forming.


10. How often should I wash my tights?

We recommend to wash your hosiery after every wear, to keep it a) looking its best, and b) staying fresh. In an ideal world, washing hosiery by hand is the best solution to keeping it looking pristine, but alternatively, popping your tights in a hosiery bag and using a cool wash is an equally good method!


11. How should I dry my tights?

One of the worst things you can do to your hosiery is to leave it to dry near direct heat, such as a radiator. STOP IN YOUR TRACKS! Drying in extreme temperatures will damage the weave, and will likely leave your tights ready for the fashion scrapheap. The best way to dry tights is on the line, or on a drying rack placed away from any direct heat. Oh, and never iron, either!


12. Which denier weights are appropriate for which season?

We all know how quickly the weather can change from heatwave to washout, but generally speaking, different weights of hosiery will be more of use in specific seasons. In the winter, stick to thermal tights or opaque tights, occasionally wearing semi opaque hosiery should it be a milder day. The spring and autumn months are often subject to change, but typically you’d wear semi-opaque or sheer styles. In the summer, opt for sheer or for something extra natural – ultra sheer styles.


Aristoc Bodytoners Low Leg Toner Tights, one of our bestselling control top tights

Aristoc Bodytoners Low Leg Toner Tights, one of our bestselling control top tights

13. Control tights vs. Support Tights – what’s the difference?

Control top tights and support tights are similar in that they both have hidden talents, and offer a lot more than meets the eye. The fundamental difference is that control top tights help to smooth over your figure using hidden shaping zones, whereas support tights alleviate tired legs by boosting circulation, thanks to a system called graduated compression. This works by applying pressure at your ankles, which gradually travels up the leg, getting lighter as it does so. Both equally as brilliant, however!




14. What’s the best type of toe to wear with different footwear?

If you’re a fan of chunkier footwear styles such as winter boots and trainers, I would recommend opting for a reinforced toe, which has a thicker weave to prevent any holes from forming in the often fragile toe area. Next up on the spectrum are sandal toes, which have barely visible reinforcement, where the weave is slightly stronger across the toe, but perfect for wearing with open toed shoes.

In the summer, sheer toes are invaluable, and are common in ultra sheer tights. Sheer toes should be worn with open toed footwear as strappy sandals, as can open toed styles, which you should choose if you want a super natural look, but still want to benefit from the even skin tone offered by sheers.


15. What’s the difference between gusset types?

Tights can not only differ in terms of denier and toe, but in the type of gusset they use too. Tights with a cotton gusset are designed to improve comfort, fit and hygiene, and can be recognised by a white circular patch in the section where the legs join. Similar to a cotton gusset, traditional gussets also help to improve comfort and fit, but won’t aid hygiene, as they aren’t made from breathable cotton.

Not all tights will have a gusset however, with some opting to have the same fabric on the crotch as in the rest of the leg. Finally, some styles may also have an open gusset, in which there is no fabric whatsoever on the crotch, and these are great for keeping cool and refreshed in the warmer weather.




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Laura’s Choice: Hosiery Care!

Somehow, today marks the very first day of July! But unlike other British summers where we find ourselves huddling under umbrellas and desperately clinging to the radiators, we’re enjoying something of a mini-heatwave, with temperatures this week expected to top an uncomfortable 35ºC. While the bravest amongst us may see the sun as an excuse to go bare legged, many of us (myself included) will turn to sheers and ultra-sheer tights and hold ups to keep us cool while still giving our legs a little coverage. But with sheer hosiery comes the added risk of ladders and snags cropping up and ruining your favourite pair of tights. But fret not hosiery enthusiasts, for MyTights are on hand with our collection of hosiery care. From washing essentials through to ingenious storage, our collection gives your legwear all the TLC it deserves.



A tidy hosiery drawer, a tidy mind!

For me organisation is key, and that extends to my hosiery drawer! There’s quite simply nothing worse than needing that pair of spotty sheers that will perfect your outfit to a tee, only to find they’ve gone missing in a terrifyingly tangled web of tights. If your hosiery drawer resembles Piccadilly Circus, I can’t recommend the fantastic Stoxbox highly enough. Arriving on your doorstep in a value for money 4 pack, this genius box is a brilliant way for presenting patterned hosiery; all you need to do is insert the box into the leg of your tights and wrap the remainder into the hollow section at the back, and voila! Perfect for storing everything from spots to florals to geometrics, this clever creation saves you the hassle of scrambling around your room at 6am, and comes in an attractive curved design to boot.

Wolford Washbag

Wolford Washbag

Washing Machine Heroes

When you think of famous double acts, who springs to mind? Laurel and Hardy? Ant and Dec? Now, I may be a hosiery nut, but for me, it’s the Wolford Washbag and Wolford Wash! Ensuring that your hosiery comes out of the machine clean, fresh and most importantly intact, this duo is perfect for safeguarding expensive tights from damage during a spin cycle. Beginning with the Wolford Washbag (new and improved, FYI), who hasn’t had the problem of taking tights out of the wash to find they’ve snagged on zips or embellishments? Well not anymore ladies! Available in a small and large variety depending on how extensive your collection, this clever mesh bag keeps your favourite tights looking pristine no matter what. Carrying on the VIP treatment, the Wolford Wash is a specially developed mild detergent that keeps your hosiery smelling like a bed of roses. Suitable for both hand and machine wash, it’s gentle enough to care for even the most fragile of tights and even leaves your hosiery feeling softer against your skin. Suddenly laundry day doesn’t seem like so much of a drag…

Wolford Hosiery Gloves

Wolford Hosiery Gloves

Hosiery: handle with care!

Tights are becoming more and durable by the day, as brands discover new techniques to resist against ladders and snags. But despite their efforts, the sheerest of hosiery is still prone to becoming damaged during day to day life. A common way of catching tights is taking them on and off, whether catching on nails, watches or the diamond on your finger. In typical Wolford fashion, I introduce to you the fabulous Hosiery Gloves. With an elegant shiny finish and off white shade, simply slip on a pair of these lovely gloves before taking your tights on and off, and enjoy beautiful hosiery for time to come. An elegant solution to an age old problem: of course they come from Wolford!

A top tip before I leave you to carry on with your shopping. If you happen to catch your tights, don’t throw them in the bin in frustration, simple add a dab of nail varnish to the catch to prevent them from laddering further!


Until next time…

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Hosiery Care at it’s finest

Oh, spring, it seems like we’ve been waiting forever for you to grace us with your warmth… and now that it’s here, it’s time to tuck away the winter opaques and break out the sheers! As much as we love the almost bare leg look, it can be quite tricky to keep them in pristine condition free of runs and dreadful nicks. Always wanting to save you a few pennies, MyTights have sourced the very best in the market in Hosiery Care tips that will help you maintain your sheers all season long.

Wolford Hosiery Gloves

Wolford Hosiery Gloves

For all you on-the-go type of gals, we can relate. With no time to waste, rolling on tights can really put a dampener on our speedy routine out of the door.  The slightest jagged nail, or snag from your ring can leave you with your favourite pair of tights in the rubbish, and let’s face it, nobody needs that. With the Wolford Hosiery Gloves, you can put all of those pesky snags behind you and get you back to your speedy schedule. Simply pull on these attractive gloves whenever you handle your tights and keep those delicate sheers flawless.  With a guarantee like that, you’ll no doubt want to treat yourself to some new Sheer Tights, right?



Speaking of slowing down the morning routine, digging through an unorganized hosiery drawer can really be a speed bump- and all before coffee? Forget about it! Lucky for all you tights enthusiasts, MyTights has the perfect solution for your desperate attempts at an organization. Try out the Stoxbox, and breeze through your morning. This clever box allows you to find the tights you’ve been searching for at a glance. With separate slots for each pair of tights, all you have to do is slide over the cube and tuck the remnants in the hollow space behind. You’ll be wondering how you ever managed without!

This season, fearlessly wear your sheers and keep your morning speedy by implementing these two hosiery tips that every hosiery fanatic should have. Say goodbye to the frustrations of runs and disorganization and allow your mornings to fly by with ease.

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Tights In The Freezer? We’re Not Convinced…

This week, doing our usual rounds of the Internet for hosiery related news, a MyTights team member stumbled across a blog that promised an end to the age old problem and constant source of frustration for women across the globe – laddered tights! That caught your attention, didn’t it? Ours too.

The blog confidently claimed that dampening your tights with water, squeezing out the excess and then FREEZING your tights before their first wear will ensure added durability and long-lasting value. Whilst we’re always open to new and innovative ideas to make our money go a little bit further, we can’t help but feel that this particular method is somewhat flawed. I mean, if this really did work, then why haven’t we heard about it sooner? And is it really necessary to go to such extreme (and cold!) lengths to keep our hosiery in good condition? We’re putting it out there, we’re not convinced. Maybe we’re biased, but why would we spend our evenings putting out tights in the freezer, when we can just take advantage of our wonderful range of hosiery care, instead!

Designed to keep your hosiery in tip-top condition and ensure you get to enjoy a stylish legwear look for seasons to come…

  • Wolford Hosiery Gloves – Perfect for protecting your tights against sharp jewellery or false nails as you’re taking them on and off, these ingenious gloves from luxury Austrian brand Wolford are available in three stylish colours. After Wolford Hoisery Glovesall, why shouldn’t you look chic even during the most mundane of activities?
  • Wolford Wash Bag –To avoid damage caused by bra straps, zips and embellishments in the washing machine, this chic wash bag will ensure your tights remain free from snags, tangles and fluff! Always wanting to offer extra style points, the bag also comes with a stylish rib design and appliqué rose detail. They really do think of everything!
  • Stoxbox – a favourite amongst the MyTights team (and for good reason), this clever creation will ensure you never waste any time rummaging through your drawer to find the tights you have in mind. Ideal for presenting your patterned hosiery, simply insert the Stoxbox into the leg of the tights, wrap the rest of the tights into the hollow background and voila! An extra five minutes in bed…

Beats putting them in your freezer, right? Be sure to also check out our range of brilliant ladder resist tights before you leave, too!



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Emma Stone Scores a Hat Trick in New York

Mary-Portas-sheer-shaperActress Emma Stone pulled off a commendable performance when she was snapped on the set of her upcoming movie, Birdman, nailing three trends at once.  Teaming a khaki canvas jacket with denim cut offs over battered looking black sheers (complete with hole and VERY visible ladder), the result was a grungy look a far cry from her usual pulled together, chic style. It

shouldn’t have worked, yet somehow it did.

Khaki and denim shorts are staples season after season – but black sheer tights are also back this season, with loads of celebs shunning their thicker opaques for the sexy style, including Sarah Jessica Parker and Miranda Kerr.  But unless you’re going to attempt the grungy look as modelled by Emma, we suggest you’re a bit more careful with your sheers to avoid runs and snags.

It’s a sad fact of life that with sheer hosiery comes the risk of ladders, but there ARE ways to prevent damage.  Most snags occur when you’re yanking your sheers up or taking them off at the end of the day, as this is when they’re pulled around the most.  Care for your sheers by wearing hosiery gloves when putting them on or taking them off, or at the very least make sure your nails are filed with no jagged edges.  Choosing a style with a boxer brief design is safer than a sheer to waist, as there is reinforcement around the part you pull up or down.

Alternatively you could opt for ladder resist tights.  Although they don’t guarantee you won’t end up with a snag, they are generally more durable than your average sheer and any holes you do get won’t turn into an unsightly ladder, thanks to the clever yarn technology used.  No more embarrassing runs in your tights, and no more clear nail varnish stowed in your handbag in case of emergencies!

When washing your hosiery, ladder resist or not, make sure you use a hosiery bag which will protect your sheers from damage, and wash on a cool wash.  Don’t dry on radiators or in the tumble drier, as the heart will damage the elastane fibres in the hosiery.

We can’t promise your beloved sheers will last forever, but if you follow these steps they’ll be around for a lot longer, seeing you through anything your day has to throw at you… Emma Stone, take note!



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