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Nude Fishnet Fever!

Megan Fox adores hers, J-Lo refuses to go on stage without wearing hers and we even provided The Saturdays with theirs! It seems that our favourite starlets and red carpet favourites have gone nuts for nude fishnets – and we know exactly why!

Nude Fishnet Tights

Perfect for faking your way to a flawless skin tone, nude fishnets are the cheat’s solution to blemish free pins. Far foxier than your average sheers, fishnets have been long been an insider’s secret but thanks to a little (healthy) celeb stalking, we’ve managed to track down our favourite stars showing off their nets. Given that the majority of the high profile ladies are never without someone chasing them down the road for a cheeky snap, we can hardly blame them for wanting to keep their legs looking on point all day long. Whilst we can imagine that some would prefer to slob the day away in their tracksuits and PJs, flirty hemlines and stage costumes do await, leaving them turning to their oh so flattering fishnets.

As possibly one of the most glamorous girl groups since the Spice Girls (RIP), it’s no secret that we’re big fans of The Saturday’s style here at MyTights HQ. Never without a slick of lip-gloss and their trademark immaculate manes, we’ve spied the fab five donning nude fishnets on more than one occasion. And ladies, we’ll let you into a little secret. As we exclusively provided the girls with nets for their last tour, we know firsthand that they’re massive fans of the nude tone. Adding something special to their on-stage look whilst evening out skin tones, the Pamela Mann Fishnets will hardly break the budget. Ideal if you’re not too keen on going hosiery free but fancy a break from your black opaques, the netted tights work to deliver a comfortable and cosy fit all day long. Whilst you may not plan to jump on stage anytime soon, we suggest styling your new fishnet tights with a pretty sundress, adding espadrilles for a sweet seaside touch.And of course ladies, you can take our word on this! With no need for speculation, we’ve gathered the hard evidence that will leave you wanting to stock up on the style all year long…Laura

Moving on from the pint sized pop group, we’ve extended our fishnet search further afield, spying Gossip Girls’ very own Roxanne Mesquida wearing hers out and about. Known for her portrayal of a princess in the show, it seems that Roxanne has left behind all regal ambitions when it comes to getting dressed. Flashing her pins in a flirty dress, the actress has made sure to up the glam factor in a pair of nude fishnets, leaving behind blemish free legs. Stepping into gold peep toes to show off even more of the sassy tights, the former Gossip Girl shows us that when it comes to footwear and fishnets, just about everything goes! From quilted pumps to dainty sandals, no ensemble proves too tricky, as the lack of brief means you can even get away with any hemline that takes your fancy!

And fishnet fever doesn’t stop at starlets either. MyTights founder, Laura has been photographed sharing her mutual affection for nets too, teaming her classic Levante Fishnet Tights with an elegant dress and peep toe heels. TOP TIP: To lengthen and elongate pins, make like Laura and step into nude heels to create the illusion of never ending legs!

So what are you waiting for ladies? Take inspiration from your favourite VIPs and treat your hosiery drawer to some new nets now!


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5 Ways to Wear: Fishnets

jonathan-aston-faith-tightsFishnets are having a bit of a moment at the, erm, moment.  We’re almost bored of talking about it, but it seems as though certain people have got very wound up by all the fishnet tights and leather on display at the Chime for Change concert in London last week.

With J-Lo strutting her stuff in fishnets and thigh high boots and Beyoncé opting for nude fishnets and leather micro shorts, their outfits certainly were showstopping – and not to everyone’s taste, we’re sure.  But we’d like point out that these were celebs on stage, not on the school run or down their local on a Friday night.  Much like the catwalk, stage costumes are meant to be highly visual and are not designed to translate to everyday life.  It’s also worth remembering that it was all for a good cause.

Whatever your take on their outfits, we’ve pulled together our top 5, completely wearable, ways to work your fishnets this summer…
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J-Lo Courts Controversy in Daring BGT Outfit

fishnet-backseam-tightsMuch fuss has been made of our favourite Latino lovely J Lo’s raunchy outfit on Britain’s Got Talent this week.  Teaming a dangerously high cut leotard with thigh high boots, it certainly was a head turning ensemble.  Well, we’re throwing in our tuppence worth and siding with the songstress, who defended her outfit, saying “I wore the same outfit on the Billboard Awards and it didn’t cause any controversy there, so I felt pretty safe”.

If you’ve got it, flaunt it we say.  It’s all about the context – she was performing on stage, not doing the weekly supermarket shop.  And no, a feathered bolero wouldn’t be our first choice of accessory, but to be honest, we were far more concerned with her pins.  Following in the beautifully clad footsteps of Beyoncé, Rihanna et al, the Latino superstar opted for nude fishnet tights to show off her enviable legs.

We’ve discussed before why fishnets are so appealing for celebs on stage – they’re breathable and flattering, and provide a little coverage as well as being super durable.  But, although you probably wouldn’t rock the rest of J-lo’s look in your average 9 to 5, more and more people are opting to swap their sheers for fishnet tights – for all the same reasons.

Team nude fishnets under a summer dress for an alternative to your bare leg look sheers, or swap your work tights for a fine micromesh in black, and you’ll soon see the appeal of the fishnet.  We guarantee you’ll soon wonder how you lived without them!

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What do you think of J-Lo’s BGT look?  Do you think it was just too raunchy for a family show, or do you think she rocked it?


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Adele’s Spanx Secrets Revealed!

'The Late Show with David Letterman', New York, America - 30 Mar 2009Pop superstar Adele has confessed before to wearing not one, but two pairs of Spanx on the red carpet, and now her stylist has gone on record as saying that the star “always” wears the slimming shapewear to red carpet events.

We’re with you all the way, Adele – not that we don’t think women should be proud of their bodies, curvy or otherwise. But shapewear’s smoothing and sculpting powers mean that any lumps and bumps are disguised, giving you body confidence – plus they make you more aware of how you’re holding your body, so your posture improves and as a result you appear taller and slimmer.

It’s pretty well known that any celeb worth their salt layers Spanx under their outfit at events – we’re even seeing the rise of Spanx for Men as stars like Brian Dowling don the shapewear for guys that’s becoming increasingly popular (it’s even rumoured that even Brad Pitt wears it!). And more and more stars are coming out of the shapewear closet, admitting to fans, press and anyone who’ll listen that Spanx is their shapewear secret.
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