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Katy Perry does Harajuku chic in ankle socks!

Katy getting into the Tokyo way of life!

Katy getting into the Tokyo way of life!

Katy Perry has never been one to shy away from the fashion limelight, has she? In fact, her tour outfits are amongst the most risqué we’ve ever seen, but we can’t help but love her. Currently residing in Japan as part of her Prismatic World Tour, it seems that Katy has immersed herself fully in Japanese culture, stepping out in this Harajuku Girl inspired outfit. Pairing a white blouse with a pleated skater skirt and with her hair teased into tight plaits, her sweet look was brought together with a pair of crisp white ankle socks with stripe detail.

Wolford Leonie Socks

Wolford Leonie Socks

While we can’t say the whole Harajuku get-up is for us, there’s no denying her skater skirt and ankle dress combo is super cute. Every spring, we watch as the ankle socks trend gains precedence once more, and it’s not hard to see why. Updating your outfits in an instant and leaving you on speaking terms with your bank manager, we can’t get enough. Are you a fan of Katy’s look? If you are, you’d be a fool not to check out our top ankle sock picks. From classic white through to fashionable patterns, ankle socks aren’t going anywhere, so we suggest you sit up and take note!

Adore Katy’s look? The Trasparenze Monique Ankle Socks could be just the ticket. Available in a plethora of colours as well as crisp white a la Perry, the cotton rich fabric and matte finish make them the perfect everyday accessory. Oh, and at just £3.95 a pair, you can stock up with a pair in every shade! From classic design to funky patterns, we fell in love with the Wolford Leonie Socks as soon as we laid eyes on them. If you follow the latest fashion trends, you’ll have noticed the popularity of spots of late. In typical Wolford style, these 15 denier socks upgrade traditional dots with an array of larger than life polkadots. Fun, quirky and perfect for wearing with skirts and denim shorts, what are you waiting for?

Charnos Stripe Ankle Highs

Charnos Stripe Ankle Highs

Are you the kind of person who considers your outfit incomplete without some shimmer? If you are, the Jonathan Aston Perfect Pellerine Socks are a must, with their metallic thread and decorative pellerine design. Similarly stylish, the Charnos Stripe Ankle Highs are perfect for teaming with summer dresses as well as party numbers, with a subtle stripe design and the choice of three colours.

Ankle socks are here to stay. To make sure your tootsies don’t miss out on any of the action, browse our entire range before you leave.


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Kesha sparkles in fishnets

Kesha sparkles in fishnets

Time and time again, we count on our favourite trend setting celebs to keep us in the fashion loop. In case you’ve missed what our rock and roll idols have been wearing, we’re here to let you in- it’s fishnets! Whether part of an edgy look a la Demi Lovato, the colourful Katy Perry, or the glittering glow of Kesha, fishnets are in- and MyTights have just the styles to nail the trend fishnet hosiery with ease.

1: Classic Appeal

For the timelessly classic fishnets, try the Levante Fishnet Tights. These gorgeous Levante tights have a traditional fishnet design, offering a similar warmth to sheers and making your legs feel flawless all day long. Another plus is that these netted beauties have no visible reinforcement, meaning you can wear your open toe shows to your heart’s content.

2: Bright and Bold

Katy Perry bold in coloured Fishnets

Katy Perry bold in coloured fishnets

We all know that Katy Perry is a fashion icon unafraid to walk on the wild side. If you’re like Katy and dare to be different, we’ve got just the tights for you. The Pamela Mann Fishnet Tights will satisfy your crave for colour with every shade you could desire! At a price that leaves your purse happy, these fishnets are the perfect addition to your wardrobe. For other coloured fishnets, try the Trasparenze Rita Fishnet Tights.

3: Fishnets with a Twist

Just when we thought fishnets were as fashionable as it gets, Oroblu proves us wrong. With elegant tricot style seams running up the outer leg, the Oroblu April Tights will leave you looking all too chic. For more fishnets with a twist, try the Aristoc Mock Suspender Fishnet Tights with a gorgeous lace trim around the thigh.

4: Subtly Sexy

For all of you trying to ease your way into the fashion of fishnets, micronets are a perfect match for you. With the Jonathan Aston Micronet Tights you can subtly bring the sex appeal of fishnets into your wardrobe. With tiny openings, you can keep the chill away while still catching the breeze on a summer day.


Charnos Hold Up Fishnets

Charnos Hold Up Fishnets

5: Hold Up

This one’s for you hold up fanatics- the Charnos Fishnet Hold Ups are just what you’ve been looking for. These hold ups offer a hint of charming frill in the top lace trim. With a clever silicon grip, mixed with small mesh fishnet, you’ll be comfortable on even the longest of days.

No matter the look you’re going for- edgy, classy, subtle, or wild- fishnets are the perfect way to add style to your outfit. With these top 5 styles, you’ll feel like you belong on stage with Kesha herself! If you didn’t get enough of these fashion forward fishnets, make sure to take a look at our full our range of fishnets, to get the look.

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Spanx Feature!

activebottoms-kneepantLose those January blues thanks to Spanx. New Year equals new body, and we all indulged over Christmas. After all, it’s the one time in the year when it’s allowed! So it’s no wonder that so many celebs invest in the clever control wear to look good.

Referring to her Spanx as a “Sharon Osborne special,” Jennifer Saunders said that she always wears control wear under her outfits in the Jonathan Ross show last week. During the programme they played a hilarious clip of Eddie showing off her new underwear, in which she advises Patsy to wear control pants during her hot date to ensure that no unsightly lines make an appearance – we couldn’t have said it better ourselves, sweetie.

Now for a star from across the pond, the fabulous Katy Perry has made no secret of her being smitten with Spanx. Previously revealing that she “almost always wears hers,” it is no surprise that she sees control wear as a key component to her tour preparation. Last week she continued her love affair with the shapewear brand, dismissing any worries about getting into shape by saying that there’s “nothing a bit of stockings and Spanx won’t do.” We’re sure that she’ll dazzle like a firework during her Prism tour – with a little help from her favourite underwear of course.

We may not have worldwide tours to plan, but Spanx can still help us to get fit. After all, the gym can be daunting place; those tiny gym bunnies bouncing about make us want to back away from the treadmill. This is where Spanx come to the rescue. Shine in that spin class with your Shaping Compression Knee Pant! This superior sportswear contains medium control – perfect for smoothing out any lumps and bumps, letting you focus on your exercise. You can wear them under your gym leggings or wear them on their own. Let’s face it, half the battle with doing sport is actually wanting to be there. You’ll feel so fabulous wearing these beauties that you’ll actually race to the door.

So whether you’re rocking a bodycon or breaking your personal best on that cross trainer – Spanx is your best friend. I mean if it’s good enough for the super glam Katy Perry, then it’s good enough for us!


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Dotty Tights Are Back!

katy perry sheer dotty glamourHope you haven’t gotten sick of this sheer tights trend, because it is refusing to fade away! I absolutely love this trend. Sheer dotty tights are extremely easy to wear, and can be dressed up or down for any occasion. Here we have Katy Perry rocking the trend with some funky shoes and a funky sweater.

For Katy’s look, the Pamela Mann Sheer Dotty Tights in Black/Black are a perfect match. They really look great in anything. The dots are so subtle that you can even play around with mixing prints and bold outfits. Wear it with an everyday work outfit and it’ll add an extra something to your look.

If you’re looking for a little more glamour, I recommend the Moulin Rouge High Heels Dotty Tights. They’re just like other dotty tights but with a backseam and extended heel design, making sure you’ll stand out no matter what. A glittery top and some show-stopping heels will bring these tights to their full potential.

The spotty tights options on MyTights.com are almost endless. With so many different pairs with different sized spots, different colors, and different added features, it’ll be hard to choose just one!

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Who’s Flashing Us Now?!

We love it when our beloved Hollywood starlets reveal a little too much (no, not like that!), and show us that they too need a little helping hand to look that gorgeous. We’re talking of course, about Spanx. Like a breath of fresh air, we can’t get enough of those accidental glimpses of shapewear, reminding that whilst they may earn more than we can count, they’re just like us.

The last few days brought with them several Spanx sightings, and some from those who you would never even guess! The beauty of shape wear is that essentially, it remains your special secret. Good fitting shape wear will nip & tuck you in all the right places, transforming outfits and adding a rather large dose of confidence in the process. With a pair for every shape imaginable, it’s hardly surprising that celebs all over rely on them to keep any lumps & bumps in check.

Katy Perry ‘almost always wears hers’, Gwyneth Paltrow has a drawer full of them…but who’s been wearing theirs now?

It’s no secret that Kim Kardashian loves her Spanx, even naming them her ‘best friend’ in one interview. But it seems that sisters still share, no matter her famous they are, as Khloe has been spotted flashing her shapewear at the weekend. Notorious for her on-point and super chic style, the youngest member of the Kardashian clan showed off a striking monochrome dress & gorgeous figure – complete with a pair of the Spanx In Power Line Super Power Panties. Never one to be embarrassed, Khloe hardly looked phased by the accidental reveal, which makes us love her that little bit more. A fan of the Kardashian style? Layer your favourite hosiery over your shapewear to streamline in secret.

And from a sister of an expectant mummy to a pop star ready to, well, pop, Rochelle Humes from super girl group, The Saturdays, has recently expressed her appreciation for maternity Spanx. Mama Spanx have been specially designed with you & your bump in mind, lending support to those sore backs and working to gently shape bottoms. What’s more, as Rochelle puts it, they ‘make you feel so comfortable’.  You’ll find that thanks to some very clever expandable fabric, your shape wear will grow as you do, making any Mama Spanx the perfect investment. Love being a mum-to-be but miss your favourite sheer tights? Get your hands on a pair of the Mama Spanx Maternity Tights and wear under your favourite shift dresses.

And for the man in your life? It’s been reported that Brad Pitt is no stranger to the shapewear, as he relies on his for a little extra help when it comes to maintaining those dashing good looks and physique. Working to show off all the good bits whilst transforming the not so good parts, why not get him the Spanx for Men Zoned Performance Tank? Subtle enough to pop under a work shirt or tee, the breatheasy fabric slims & trims instantly, but most importantly, in top secret. And as if Brad Pitt’s body wasn’t incentive enough, we’ve learnt that funny man & TV personality Jonathan Ross adores his Spanx too – if it’s good enough for

Brad, its good enough for everyone!

Shapewear – what we would do without it?!


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Put a Spring in Your Step With Pretty Polly & Henry Holland SS13 Collections

There’s no denying that Pretty Polly is one of the most well-known names in the world of hosiery for a reason.  Keeping our pins perfected and protected since 1919, they have successfully navigated the fine line between keeping their older customers happy with a constant catalogue of amazing basics, while bringing their fashion tights collections to a new hosiery audience.  The proof is in the pudding, and with Beyoncé’s Superbowl backing dancers

clad in Pretty Polly’s secret socks collection, no one could question that Pretty Polly have still got their finger firmly on the fashion pulse.

We shouldn’t be surprised, then, that their spring/summer range is nothing less than all out fabulous.  Butterfly prints are set to be HUGE in the coming months, and the Fly Flutterby Tattoo Tights feature a gorgeous tattoo-style butterfly design – so you can tick off two trend boxes in one.  Seams also feature but with a sexy, modern twist; like the Mesh Frontseam Tights which are made from a fine micromesh and feature a striking front seam.  We love the Pretty Puzzling Jigsaw Backseam Tights, which feature a backseam design made from puzzle pieces!  The quirky style shows Pretty Polly have been picking up some tips from their partnership with House of Holland designer Henry Holland.

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Our Favourite Hosiery Moments of 2012

As the year end approaches, everyone is winding down and reflecting on the year just past – not least us.  We’ve spent the week pondering our favourite (tights-related, naturally) moments of 2012…

1)      Kristen Stewart Shows off her Spanx Shapewear

Accidentally flashed her control underwear while on the Jay Leno show giving an

interview, making mere mortals everywhere breathe a sigh of relief.  Celebs are as self conscious as we are, it seems, as lots of other stars came out of the shapewear underwear closet in the year, including X Factor judge Tulisa and Katy Perry, who are both said to favour the shaping underwear over hard exercise and diet.  Ladies after our own hearts – and you can get the look with our range of Spanx UK products!

2)      Little Mix – Just Generally!

The winners of last year’s X Factor have taken over from Jessie J as the unofficial face of funky tights this year.  We’ve lost count of how many times we’ve squealed in delight over some of the hot legwear styles they’ve rocked over the past 12 months.  It all started with those personalised

Henry Holland tights (we are still green with envy) and now the girls are our favourite legwear advocates.  Keep up the good work, girls!

3)      Mary Portas launches her range of Control Tights

Retail guru Mary Portas had a hugely successful launch last year of her range of hosiery and armery in 2011, and in 2012 she followed it up with a collection of shaping control tights.  Including 2 fashion designs, not only did she put an end to the choice between fashion and comfort – she loved them so much she wore them every night on Channel 4’s Hotel GB.


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Katy Perry ♥ Statement Tights!

Katy Perry just can’t get enough of statement tights at the moment!  The pop princess was in London promoting her movie Part of Me and was spotted leaving exclusive London haunt Cirque Du Soir where she was partying with Florence + the Machine guitarist Rob Ackroyd in what looked like fishnet hold ups (but which were on closer inspection tights with a hold up design printed on).  As she left, she even accidentally flashed her bottom to the waiting paparazzi!  This look is the latest in a long line of funky hosiery that we’ve spotted her in – these are just three of our recent favourites…

Spotted in London

Everyone loves spotty tights – and it seems Katy is no different!  When she was interviewed on Radio 1 in March she teamed oversized polka dot tights with a really elegant combination of cream dress,

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beige trench coat and Charlotte Olympia Kitty pumps.

Get the Look: Pamela Mann Oversized Spot Tights or Jonathan Aston Cherish Tights will both give that large spot look à la Katy, or for something a little subtler try the Mary Portas & Charnos Sheer Spot Tights.

Oh My Goth at Coachella

A look we were a little less sure of was what she wore to the Coachella launch party in April.  A gothic dipped hem dress and studded leather jacket (trust us, it’s worse than it sounds) were rescued only by the fabulous Henry Holland Bones Tights.  These are a real statement product that will get heads turning -  however, wearing them with something tailored will ensure you end up looking a little more Friday night frolics and less Friday the Thirteenth.

Get the Look: Henry Holland Bones Tights

Star in Stars on Ellen

Completing the trio of tights-tastic looks was what Katy wore for her appearance on the Ellen DeGeneres Show at the end of May.  The star showed up in an unusually simple black dress which she perked up with some of her characteristic quirkiness – purple hair and the Henry Holland Superstar TightsWe love!

Get the Look: Henry Holland Superstar Tights or Pamela Mann All Over Sheer Stars Tights.

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