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Halloween Is Nearly Here!

741_nph_425Halloween is quickly approaching and I’m sure the little ones are starting to get really excited! Some celebrities are already starting to share pictures of their little kids all dressed up for the holiday. Neil Patrick Harris of the show How I Met Your Mother recently posted an adorable pic of this family in Alice in Wonderland themed costumes. The precious little Harper was dressed up as Alice, wearing some cosy-looking white children’s tights!

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Tights can be pretty crucial on Halloween. Costumes can be so skimpy for little kids, some tights like Country Kids Warmer Cotton Children’s tights can help keep their legs warm! They come in plenty of colours so they’ll be sure to match whatever costume your little one wears, and come in a range of sizes for any age child – from newborn to 11 years. The lighter colours can be great for a little princess costume, or try a darker colour for a scary outfit!

No matter what your little girl decides to dress up as this year, tights will be sure keep her warm and cosy – and looking great as well!


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Top 10 Ways to Recycle Your Old Tights

Untitled-2In this era of credit crunches and frugality everyone is looking for ways to make their money go further and their things last longer.  Now we all know the golden rules of increasing your hosiery’s lifespan (washing in a hosiery bag on a cool wash or by hand, not putting in the tumble drier or on radiators and using hosiery gloves to avoid snags), but the sad fact of life is that there will be day when a snag or stain means you have to say goodbye to your favourite tights.

Our newest recruit Lottie (pictured) has been modelling our kids’ tights, but in between she’s come up with our top ten ways to recycle your hosiery – so now you can be a frugal fashionista!

Ways to use tights that are broken:

  1. If you have a bug jar instead of putting a hole in the lid get part of a pair of your broken tights and put it over the top of the jar.
  2. If you have a little bowl with food in and you want to keep flies from getting to the

    food then put part of the tights over the top with an elastic band their to hold it on.

  3. Put onions into one of the legs and hang them somewhere cool, to keep the onions nice and fresh.
  4. For some wrapping you can cut off one of the legs and wrap it around the present to keep it held together and maybe to give it a little decoration.
  5. You can use them with old paint to filter them to get all of the lumps out.
  6. If you need to tie something up then you can use a strip off the tights to tie it up.
  7. With the toe of the tights you can put crushed lavender in the end of the tights and put it in your wardrobe or your cupboard to make your clothes smell like lavender.
  8. A way to remove nail varnish is you put nail varnish into a container and put the tights into the container and then take out the tights and you can use the tights to remove the nail varnish.
  9. You can use the tights to clean surfaces or anything.
  10. If you drop something small on the floor then put the end of tights on the end of the vacuum and it will hover it up and it will stay in the tights.


Here Come The Fashion Kids…

Celebrity Children.  Cuter, better behaved and often, these days, better dressed than their famous parents, the latest generation of celebrity children are becoming fashion icons whilst still in their formative years.  And whatever you think about Suri’s high heels, there’s no denying that some of the little ones’ apparel is infinitely covetable.  Harper Beckham was spotted in public in a pair of Chloe tights that were utterly adorable – and now your kids can get lovely legs too, with the new range of childrens tights at

There loads of variety for you to choose from – Pex does a great range of cotton opaque tights that are soft, comfy and come in tons of colours – so you can get navy, black and grey for their school tights and opt for the brighter colours at the weekend.  This is a really cheap way to update their outfits (we know how fast they grow, plus their favourite colour one week will almost certainly become uncool/disgusting/the worst colour in the world in a heartbeat).

Younger kids will love the patterned kids tights (soft pastel stripes and colour pop polka dots) from Country Kids, while older children will delight in their first pair of sheer tights for that first “formal” grown up dress.  And of course, the sparkly tights are perfect for pairing with party dresses for all ages!

Yummy mummies everywhere, beware – your kids are after your fashion crown, and they’re much cuter than you…



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