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Laura Loves: Ladder Resist Tights

Ladder Resist Tights!Forget all the Stairway to Heaven jokes – there’s a reason it’s bad luck to walk under a ladder.  Ladders ruin lives.  Well ok, maybe not lives exactly, but spotting a run in my brand-new-from-the-packet-sheers is enough to take the spring from my step, that’s for sure.

If you’re looking for hosiery that’s a cut above the rest in terms of durability, our range of ladder resist styles are a collection of hosiery endowed with anti-run technology that will mean you can bid farewell to ladders for good…

The Pretty Polly 10D Matt Ladder Resist Tights are a good option for those on a tight budget.  Made by household name Pretty Polly, you can guarantee quality.  A classic 10 denier sheer with a versatile matte finish, these have been bolstered by special yarn technology, where stitches are bonded together in the manufacturing process, meaning they are much more resilient and that if you do manage to snag them, it won’t develop into an unsightly ladder.  A boxer brief and sandal toe add even more durability to the design – and all for under a fiver!  If you can stretch to a bit more, the Levante Resistenza Tights are a customer favourite, and it’s easy to see why.  Classic Italian style, soft to the touch and in an ultra sheer 5 denier, these give a sensational look on the leg – what’s not to like?

If you’re the type of girl that like to be prepared, day in, day out, then the Charnos Run Resist Collection means you can choose ladder proof styles on a daily basis.  With tights, hold ups, stockings and control top tights all at purse friendly prices, the Run Resist range is for those of you that want no frills, no fuss, good quality basics.  The Charnos Run Resist Control Top Tights are particularly good for when you’re wearing form fitting dresses, as they’ll cinch in your middle and leave you with a clean silhouette free from lumps and bumps.

curves-xxtra-ladder-resistAre you after a little more luxury?  The Aristoc Ultimate collection is simply divine and a firm favourite of mine since its launch.  Made using revolutionary LYCRA® Fusion fibres, not only do they stop ladders from forming, they also give an outstanding look on the leg and are much softer to the touch than some other ladder resist styles on the market.  With tights in 5 and 10 denier, hold up and shiny tights too, these are a real treat if you want something deluxe for a special occasion.  I simply love the Aristoc Ultimate Satin 20 Tights, our only style with a glam shiny finish – perfect for parties!

If you’re looking for something seriously heavy duty, the Oroblu No Risk Tights are here to answer all your prayers.  At 20 denier, they’re much thicker than the other ladder resist sheer styles on the market, which means you won’t get as natural a look on the leg – but to compensate it might mean that you get a little more coverage than usual – perfect if you have any blemishes or veins that make you self conscious.  Ladies with curves need not fear either, as there’s something for everyone at  The Pretty Polly Curves Ladder Resist Tights (formerly from the Xxtra collection) fit up to a 60” waist, and come in a 3 pair pack, making them unbelievable value – no wonder they’re one of our bestselling products!

It’s not only run resistant tights we stock, either.  Take a look at our entire ladder resist hosiery collection for much more, including stockings and hold ups!

Until next week…



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Sheers with Superpowers!

In this day and age, it?s perfectly acceptable to want more from everyday life. From mobile phone apps that plan out holidays to kitchen gadgets that can whip up a three course meal before you?ve had time to set the dinner table. The same can be said for tights, given that our hosiery collection needs to do a lot more than look pretty (which coincidentally all of them do). Taking the hassle out of our hectic day, I?ve rounded up some sheers with fabulous superpowers. You have been warned though ladies, you may want the entire super-gang?Anti Cellulite Tights!

First things first ? anti-cellulite tights that help wage a war against lumps & bumps. It?s common knowledge that only a certain few can escape the clutches of cellulite, with the orange peel making an appearance at some point in our lives. Showing us all that it needn?t be an issue, British brand Charnos have gone about creating the perfect pair of sheers to help fight back. Made from a lightweight 15 denier, the Medium Energising Support Tights are a must have for all sheer enthusiasts. Along with delivering a graduated compression system to keep our legs perky and energised (see more about this in last week?s Laura?s Choice), the tights treat pins to a luxurious combination of Vitamin E, Sea Kelp and Shea Butter.By improving the skin tone, you?re left with younger looking legs, all without having to seek a detox boot camp. A true superpower if you ask me!Toeless Tights!

Next on my list are toeless tights. Perhaps not the most obvious choice when it comes to sheers with super powers, but the toe-free creations have certainly saved me from wardrobe malfunctions on more than one occasion. Ideal for peep toe enthusiasts and those who adore their weekly pedicure, toeless tights make it possible for you to show off both, completed with a clever toe loop or band. From Falke, the Shelina Toeless Tights are just what the hosiery doctor ordered. The sister product of the bestselling Shelina Tights, these will give you the most natural bare leg look on the market thanks to their ultra-sheer appearance and fab range of skin tone shades. With a neat & discreet toe band to finish off the sheer leg, you?re free to debut those open toed shoes without having to go hosiery free for the day. Three cheers for versatility!

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Of course, no melting pot of superhero powers is complete without invisibility ? the power to go undetected. Earning their superhero stripes are seamless tights, making sure that regardless of how form fitting that LBD is, no-one need know about your decision to wear hosiery. As the name suggests, these sheers are completely seam free, eliminating the risk of any tell-tale lines. For a luxurious treat, invest in the Fatal 15 Seamless Tights from Wolford that deliver the ultimate seam free style. Created from a fine 15 denier, the transparent tights are seamless from the waist down (with an exception for the seam where the leg of the hosiery is attached to the wide, flat waistband).?Delightfully smooth against legs, the versatile sheers can be worn at the waist or the hip, making these an excellent choice for mums to be. Likewise, the Falke Sensation Seamless 20 Tights also provide the same seam free joy, with five shades to take your pick from (including three gorgeous skin tone shades).Ladder Resist Tights!

And last but by no means least, sheers that aid you in your daily battle against those pesky ladders. A true hosiery nightmare if ever I did see one, ladder resist tights are the easiest way to transform your day, as you?ll never be left with an unsightly ladder ruining your look. From Aristoc, the Ultimate 5D Sheer Tights are a hosiery drawer essential, combining an ultra fine 5 denier fabric with the revolutionary LYCRA? Fusion fibres. All thanks this special yarn technology, stitches are bonded together to stop those snags transforming into bigger holes and runs. With no need to pack that SOS bottle of nail varnish (we?ve all done it!), these are sheers that will never let you down.?For even more anti-ladder power, find solace in the Run Resist Sheer Tights from Charnos. Created with the similar textile technology, these will also make sure that small snags will never be anything more.

Super hero sheers, I salute you!

Until next time?


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Emma Stone Scores a Hat Trick in New York

Mary-Portas-sheer-shaperActress Emma Stone pulled off a commendable performance when she was snapped on the set of her upcoming movie, Birdman, nailing three trends at once.  Teaming a khaki canvas jacket with denim cut offs over battered looking black sheers (complete with hole and VERY visible ladder), the result was a grungy look a far cry from her usual pulled together, chic style. It

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shouldn’t have worked, yet somehow it did.

Khaki and denim shorts are staples season after season – but black sheer tights are also back this season, with loads of celebs shunning their thicker opaques for the sexy style, including Sarah Jessica Parker and Miranda Kerr.  But unless you’re going to attempt the grungy look as modelled by Emma, we suggest you’re a bit more careful with your sheers to avoid runs and snags.

It’s a sad fact of life that with sheer hosiery comes the risk of ladders, but there ARE ways to prevent damage.  Most snags occur when you’re yanking your sheers up or taking them off at the end of the day, as this is when they’re pulled around the most.  Care for your sheers by wearing hosiery gloves when putting them on or taking them off, or at the very least make sure your nails are filed with no jagged edges.  Choosing a style with a boxer brief design is safer than a sheer to waist, as there is reinforcement around the part you pull up or down.

Alternatively you could opt for ladder resist tights.  Although they don’t guarantee you won’t end up with a snag, they are generally more durable than your average sheer and any holes you do get won’t turn into an unsightly ladder, thanks to the clever yarn technology used.  No more embarrassing runs in your tights, and no more clear nail varnish stowed in your handbag in case of emergencies!

When washing your hosiery, ladder resist or not, make sure you use a hosiery bag which will protect your sheers from damage, and wash on a cool wash.  Don’t dry on radiators or in the tumble drier, as the heart will damage the elastane fibres in the hosiery.

We can’t promise your beloved sheers will last forever, but if you follow these steps they’ll be around for a lot longer, seeing you through anything your day has to throw at you… Emma Stone, take note!




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