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Laura’s Choice: Between Season Style

British weather permitting, we seem to be over the worst of winter. It might still be a little damp and drizzly, but at least the blue skies have started to make an appearance. Although the mere sight of the sun being out makes most of us want to reach for our sheers, the reality is it’s not yet warm enough to embrace summer in full – the weather is firmly stuck in limbo land! But good news, your wardrobe doesn’t have to follow suit. How? With our top ‘between season style’ picks of course! From semi-opaque tights through to stylish nets, the collection of trans-seasonal fashion at will leave you looking and feeling your best before we can officially welcome in the spring.

To nail a ‘between season style’, semi-opaque tights should be your port of call. Sitting between 30 and 40 deniers, semi-opaque tights still allow you to show off some skin but with a smidge more warmth than sheers.. As well as being incredibly functional at this time of year, they’re also very much on trend. Don’t believe me? Just look the countless celebrities who have worn semi-opaque tights of late.

Anne and her gorgeous look!

 Best for: Work

Marketing manager Hannah in her Calvin Kleins!

Marketing manager Hannah in her Calvin Kleins!

For the office, the general etiquette is to stick with classic styles, and that’s exactly what’s on offer with the Wolford Perfectly 30 Tights. The ultimate in elegance and quality, I think these are a fabulous investment for your workwear wardrobe. Sure, they’re slightly more expensive than some other brands, but the quality is second to none, and I guarantee they’ll last you not only for the spring but also for the autumn and seasons to come. From the luxury to the everyday, my next offering comes from British heavyweights Pretty Polly, namely the Pretty Polly 40D Silk Finish Tights. Two pairs of 40 denier tights, complete with reinforced toe and boxer brief, for just £5! You can’t argue with value like that, so what better excuse to mix up your office style with the bottle green or navy shades?

After a compromise between the two? Turn your attention to the Aristoc 30D Opaque Tights. Representing real value for money, these classic tights are sale for just £9 a pair. The value stems from the use of microfiber yarns, which give your legs that soft finish you crave, not to mention coming with a reinforced toe and matte finish to ensure they keep cropping up in your everyday wear. If you require a little shaping magic to leave you feeling your best in the workplace, it simply has to be the Calvin Klein Ultra Fit 30D High Waisted Tights. What’s great about these is that they look and feel like any other pair of tights, yet come with light shaping control in the high-waisted panel to cinch in your waist and tone your wobbly bits to perfection. What could be better? Check out marketing manager Hannah in hers on the left!

Best for: Dinner and drinks

Be it a bite to eat with the girls or after work drinks, we all want to nail an elegant evening style. If it’s colour your wardrobes lacking, check out the Jonathan Aston 40D Opaque Tights. As well as leaving you with change leftover for the cab home, these 40 denier tights come in 17 funky colours, all of which will give your look a fun twist that’s perfect for the weekend! From metallic silver to deep violet, there’s no better way to jazz up your wardrobe at this time of year.Me in my Trasparenze Rita Fishnets in Black!

Prefer a more timless style? One of my favourites are the Oroblu Sensuel 30 Tights. Perfect for trans-seasonal weather (in fact, I wear mine all year round), these 30 denier tights have a subtle gloss to them to dress up nearly any ensemble. What’s more, they’re virtually indestructible, so they come highly recommended!

Anyone who knows me will know I’m a big fan of fishnet tights. While wearing fishnets on their own at this time of year isn’t always wise, the trick is to opt for micronet styles, which are made from a finer net offering the same sort of warmth offered by sheers. The Levante Micronet Tights are brilliant at adding some instant sophistication to your look without giving too much away. Another trick I’ve learnt being surrounded by hosiery every day is to layer a pair of fishnet tights over some classic sheers. Not only adding a personal touch to your look but bringing with it plenty of warmth, I tend to experiment with the Trasparenze Rita Tights. Available in four colours, there really is a shade to complement any outfit you fancy wearing… look what I did with mine on the right!

Best for: Nights out

Wolford Neon 40 Tights

Wolford Neon 40 Tights

When you require your legwear to add some glamour to your look, my top pick are the Wolford Neon 40 Tights. Good news if you can’t wait for your summer style to come into fruition, these fabulous tights have the look of a 20 denier sheer, yet the durability of a thicker 40 denier. The best of both worlds and a shiny finish making them evening appropriate – worth every penny in my opinion! Choose between eight colours to match your look to a tee. If you always find yourself straying towards patterns, why not try out the Pretty Polly Backseam Opaques with Bow. Ideal for taking away the chill in their air with their 40 denier weight, the wow factor can be found at the back, with a contrasting backseam and satin bows stitched onto the leg at mid-calf height. Vintage style personified, they’re also only £10 a pair.

Here’s hoping the weather can only improve!

Until next time…


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Workwear Style: Get It Right

Aristoc 80D Opaque Tights in black

Aristoc 80D Opaque Tights in black

Here at, we consider ourselves to be a fairly fashion-forward bunch. Always keeping one eye on the catwalks, we make an effort to stay on trend, and this extends to our office wear too. Or so we thought, anyway…

A recent study by recruitment giants Reed quizzed 1,500 UK employees about fashion in the workplace, and it highlighted that perhaps the UK workforce aren’t quite as fashion-conscious as they’d like to believe. While 93% of us believed that the way we dressed could have a positive impact on our careers (we agree), it seems that not all of us adhere to the so-called workplace fashion etiquette.

Unsurprisingly, the most popular fashion faux pas in the office related to uncleanliness, with unwashed and unironed clothes at the top of the bill. Yuck! We know – you live busy lives and there’s not always time in the morning to create an A-list look, but it wouldn’t hurt to run an iron over your dress from time to time!

Something that did surprise us however is that a ‘fashion-ceiling’ exists. What’s this, you may ask? Apparently, we all come to a point in our careers where the way we look no longer has an impact on our success in the workplace. The idea behind this is that once we’ve climbed the career ladder and hold a managerial position; the way we present ourselves shouldn’t matter, driven by examples such as Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook who’s never seen without a pair of baggy jeans and a hoody. Hmm! We may be biased, running a fashion company and all, but we hold the opinion that presenting yourself positively can never be a bad thing… why wouldn’t you want to look your best?With this in mind, and with one third of us admitting that we don’t plan our workplace outfits at all, we thought it would be a good idea to make nailing an

Shaping support with the Calvin Klein 30D High Waisted Shaper Tights

Shaping support with the Calvin Klein 30D High Waisted Shaper Tights

office style a breeze. Strut your way into the office in style, here are our top five hosiery picks…

1) Aristoc 80D Opaque Tights – great for those January morning where getting out of bed feels like a mountain to climb, these chic 80 denier tights will give your legs instant warming relief as soon as you pull them on. Fantastic value for money, the obvious choice is the black, but don’t be afraid to experiment with navy or charcoal if you’re something of a fashionista.

2) Levante 50D Suede Matte Opaque Tights – if you’re after something a little lighter, these 50 denier tights may be just the ticket. Soft against the skin and durable enough to stand the test of time, these are the perfect everyday tight, and what’s more, come in three office-appropriate colours!

3) Calvin Klein Ultra Fit 30D High Waisted Tights – we spend most of our lives in the office, so wouldn’t it be great if your workplace wardrobe could help shape your silhouette, too? The good news is that that’s wholly possible with these 30 denier tights, with their light shaping control to tame your tummy, hips and thighs!

Wolford Individual 5 Tights - so sheer nobody need know!

Wolford Individual 5 Tights – so sheer nobody need know!

4) Falke Matt Deluxe 20 Tights – giving your office attire a spot of luxury, these 20 denier sheers are perfect for warm spring and summer days. Giving your legs some coverage and a little protection from the early morning chill, expect a flawless finish and all day comfort.

5) Wolford Individual 5 Tights – available in black as well as three skintone shades, these 5 denier tights will fool your colleagues into thinking you’ve braved bare legs. Incredibly natural and giving your legs a beautiful finish, these are ideal for when the sun comes out to play. 



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Milan Fashion Week: From Classics To Eye-Catching Patterns

Anyone with a penchant for fashion will know that this time of year means one thing… the fashion weeks! The MyTights team has had their eagle eyes on any legwear making the cut on the catwalk – here’s our round up of Milan!


Funky fishnets made a big appearance at the Giamba show this week, and we’re loving it! Floral dresses, fishnets, and tall black boots took over the show. This look may be a bit much for your day to day wardrobe, but fishnets are a fun way to spice up any outfit. We have an abundance of fishnets to add to your hosiery drawer this season, from tights to stockings to ankle socks. And if you’re feeling extra daring, you can layer a pair of our fishnets over a pair of coloured or printed tights.


Layered fishnets at Giamba


Levante Fishnet Tights

Levante Fishnet Tights


To nail the look, head to Italian brand Levante and the Levante Fishnet Tights, with their classic net design and choice of two colours. Want to add a splash of colour into your look? Customise by layering over a pair of Jonathan Aston 40D Opaque Tights for a quirky twist.


Sheer tights have always been a classic staple in every woman’s closet, and Milan Fashion Week was no exception. We loved the way Vivetta paired simple sheer black tights with a bright coloured dress and booties. Our wide variety of sheer tights makes it easy to make this look your own. For a classic pair, opt for the Pretty Polly Nylon Tights, with their chic 10 denier weight and gorgeous glossy finish.


Sheer Tights at Vivetta

 Mario Dice showed us a fabulous twist on the classic skin coloured tights, injecting some personality into the look with an edgy geometric pattern. Paired with a black leather romper and bright red statement jacket, the designer opted for the Wolford Stella tights. Love these? Good news- we have the exact tights!



Wolford Stella Tights



Footless Tights

The Missoni show was filled with footless tights in all colours and patterns, paired with dresses and ankle strap heels. Footless tights are great for both casual daywear and dressing up for nights out. With the warmer weather approaching, footless tights are a perfect pair with sandals or heels. Our Pamela Mann 3d Footless Tights come in 17 different colours, ideal for any occasion!


Footless Tights at Missoni



Au Jour Le Jour went for extremely bold looks this week with patterned tights for every look. Pushing the limits with patterns and colours, these tights really made a statement. Okay, so we know these looks are a little wild and unrealistic, but that doesn’t mean you can’t incorporate some colour into your daily wardrobe.  Pamela Mann gives us a fun, easily wearable take on this colourful look with the Pamela Mann Baroque Tulle Tights, complete with a regal baroque pattern and a choice of three stylish shades. Don’t be afraid of a little pattern!


Bold patterns as seen at Au Jour Le Jour


Pamela Mann Baroque Tulle Tights









What a great week it was! Stay tuned for more of our fashion spots in weeks to come…


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Laura’s Choice: Support Tights

Whether you spend long hours on your feet at work or remain largely inactive sat at your desk, it’s not uncommon for our legs to become jaded, tired, and generally uncomfortable. Many of us often suffer in silence, choosing to ignore our aches and pains and in the process neglect our long-suffering pins. But think about it this way – if you had a migraine, you’d reach for the Ibuprofen. Just as you’d get some antibiotics for a nasty cough. So, why should our legs be any different? Support tights are a fantastic way to alleviate your sore limbs, using a clever little technique called graduated compression. This works by applying pressure to the ankle region, gradually getting lighter as it travels up the leg to push blood towards your heart for an all-round healthier circulation. Not bad for a pair of tights, right? Even better, it’s now entirely possible to channel a fabulous legwear look and have a real spring in your step, with the excellent variety of options on offer at MyTights!

First things first, you should know that support tights come in a range of different factors. In simple terms, these denote the strength of compression used, which range from 6 to 21, although it is worth noting that anything above factor 15 does require a medical prescription. These are displayed in brackets next to all of the products on our support tights page, as well as the level of support (Light to XX Firm). If you’ve never used support tights before, a general rule of thumb is to start with the lightest support, swapping for stronger if these aren’t doing the trick. Now, with the technical stuff out of the way, I can get back to giving you some of my top picks…

Great for…on a budget

Pretty Polly Stand Easies Tights

Pretty Polly Stand Easies Tights

If you want to look after your purse as well as your legs, a great option are the Pretty Polly Stand Easies Tights. As the name would suggest, these light support tights will give your legs the gentle boost they need, all the while giving you a classic pair of 20 denier tights for everyday use. With three natural skin tone shades, they also come with the advantage of being available in sizes ranging up to XXL. All of that for £5…who can argue with that? If you like these but prefer a slightly sheerer leg, the Pretty Polly 15D Light Support Tights are just the ticket, made with a 15 denier leg, the choice of Nude and Barely Black and a budget busting price of just £3.25 a pair. Perfect for the office, a brilliant option for fans of semi-opaque legwear would be the Levante Relax Medium Support Tights. Typical of Italian brand Levante, these 30 denier tights are excellent value for money and come with a real air of quality. What’s more, the medium support level is ideal if the lightest support options aren’t quite enough, while the choice of 7 shades means you can stock up to have the perfect pair for each occasion.

Great for…added benefits

Falke Active Shaping Support 20 Tights

Falke Active Shaping Support 20 Tights

What would you say if I told you you could look chic, feel revitalised AND tame your problem areas all at the same time? Well, the reality is that you can, with the Aristoc Bodytoners Tummy Tuck Tights! Made with a medium support level (factor 8), these 15 denier tights have an incognito control panel that works to flatten your midriff and energise your legs. Given an added style hit with an elegant slight sheen finish, trials showed that 9 out of 10 wearers saw a marked improvement in both their aching legs and silhouette. Statistics never lie! Carrying on with the formidable trio is the Falke Active Shaping Support 20 Tights, perfect for your tiresome legs with their X Firm support level. Slightly more expensive, but, in my opinion worth every penny, you’ll gain a stylish pair of 20 denier matte tights from a luxury German brand  that feel truly exquisite against your leg. Not just focusing on your tummy this time, you’ll also achieve a silhouette to be proud of, with a top secret control panty that works on your hips and derrierre as well as your stomach. The hardest working tights in the business! If your waist is your problem zone, you simply can’t go without the Aristoc Bodytoners High Leg Toner Tights. Again boosting your circulation with their medium support level, these 15 denier tights have a knitted control panel and high cut leg to really get to work on shaping your waist and tummy region. Killing two birds with one stone – sounds good to me!

Great for…specialist brand

Elbero Sheer Magic 20D Support Tights

Elbeo Sheer Magic 20D Support Tights

No guide of support tights would be complete without Elbeo, a traditional support brand that are wonderful at producing affordable, everyday legwear in a range of different support factors. With tights, stockings and knee high socks in the mix, there really is a great deal to choose from, so you’re bound to find something to suit yours or your loved ones needs perfectly. If this is your first time using support tights, a great place to start are with the Elbeo Mirage 15D Light Support Tights. With a light support (factor 6), these sheer tights are lovely and comfortable, boasting a boxer brief for some added durability and the option of 8 timeless colours. If it’s a medium support you need, look no further than the Elbeo Sheer Magic 20D Medium Support Tights. Doing exactly what it says on the tin, these 20 denier tights really are magic, with factor 8 support level no less than 9 lovely colours to peruse. Also available in a 20 denier stocking and a two pack of 15 denier knee high socks if you’re a fan! They also cater for those of you requiring firm or X-Firm support, with the Elbeo Caresse Firm Support Tights, and the Elbeo Supreme Support 30D Tights.

So there we have it – fatigued legs are a thing of the past! It’s high time you gave your pins the attention they deserve, don’t you think? Be sure to check out our entire range of support tights before you leave!

Until next time…


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Laura’s Choice: Top Workwear Picks

Happy New Year to all our lovely customers! I’m sure many of you have begrudgingly returned back to work in the last few days, leaving behind your relaxing afternoons full of mince pies and mulled wine and swapping them for early starts, packed trains and January blues. This time of year can be depressing, so why not give yourself a little boost with our fabulous range of legwear for the office? Guaranteed to leave you feeling confident and super stylish, there’s something for every style, preference and budget. January doesn’t seem so bad now, does it?

The Purse Friendly

Levante 50D Suede Matte Opaque Tights

Levante 50D Suede Matte Opaque Tights

Workwear. Let’s face it, it’s not always easy to find. After all, it needs to be a) professional, b) durable and perhaps most importantly, c) affordable. If this Christmas has been an expensive one, fret not, we have an excellent selection of everyday tights (at everyday budgets!) that are perfect for the office. Starting off at the lowest price point, you simply can’t go wrong with Pretty Polly. The best value for money, in my opinion, is the Pretty Polly 40D Silk Finish Tights. At just £5, you’ll receive two pairs of functional opaque tights, giving your legs warmth and even coverage and coming with an elegant slight sheen finish.  What’s more, as well as the obligatory black, they’re also available in bottle green and navy should you be the type who likes to experiment with colour. Speaking of colour, another recommendation is the Jonathan Aston 40 Denier Opaque Tights, available in 17 chic colours and having a flattering matte finish. While the more outlandish shades (we’re talking daffodil yellow) might not be quite suitable for the workplace, how about trying out the muted burgundy and  storm for something a little different? Also available in a 15D version for the milder days. If you are somebody who feels the cold, the Levante 50D Suede Matte Opaque Tights are a fantastic choice, made with snug Meryl microfibre yarns that protect against the winter chill.

Any followers of fashion will know that sheers are everywhere this year, and this is a trend that doesn’t look set to stop anytime soon. I call it the Kate Middleton effect! Topping the list of affordable sheers are the Aristoc Ultra Shine 10D Tights. You’ll receive a durable and stylish pair of tights, with a glamorous shiny finish and day to night appeal, should you have an impromptu dinner date after work. They’re also continually one of our best sellers, so you can rest assured that you’re getting value for money!  Equally as great are the Charnos Run Resist Sheer Tights, made with an innovative fabric that prevents against the formation of ladders and snags. Even better, the matte finish and delicate appearance are just the ticket for perfecting that office look.

A workwear hosiery capsule

Oroblu Sensuel 30 Tights

Oroblu Sensuel 30 Tights

As the founder of a hosiery company, I’m continually being asked for advice about the best way to buy hosiery that won’t go out of fashion. The answer: invest in a capsule collection of quality and timeless products that will stand the test of time! The extra few pounds really are worth it, and will save you a lot of time (and money) in the long run. The Aristoc range of opaques are a great place to start, recently being revamped and offering, what I think, is excellent value for money. Tough and durable, the Aristoc 50D Opaque Tights are super soft to the touch and will work perfectly with just about any workwear combination. Moving up in denier for a moment, you can never look past the Falke Pure Matt 100 Tights. Eight stylish colours, supreme warmth and a flawless matte finish that’s perfect for the office; what more could you possibly want? If you prefer the look of sheers, I simply have to point you in the direction of the Wolford Neon 40 Tights. With a 40D denier strength that’s durable enough for everyday wear; these shiny tights have a chic 20 denier appearance for an elegant and professional look. Or if semi-opaque tights are your preference, the Oroblu Sensuel 30 Tights have a great slight sheen finish and are super durable. What’s more, the 30 denier finish is lovely and professional – just perfect for that tricky in-between weather!

If you’re after a little helping hand to create a streamlined silhouette, a great choice are the Calvin Klein Ultra Fit 50D Shaper Tights. A matte finish and boxer brief makes them a smart and durable choice for the office, at the same time allowing you to benefit from a medium shaping control that will tame your midriff, thighs and bottom! Or opt for the Wolford Individual 10 Control Top Tights if you prefer the look of sheer tights. Typically Wolford, there’s an exquisitelysoft finish and unrivalled comfort, as well as a discreet control top panty for some extra peace of mind.


Style and practicality

Depending on your job, you may feel the pressure to maintain a professional and sophisticated look. In the past, this has tended to mean plain black opaques or sheers, which let’s face it, can get a little dull, especially if you’re wearing them five days a week. If you are something of a fashionista, it’s entirely possible to create an office-suitable legwear look WITHOUT having to resort to your trusty black tights, and here’s how…

Charnos Stripe Mesh Tights

Charnos Stripe Mesh Tights

Fishnet tights are a fantastic way to add a little style to your work wardrobe, the pick of the pack, for me, being the Levante Micronet Tights. Ensuring you don’t give too much away, the micronet design is subtle yet sexy. Pull out a simple pencil dress and court shoes and you’re good to go! If you love the idea of micronet, but want something a little less restrictive in the warmer weather, they also come as a stay up…nobody has to know! Patterns aren’t completely off limits, either. The trick here is to keep the patterns simple and unfussy, which in my eyes calls for one thing – polkadots! The Oroblu Adelle Tights are a brilliant choice, with an array of symmetrical dots against a 20 denier backdrop. Keep the rest of your outfit fairly plain so as to let your legwear do all of the talking. Last but not least, why not add a little texture to your look with the Charnos Stripe Mesh Tights? Coming with vertical leg-lengthening stripes, they’re affordable, stylish and professional!

Until next time…


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MyTights In The Guardian: The Rise of Sheer Tights


Aristoc Ultra Shine 10D Tights

Aristoc Ultra Shine 10D Tights

Whilst we may still be shivering into our onesies and hot water bottles, the turn of the New Year means that it’s time to start considering our spring/summer wardrobes. And in the world of hosiery that means one thing… sheer tights! Here at MyTights, we love the elegant look that sheers can offer, giving your pins a subtle look and some coverage when you’re not feeling brave enough to expose a bare leg! And we’re not alone, with the likes of Kate Middleton, Alexa Chung and Rihanna all being advocates of the movement. Well, if it’s good enough for them…

Last week, The Guardian even featured the trend on their fashion blog, calling on the expertise of none other than MyTights founder, Laura Godsal, who revealed that sales of sheers are up by 13% this winter already. She added that ‘Whereas sheers and semi-sheers in recent years have been unfashionable, now you walk down the street and see women of all ages wearing them, with black being the hot favourite.’ With this in mind, we thought it would be a great idea to compile a selection of our favourite sheer tights, so all our lovely customers can find a look that’s perfect for them!


The budget friendly – you simply can’t go wrong with the Aristoc Ultra Shine 10D Tights, amongst our bestsellers and coming with a glamorous shiny finish and choice of shades. Or opt for the Charnos Run Resist Sheer Tights if a matte look is more your thing…

Levante Class Control Tights

Levante Class Control Tights

A touch of luxury – with a chic 20 denier finish but robust 40 denier strength, the Wolford Neon 40 Tights are a real splash of quality for your hosiery drawer. If you’re after something extra special, look no further than the Falke Sensation Seamless 20 Tights, made without seams for a truly exquisite look and unrivalled comfort!

Match your skin tone perfectly – Available in 9 classic skin shades, the Falke Shelina Tights have an 8 denier appearance and slight sheen finish – a must-have for your hosiery capsule collection!

A helping hand – working to flatten your tummy, tame your thighs and lift your derriere, the Spanx In Power Line Super High Shaping Sheers come with an attached pair of classic sheer tights! Not bad, huh? Or for something a little more affordable, stock up on the Levante Class Control Tights – a real wardrobe staple! Want to read more about the rise in sheers?

Click here to see the full article, as featured in The Guardian!


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Snug As A Bug: How To Wear Wool Tights

Falke Soft Merino Wool Tights

Falke Soft Merino Wool Tights

Like her or loathe her, there’s no denying that supermodel Cara Delevingne has a huge influence on the fashion world. Rarely a day goes by when the supermodel isn’t making the headlines, and with media interest like that, it’s no surprise that brands and publications alike are fighting over the current fashion darling. Last month saw Cara gracing the cover page of W Magazine looking typically stunning, wearing a black velvet dress and chic white wool tights. We love wool hosiery here at MyTights, and it may only be October, but her legwear made us feel (and we say this begrudgingly) kind of Christmassy.

No longer considered outdated or frumpy, wool tights are a fashion forward and practical option, and if Cara’s wearing them, you don’t need us to tell you that they’re everywhere this autumn/winter! With colder temperatures set to hit in the coming weeks, wool tights will keep your pins fashionably snug, and often blended with cashmere, merino wool and angora, luxuriously soft to boot. Here are some top tips to get it right:

  • Wool tights come in a plain knit or with a ribbed texture – opt for a plain knit if the rest of your outfit is quite busy, but if your outfit is fairly plain, a ribbed finish is great for adding texture and interest to your look!
  • For an effortless daytime look that will work time and time again, team with a pair of simple denim shorts and a knitted jumper.
  • Or if you love the warmth of wool but need inspiration on how to dress them up, team with a loose fitting tunic, thin waist belt, heeled ankle boots and lashings of jewellery!

If you’re after a pair of practical wool tights to wear to the office, we recommend the Falke Soft Merino Wool Tights, which are available in a variety of autumnal colours. Perfect for keeping your legs cosy on the early morning commute, they’re also made from 55% wool, so comfort is top of the bill here. For something textured to add some interest to a plain outfit, the Levante Wool Rib Tights are just the ticket, and they come with the added benefit of being incredibly affordable. Luxury seekers will also love the Wolford Merino Tights, typically Wolford with their generous waistband for maximum comfort.

If nothing here is taking your fancy, why not have a look at our entire range of wool tights, instead?

Whatever you choose, you’ll be fit for a winter wonderland!


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There’s nothing worse than turning up for an interview and you’ve missed the attire ‘memo’. You may as well have turned up naked, and that reoccurring dream that haunted you since you were a child has just materialized. But of course, help is at hand here at! Here’s some guidance on how to ace that interview, and as we are judged within the first 7 seconds of meeting someone, the appearance is a pretty good place to start…


94% of interviewers have a negative impression on a candidate if they show up bare-legged*

Unfortunately we aren’t all blessed with naturally slender or blemish free legs, (or hot weather all year round!), and so this may not apply to many-  if Miranda Kerr and Beyoncé still invest in sheers then there’s no reason why we shouldn’t!


The ‘debate’…

Years ago the debate on whether women should or shouldn’t wear tights to the workplace was unheard of, and pantyhose were a woman’s best friend. Many women still live by this, and this is something candidates need to consider! Your potential employers are probably not your age so wearing tights is a must for them, and as a potential newbie you don’t want to give any of the senior team a reason to dislike you! After you’ve been hired, you can then get a feel for the company to then decided whether going bare-legged can be accepted.


Company culture

You may be asked to dress in business casual and if so then fretting whether you should or shouldn’t wear tights won’t be an issue. BUT don’t assume that all businesses dress this way; make sure to ask and get a full brief policy description.


“For women, the more skin you show, the less influence you have.”




So, now we’ve discovered that tights are a BIG deal in an interview (who knew?!) now all you have to do is CHOOSE a pair…

Colours are limited, as although coloured and patterned tights are ‘in’, wearing the newest AW14 trend to an interview for a financial position in a bank may not be appreciated; so for ultimate safety stick to Nude or Black tights.





These 50 denier suede matt opaque tights are an essential to the winter wardrobe this season, super soft and smooth against your legs they can be worn with any fabric skirt and perfect for an interview!



Nude sheers-

These sheers have been around since 1937 (with a few tweaks to keep them up to date with hosiery innovation, of course), so we are pretty certain that they are a good catch. These 10 denier tights are cherished for their ultra-glossy finish, and with high durability and wear you can’t go wrong!



With a broad selection of dark colours to choose from, these glossy Wolfords will have any interviewer wishing they’ve got a pair!







*based on a survey for new interviewees


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Falke Soft Merino Wool 2

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Storms are afoot and I am very tempted to hibernate under the duvet and read one of the many books that I received for Christmas. Thankfully, these woolen tights make this time of year much more manageable. We have such a wide range of delectable and cosy hosiery that it can be difficult to know where to begin, but thankfully you have narrowed it down with your reviews left on Feefo, our independent review service. Here are my recommendations, and what you had to say about them.

These classic wool tights will go with everything you own ? so no more waking up to find there?s a blizzard outside and you have nothing to wear.

Levante Plain Wool Tights“Warm and cozy in sub zero Celsius weather.”

If you reckon that the weather is just too frightful to face while wearing your favourite skirt, then think again.?Levante Plain Wool Tights?not only look divine in their subtle shades but they also keep your legs wonderfully warm. These sumptuous tights?also boast a reinforced toe making them winter walk proof.

Falke Soft Merino Wool Tights“These tights were exactly what I wanted and I am delighted. They are well constructed which means that they are comfortable to wear. They are also durable and following the washing instructions means that in terms of depreciation, they will eventually pay for themselves!”?

Trasparenze Wool Gennifer

These woolen wonders feel luxuriously soft thanks to a special finishing treatment. Falke Soft Merino Wool Tights are pitch-perfect any time of day, with wool on the outside to protect you from the elements and cotton weaved inside to keep you comfortable. Equally, thanks to the hand-fit toe technique, there is no visible seam at the toe for increased comfort. These elegant opaques are available in six different chic shades. Reassuringly thick and soft, these wool tights are designed to last.

However, coloured tights provide a superb solution for adding a bit of welcome colour to those wardrobe staples.

Trasparenze Gennifer Merino Wool Tights“I get these tights all the time. The quality is excellent, they are warm (I live in Alaska and wear dresses to work) and the price is affordable.”?

For impeccable style in a myriad of colours, I would suggest?Trasparenze Gennifer Merino Wool Tights. From the violet version in Prugna, to the pine green shade Bosco, there is an ideal option for everyone. I personally adore the rich raspberry tones of Rubino – perfect for warming up a winter outfit, such as a grey chevron knitted shift dress.

The fashion tights below prove that it is very possible to keep warm and look fabulous.

Jonathan Aston Alaska Tights? – “These are superb. Warm, yet flattering.?

Jonathan Aston Alaska

I love tights that work and play hard, like the?Jonathan Aston Alaska Tights?which ensure that you look stylish and feel snug. Team these showstoppers with an aubergine skirt and cream turtleneck for a subtle yet on-trend look. This fashion hosiery is available in black and navy ? perfect for a multitude of ensembles.

Trasparenze Dora Wool Rib Tights“Very warm and snug! Excellent quality!”

When I fancy a slightly different look that is still warm enough to keep my toes toasty then I tend to plump for?Trasparenze Dora Wool Rib Tights. The fine rib design is exceedingly flattering and adds an unexpected touch to my outfits. Whether you are 4?9? or 6?1?, slim or curvaceous, with 4 different sizes there is a perfect fit for everyone.

Levante Wool Rib Tights“These tights are soft, warm, and incredibly comfortable. The waistband stays up but doesn’t bind, and the toes are reinforced but don’t irritate.”

The?Levante Wool Rib Tights?are available in elegant coffee shades. Armed with a generous 100 denier, these opaques give my legs an even coverage. The flat lying waistband and barely there seams make these tights a joy to wear. Personally, I find that the Mocca shade goes perfectly with little tan leather boots, an aubergine pleated skirt and a chocolate cashmere jumper.

Aristoc 100 denier cashmere

For another subtle twist on a classic staple, I also adore?Falke Soft Merino Wool Ribbed Tights. The design elongates your legs, giving self-assurance even in the coldest of weathers. Durability is always a key factor when selecting tights and these toasty soft tights boast a superior thickness. ??Again, these tights benefit from the hand-fit toe technique providing a superior fit. The wide range of different shades available means that you do not have to sacrifice warmth in order to achieve your required look.?Falke Soft Merino Wool Ribbed Tights – “Wonderful quality as always. Warm, cosy and great colours.”?

Now for even more luxurious tights, these pairs will keep you feeling sumptuously snug no matter the weather.

Aristoc Cashmere Blend 100 Denier Tights“I have MS so getting tights on can be a huge struggle. These are soft, stretchy and comfortable and slide on easily.”

The addition of a touch of cashmere gives these opulent opaques a luxurious soft feel and their 3D construction gives 100% even coverage as well as warmth.?Aristoc Cashmere Blend 100 Denier Tights?also have a soft 4cm waistband, so these tights provide pure comfort from toe to tip. Match these tights with a long light pink coat for a delightfully fashionable but equally functional look.

Falke Sensual Touch Silk Cashmere Blend Tights“Lovely quality, soft with a hint of shine. Quite generous sizing and extremely comfortable to wear.”

Woolly tights do not come more deluxe than this! Woven from a generous high-quality mixture of cotton, cashmere and silk,?Falke Sensual Touch Silk Cashmere Blend Tights?is haute hosiery that again provides you with comfort and style. The three materials work perfectly together, the silk makes these tights beautifully smooth, the cashmere keeps you sumptuously warm, while the cotton content also provides an additional comfort factor. Falke weaves their tights in such a way that they always provide a snug and flattering fit. My favourite shade is navy, however there are 3 others from which you can choose.

We hope that these splendid woolen tights will turn your winter from freezing to wonderful.

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Fuller Figure Fabulous: Make Like Adele and Dress Your Curves to Perfection

I think the recent news about the singer Adele having a baby has only served to bring her even closer to being our ideal woman. For the longest time she has been a style ambassador for the larger lady and I’m sure has been instrumental in getting High Street shops to finally embrace the use of real sized women in their ad campaigns. Long may it continue!

The curvy shape of larger ladies lends itself so well to great undergarments, including fuller figure hosiery. Gone are the days when one size fits all and now you select the sizing of your tights and hold ups in the same way that you choose the size of your underwear – or outerwear. Take care with your choices and and it can serve you well.

Plus Size Opaque Tights

Let’s start with opaque tights, the greatest of all basics. Pretty Polly fly the flag for British design. Pretty Polly Curves 60 Denier Opaque Tights are a solid black all rounder with built in shaping. The kind of tights that wear once and you’ll wear forever. Cette Dublin Plus Size Tights are another great mid price 60 denier staple which are available up to a size 32. These tights come in three different shades of black so you can choose the tone that suits. Transparenze Denmark Plus Size Tights are another hero basic. A matte 60 denier finish and a range of lovely autumnal colours will keep these firmly at the top of your drawer. Now, you’ll have heard me go on and on about Falke and my trusty German favourites are also big advocates of size. Falke Seidenglatt 70 Tights have an incredible nine colours in a 70D silky shiny finish. Perfect for the party season.

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