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Laura’s Choice: Wonderful, Wonderful Wolford…

wolford-ricedots-tightsOur Wolford fashion sale has emptied the shelves of load of styles – it seem as though you can’t get enough of Wolford!  Here’s our pick of the best styles for any occasion…

Lunch out with Friends

For when it’s time for nibbles with fellow fashion lovers only the WOLFORD RICE DOT TIGHTS will do. Their elegant spotty design turns my pals green with envy as they sip their lattes. Made in a fine 15 denier, these pretty patterned tights are available in several shades, but Sahara/Purple is my absolute favourite for something a little of the beaten track. If patterns just are not your cup of tea, but you still want legs that impress, then shine away in the Wolford Luxe 9 denier tights. Their natural shades provide an instant air brushed look and their slight sheen finish further flatters those pampered legs.

For something slightly warmer plump for the WOLFORD NEON 40 TIGHTS. Boasting a 40 denier strength  (they feel practically indestructible!) and 20 denier appearance, these sumptuous semi-opaque tights are delectably shiny and luxurious. Available in a range of shades, including natural colours, they’ll give you unparalleled coverage for a flawless finish and even complexion.

wolford-nahla-tightsEvening drinks

For an elegant look that’ll take you effortlessly from drinks to dancefloor, the WOLFORD NAHLA TIGHTS are perfect.  Their open net adorned with lacy floral motifs that provide a fresh, elegant update to that classic fishnet look. One warning though, you will receive so many compliments that you’ll hardly have time to sip that delicious cocktail!

For something just as elegant but right on trend only the WOLFORD LYNNE TIGHTS will do. Combining gingham and tartan (both key patterns for SS14, they’re bound to garner compliments from my fellow fashion loving friends!

Or if you are obsessed with opulent opaque tights then the WOLFORD VELVET DE LUXE 66 TIGHTS really are the cream of the crop. Living up to their name, they combine a delectable velvet soft touch with smooth matte elegance. Divine! If you want to turn up the heat, you can always opt for the WOLFORD SATIN DE LUXE TIGHTS. With a suberbly high shine finish, these deluxe opaque tights are made of tough stuff ensuring that no matter how long you stay out dancing the night away, these tights will see you through.

wolford-fatal-seamless-80-stay-upsDinner Date

It can be nerve wracking enough meeting up with that special someone, so luckily you can depend on Wolford quality to guarantee that snags remain a pest of the past. Make a great impression with the WOLFORD BOOTLACE TIGHTS. Believe me ladies, when I say bootlace, I mean that from the toes to the mid-thigh an actual elasticated satin ribbon has been threaded through knitted loops creating the illusion of a laced up boot. This gorgeous detailing is accompanied by a pattern of small black dots, while their nude 20 denier covers any flaws with no need for photoshop – the perfect way to accentuate your best assets!

There are certain occasions when only sultry stockings will do, and those occasions demand the WOLFORD INDIVIDUAL 10 DENIER STOCKINGS, featuring luxurious levels of softness and enviable coverage banishing those blemishes. What if your date suggests a walk along the chilly Thames? In that case it is time to elevate the denier in the WOLFORD FATAL 80 SEAMLESS STAY UPS. As deadly chic as their name suggests, they provide the comfort of hold ups while at the same time keep those legs lovely and toasty.. Made with care to avoid any seams you can rest assured that your outfit will stay free from any unsightly lines.

wolford-eyla-stay-upsSummer Party

Now cast your mind ahead to those sunny days in June when we will be basking in the sunshine -  ah well we can dream! In warmer climes, the WOLFORD FATAL 15 SEAMLESS STAY UPS from that gorgeous Fatal collection are now perfect for that slim fitting summer dress thanks to the absence of any seams. Their fine 15 denier and matte finish leave your legs looking flawless as you mingle the evening away.

For a slightly lighter denier and a flash of colour, the WOLFORD EYLA STAY UPS in 10 denier have bright post box red tops, providing a stylish yet elegant look.

Ladies, now if you have an insight into how much of a Wolford fan I am, I hope you’re as excited as I am for the new Wolford hosiery pieces coming soon!



Until next week…


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What MyTights Wore: 20th December (Wolford Special!)

It was Wolford week at MyTights office and we are very excited to show off the results. Take a look at our range of perfect-chic-sassy tights, and we hope that you fall head over heels for our haute hosiery…


Hannah adores her Carre tights with their subtle squares turning the classic polka dot style on its head. These sublime sheers add an unexpected touch to Hannah’s dark forest green dress and cute black pumps.



Laura wore her favourite Wolford Nahla Tights with her on trend burgundy pleated dress and shiny ebony heels. To ignite your ensemble, why not take a peek at our range of elegant?fashion hosiery.



Nix matches her pretty and polished Wolford Rice Dot Tights in sahara/purple with a classic charcoal grey dress and salmon pink cardigan. Again these sheers provide a subtle and stunning twist on the timeless staple that are polka dot tights.



Our newest team member, Emma, teams Wolford’s Velvet de Luxe 66 Denier Tights?in Anthracite with her floral dress and ash grey heels. For ?ber-warm and ?flawless legs, check out these gorgeous opaques.


Krys is one of our layering experts here at MyTights HQ. This time she teams opaque green tights with Wolford Sylvie Tights?to create a fabulous unique look – not to mention toasty warm!


Suzanne also looks amazing in her Wolford Rice Spot Tights, this time in a chic black/black combo that go perfectly with her LBD and chocolate brown boots.

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Best: Luxe Tights

WolfordVelvetDeLuxeThe fashion team at the Telegraph newspaper have pulled together their six point guide to the new season, and they got one thing right.? ?Don?t be Tights?, was the prominent first point on their seasonal guide.? And whilst we?re all for sartorial savings when we can pick them up, for some classic staples, it?s worth investing.? Case in point: the humble opaque tights.

Telegraph Stylist Sophie Warburton aired her grievances with legwear budget buys, complaining that ?cheap tights bobble after a few washes?.? Well, we know that actually some of our best value opaques are made with longevity in mind, but we get her point ? when it comes to quality in hosieryland, you do generally get what you pay for.? The yarns used to make tights from brands like Wolford, for example, are generally super smooth and tough enough to withstand the test of time.? Try the Velvet de Luxe 66 Tights, which are easy on the eye and soft on the skin, and will last season after season.

Another common gripe about budget opaques is the perpetual hosiery hazard: ladders.? This is where investing in some run resist technology can really pay off.? We just love the Andrea Bucci LYCRA?FUSION? fibre Opaque Ladder Resist Tights, which have a gorgeously expensive looking matte finish and innovative ladder resist technology so you can banish the fear of unsightly snags for good.

According to Sophie, cheaper options are also prone to giving you ?saggy knees and Nora Batty ankles?.? Not so with quality craftsmanship from brands like Falke, the German hosiery expert whose attention to detail is second to none.? The majority of their styles feature reduced stitching at the knees and ankles, which gives a superior fit on the leg and eliminates saggy tights trauma.? Another tip is to opt for styles that come with a gusset ? this will improve the overall fit as the tights are actually shaped around your figure.? And avoid one size styles like the plague ? for the perfect fit check the size guide on the style to tailor to your measurements.? The solution to these worries?? The Falke Seidenglatt 70 Tights, which have a luxe shiny finish, breathable cotton gusset and come in a myriad of colours and sizes so you can get a perfect fit AND match them to everything in your wardrobe!

Pay a bit extra and you also get the cream of the crop when it comes to hi-tech hosiery.?? The Pretty Polly Fleecy Tights have a sumptuous fleece lining that has to be felt to be believed (trust me, the entire MyTights office is madly in love with these).? Or why not ditch the dry body brushing – the bathroom is far too cold this time of year anyway – and instead slip on a pair of the cellulite busting (yes, really) Emana Tights from Charnos?

Still hankering after opaques on a budget?? We don?t discriminate against a frugal fashionista.? Check out our full range of opaque tights, starting from a teeny tiny, barely-dent-your-bank-balance ?2.? Hell, you can always protect them with a hosiery bag.



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Luxury Legs: Not Beyond Your Reach

Wolford Individual 10 Stockings Just like teeth whitening and surround sound, there are some things that used to be out of reach for many of us, but is now accessible to all the average Josephines out there.   Luxury hosiery is just the same – once the preserve of the wealthy and/or famous, thanks to retailers like MyTights.com you can now get your hands on your very own luxury legwear – and it may not be as pricey as you think!

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You Never Forget Your First…

…high end hosiery. Mine was Wolford. Silky smooth, matte perfection, my first pair of luxury tights made me feel a million dollars.

Yes, the price made me wince slightly, but fast forward on a couple of years and the very same pair of tights are still utterly wearable. Yes, of course there will always be jagged nails and scratchy furniture, but generally speaking high end hosiery really is top quality and will last a lot longer than everyday legwear.

That’s not to say basics don’t have their place in most women’s wardrobes – many of us will continue wear slightly less expensive hosiery day to day in the office – but if you haven’t already, I would urge you to pay a visit to the First Class Lounge of legwear, for special occasions at least.

Wolford Tights are the go-to for many women – their basic ranges are second to none and the quality of the collection is out of this world. If you have to start with one piece, make it the Velvet de Luxe 66 Tights, which are a classic opaque that feels like a dream on your leg.

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Your Wedding Look Sorted (whether you're guest or bride!)

Wedding season is fast approaching again, and whether you’re a Bridezilla in the making or a nervous bridesmaid secretly hoping to upstage the bride à la Pippa Middleton, your hosiery choice for the day can make all the difference. Whatever you decide to wear, a great base is imperative which is where your underwear and tights come into play. Sure, weddings are about celebrating the love between souls, but who’s saying you can’t look amazing while you do it?

The Mother of the Bride is a hugely important role in a wedding, both in the run up and on the big day, and keeping the flower girls in check whilst lending support to a nervous bride can be a big task to juggle. Take one thing to worry about off your list with some great quality ladder resist tights. Or if you’re on the lookout for something a little bit superior to your everyday sheers, take a look at the collections from top brands like Wolford and Falke for truly flawless legs.

Brides can take a deep breath and relax, too – we’ve got you covered. Take a look at the range of bridal hosiery for some gorgeous styles that will make you feel like a princess. We especial

ly love the Falke Seidenglatt Hold Ups, with their ultra deep lace top for something breathtakingly beautiful to go under your dress. Plus we have loads of other options to go with any style of dress or shoe, including seamless and toeless tights.

If you’re a bridesmaid-to-be and your pre-wedding diet is going not-so-great, fear not – you can still get a silhouette Pippa would be jealous of. Spanx UK is one of the most famous shapewear brands for a reason – a huge variety of slimming, shaping and boosting choices for every style of dress and every problem area. Tummy haters will love the range of hourglass forming brief-to-waist shapes, while J-Lo enviers will go crazy for the bottom boosting styles! (Brides should also make sure to check out the range of shapewear for something that will make you look every inch the goddess in your wedding dress).

If you’re not part of the main bridal party but are looking forward to seeing old uni mates for the first time in ages or dreading bumping into an old flame, browse all of our hosiery to find something that suits your style and outfit for the day. Personally, though, we think the Pamela Mann Love Seam Tights (pictured) are perfect for weddings – sexy without being too obvious, and a great way of toasting the happy couple. Of course, champagne always works, too…

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