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Laura’s Choice: Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Mums – where would we be without them? No matter what we’ve put them through over the years, they’ve always been there. Be it toddler tantrums, our first day at school, picking us up from parties when we’ve had one too many or simply being on hand to offer us a shoulder to cry on, we really have put them through the mill. While we should show them just how much they mean to us on a daily basis, Mother’s Day is that one day a year when they deserve the extra special treatment. But this year, instead of opting for the traditional (and slightly boring) combination of flowers and chocolate, how about treating them to some gorgeous new hosiery? Something they’ll appreciate for seasons to come, we think it makes for the perfect gift. Not sure where to start? The MyTights team have been busily compiling our list of brilliant Mother’s Day presents to suit every need. Just call us your very own gift gurus…

Brrrrrilliant winter warmers

Falke Warm Deluxe Tights

Falke Warm Deluxe Tights

The calendar might state its March, but it sure doesn’t feel like it! While January and February are out of the way, the winter weather is still rearing its ugly head, with forecasters predicting temperatures this month will be well below the average. So why not give your lovely mum’s some snug hosiery to keep them going until spring FINALLY breaks through? The best on the market are without doubt the Falke Warm Deluxe Tights. We were excited about these as soon as we heard through the grapevine that they were being developed last year, and they did anything but disappoint. Taking advantage of the latest soft plush techniques, these 80 denier tights are designed to conserve every last bit of heat… it’s fair to say I was hooked as soon as I pulled them on! Great for giving your legs instant warming relief on those chilly mornings, they also come in 7 colours if your mum fancies herself as a bit of a fashionista.

If you like the idea of treating her to some cosiness but your budget doesn’t quite stretch to these, a fantastic alternative are the Pretty Polly 200D Fleecy Opaque Thermal Tights. Mega thick opaque tights with a top secret brushed fleece lining, the best thing about these is that they’re packed full of thermal qualities while appearing just a standard pair of thick opaques. And at just £9.95 a pair, you’ll have some spare pennies to treat her to a Mother’s Day meal! Control top tights are an excellent way to get your mum feeling her best and give her an extra dose of body confidence. Part of the bestselling Bodytoners range, the Aristoc Bodytoners Opaque Toner Tights appear just like a standard pair of 60 denier tights, albeit with a velvety soft finish that moisturises your legs during wear. Working on the most common problem zones, her social life is bound to go through the roof now she has these in her repertoire!


Super socks!

As the old saying goes, you can never have enough socks! In the past, it may have been the case that your mums might bemoan receiving a pair of socks as a gift… but she obviously hadn’t seen the selection at MyTights.com! Aside from their obvious practical uses, socks are the perfect way to add that last splash of style to your look. Brand new for SS15, the Trasparenze Fluture Socks are bound to be right up her street. Sheer ankle socks scattered with a dainty rose print, she’ll love how these transform her basic dresses and skirts, and even better, they won’t break your bank either.

Jonathan Aston Perfect Pellerine Socks

Jonathan Aston Perfect Pellerine Socks

If she’s never seen without a bit of sparkle, treat her to the Jonathan Aston Perfect Pellerine Socks. Made in an attractive pellerine design and in two colours, these fashion socks have a chic metallic thread running throughout… much more than just a standard pair of socks! With spring on the horizon, it won’t be too long before your mum starts to give her ballet pumps and court shoes an outing, which is why the timing of the Trasparenze Spindasis Footlets couldn’t have been better. Another new addition, these foot liners have all the basic properties of a reliable footlet, the only difference being this particular pair have enough style to be an outfit accessory in their own right. How, you might ask? Well they happen to be made with a sumptuous floral net that will decorate your feet to perfection.

From the summery to the cosy, no list of Mother’s Day gifts would be complete without the Falke Cuddle Pads. Arriving on your doorstep in its attractive gift box, these slipper socks are as cuddly as the name would suggest, being made from a wool and cotton blend and coming with an anti-slip sole to make them wooden floor proof!

One eye on the summer?

Wolford Neon 40 Tights

Wolford Neon 40 Tights

Okay, so it might be a little too cold at the moment to envisage packing away our opaques for another year, but there’s nothing wrong with looking ahead to the summer. Make sure your mum is fully prepared to nail a summery style with the Aristoc Ultimate 5D Sheer Tights. The closest thing to a bare leg look without bare legs themselves, Aristoc have utilised LYCRA® Fusion technology to ensure all the appeal of a natural look and the robustness of a thicker denier weight! In fact, these are so effective, you might just have a hard time convincing your friends that you’re wearing tights at all!

We often get requests around this time of year from women who are looking for tights that give their legs some coverage, but without the bulk or appearance of opaques. Ideal for covering up uneven skin tone or unsightly veins, the Wolford Neon 40 Tights are a real life hosiery hero. What’s special about these is that, despite their 40 denier construction, they actually have the appearance of 20 denier sheers. Providing your legs with a natural glow and covering up all your imperfections, they really do make for an amazing gift, regardless of whether you opt for classic black or one of the other 8 colours on offer.

Does your mum pride herself on her style choices? If the answer is yes, it goes without saying that she’ll want to keep up with the latest trends. You’d have to have been living under a rock to not have noticed the abundance of spots making their mark on the fashion world in recent months, so popular that they were the star of the show at Diane von Furstenberg’s latest New York Fashion Week collection. For a great pair, head to Pamela Mann and the Pamela Mann Sheer Dotty Tights, with their classic 20 denier leg and sweet spot print running throughout.

So, there we have it. Putting a smile on her face this year couldn’t be easier!

Until next time…

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For the special lady in your life…Mother’s Day.

She’s made you endless sandwiches, mopped up every tear, listened to every moan & groan and still remembers the way you like your tea. The unsung hero of our day to day lives, it’s now time to give a little back to the main woman in our lives – our mother.

I’m using this as the perfect opportunity to spoil mine rotten and if like me, you want to treat her to something a bit special, hosiery is the way forward this Mother’s Day. I think it’s safe to say that the appeal of manically traipsing up and down high streets has been lost on me, so I couldn’t think of anything more blissful than shopping on my sofa with a cup of tea in one hand (a dash of milk, no sugar thanks mum!). Whether you live home or away, that thoughtful gift is a click of a button away, eliminating any department store induced stress at the same time.

If your mother is a fan of all things fancy but categorically refuses to buy if for herself, then why not choose some Wolford? Both gorgeous and luxurious, the Wolford Tulip Tights are great for adding a spring into her step, just in time for the weather to warm up. With a charming tulip print throughout, these look sweet when teamed with that dress you got her for Christmas.

For mothers who prefer a more practical gift, then the Falke Seidenglatt 70 Tights are the answer. As one of my personal favourites, I can vouch for the opaque tights, delivering function alongside fashion with every wear. Made in 7 fabulous shades, there is a colour for the fussiest of mums out there, and the thick tights will protect her pins from any leftover chill in the air.

Like Mother, Like Daughter? Excluding any ensemble worn between the ages of 12-21, my mother has always been a fan of my wardrobe, and of course, my hosiery collection. In order to stop one of my new favourites going amiss, these Mary Portas & Charnos Baroque Floral Tights are a must! Created by the Queen of Shop herself, Mary Portas, these come in three beautiful shades, with a subtle metallic thread adding a touch of luxe shimmer.

For mums who know their Blu-ray from their Bluetooth, then the latest textile technology may just appeal. Look no further than the new Charnos Emana Control Tights. Made with the unique Emana yarn, these will make her feel good along with looking great.Working to get the blood circulation of your legs going, legs are left glowing, whilst the clock is turned back on any unwanted ageing signs. Featured in the Financial Times, these are the pair to get her & her friends gossiping over!

Now, mums can sometimes be a stubborn bunch, refusing any sort of gift other than a homemade pasta shapes card (yes, sometimes we like to get the PVA glue out), but we’ve got just the thing to get around that. By re-marketing your gift as a top up of ‘everyday essentials’, she can hardly refuse. Falke Shelina Tights should be right at the top of the list, as they are mine. Spring has crept up rather quickly, so soon rainy, blustery days will be replaced with sunshine. With that comes shorter hemlines and the need for Kate Middleton barely there sheers. The Shelina Tights offer coverage and peace of mind, as the illusion of flawless legs is created – a favourite in the office as well!

And for those ankles? It’s not unknown that some of us prefer the little things in life, and this applies to mothers too. From the everyday cotton numbers, to the more luxurious cashmere, there is a pair for all! As we’re currently stuck in a tricky transitional month weather-wise, socks are great when worn under boots. For me, nothing says love more than cashmere socks, so the Pantherella Candy Knee Highs are going straight into my shopping basket for her. The cashmere makes them wonderfully soft against the leg, redefining comfort every time they’re pulled on, whilst the fresh Spring shades bring a little light to any rainy day. If you know she won’t wear a knee high boot, try the shorter Pantherella Candy Anklet version which packs just as much charm.dleton barely there sheers. The Shelina Tights offer coverage and peace of mind, as the illusion of flawless legs is created – a favourite in the office as well!

For those that are all fingers and thumbs when it comes to wrapping presents, MyTights can take care of that for you. Simply select the gift wrap option on

the checkout page and voila! A beautifully wrapped present will arrive through the post, and we don’t even mind if you want to take credit…

So there you have it! Spoiling her has never been so simple and your preparation in the run up to Mother’s Day shall remain hassle free. Hooray!

Until next time…




P.S We offer a next day delivery service for the forgetful amongst us! Shh…

P.P.S It’s on the 10th – next Sunday.

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Give your mum a little bit of luxury this Mother’s Day

My Mum really cares about Mother’s Day.  She pretends she doesn’t but we all know that’s not true.  Now I’m not at home as often as I would like, I try to make sure I buy her a little something that makes her feel really special and loved and little luxuries like high quality socks and hosiery make the perfect Mother’s Day gifts.

If you know a mum who really deserves some pampering then treat her to some gorgeous cashmere socks.  Pantherella make the most luxurious socks which, due to their high cashmere content, feel as soft as kittens and are amazingly warm.   Curling up on the sofa with a hot chocolate and your feet wrapped in cashmere is simply divine – every mum deserves this kind of treat.  Choose from ankle styles like the Pantherella Women’s Cashmere Rib Ankle Socks or their Cashmere Striped Ankle Socks or knee highs with cable knit or stylish argyle patterns.

When I am looking for presents for my mum, I often turn to Mary Portas and her famous collaboration with hosiery giant Charnos which is aimed specifically at stylish women over 40.   If your mum has been

eschewing her short sleeve tops lately, give her Mary Portas Armery.  Available in lace or plain, they’ll cover up the upper arms, which have a tendency to get a little looser as we get older, and will revitalise your mum’s wardrobe just in time for spring.  In fact all of the pieces from the Mary Portas collection make great Mother’s Day gifts.  Give your mum an opulent lace look with the Mary Portas and Charnos Crochet Lace Tights or a flash of colour with the Mary Portas and Charnos Argyle Backseam Tights.

If your mum really appreciates the finer things in life then you can’t go wrong if you treat her to a pair of Wolford tights.  Wolford hosiery is generally considered the best you can buy.  Choose from a range of plain sheers or opaques to give your mum a simple indulgence that she just wouldn’t think to buy for herself.   If you are feeling more adventurous and fancy giving something with a pattern, Wolford’s Sundot Tights have a timeless, elegant spot pattern that any woman would consider a wardrobe essential.

The great thing about giving beautiful socks or hosiery is that you can give something truly luxurious without appearing ostentatious or over the top.  Get something that really shows your mum you care by browsing the special Mother’s Day section on the MyTights.com website.

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