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MyTights does The Apprentice!

If you were one of the millions that watched The Apprentice final last night, you’ll know that Bianca Miller narrowly lost out to fellow competitor Mark Wright (no, not that one). But while we loved watching her presentation, we were keeping our eyes peeled for just one thing: MyTights founder Laura, who was asked to be on the panel of experts helping Lord Sugar make his final decision!

We were all thrilled when Laura was asked a few months ago – having been in the industry for almost 15 years, she was the natural choice to give her opinion about Bianca’s startup – a brand of sheer tights catering to any skintone.  So off she went to the Bloomsbury ballroom, where she was seated next to Lord Sugar, to watch Bianca’s pitch.  Personally, we thought she was onto a winner, with a slick, well considered presentation – and we were in good company, as the panel of industry gurus agreed.  Laura was impressed with the way Bianca handled questions from the audience (including herself…), and following on from the pitch she and several other attendees spoke with Lord Sugar to share their input.

Although we were gutted that Bianca lost out in the end, we still LOVE her idea for a range of bare leg look tights to match any skintone on the spectrum – and we’re still 100% Team Bianca!  We just know this isn’t the last we’ve seen of her or her business, “True Skin”.

In the meantime, fear not.  We’ve got a range of ultra sheer tights that really do match any skintone (including you, Bianca!)  Take a look at our lovingly crafted skintone guide to find your perfect match…


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I’ve been fleeced! We roadtest all the fleecy styles and give our verdict…

I have a confession to make.  I know that, as someone that works at a tights company, I should be a firm advocate of bold colours and unusual designs – and I am.  On other people.  But in my hosiery drawer the shameful truth is revealed – I’m an addict of the plain black opaque.  I can’t help it: no matter how many times I dare to be different when it comes to legwear, I always end up back at the same place.  One of my colleagues recently referred to them as the “LBD of the hosiery world”, and I think they’ve got it spot on – it’s that timeless staple that goes with everything, always looks chic and never goes out of fashion.

Last year I was introduced to fleecy tights, and a whole new obsession was born.  Super thick, they give the unbeatable coverage I crave, with the extra magical warming properties.  Add into the equation a super soft lining that feels like you’re wrapped in a blanket all day long… what’s not to love?  Pretty Polly was the first product we stocked, and I relied on them to get me through last winter.  But now other brands have started to release their own versions, so I decided it was time to roadtest all the options and give you my professional opinion…

Pretty Polly Fleecy Tights

Yay: The originals and the thickest style of our collection.  These really do do what it says on the tin – I wore these to a fireworks display and (along with copious amount of mulled wine) they did the trick – I couldn’t even feel the wind or rain and my feet stayed toasty warm.

Nay: They’re super thick, which is great for warmth, but can look a bit chunky on your legs – you may want to avoid if you’re already a little self-conscious of your thighs and want to avoid any extra bulk.  The thickness also makes them the least elegant option, so they work better for day than evening.

My verdict: The perfect option for daytime wear, outdoor events, and snowy days.

Falke Warm Deluxe 80 Tights

Yay: Fleecy perfection without the bulk.  These 80 denier opaques use thermal properties to lock in the heat and have the same super soft lining as the other styles, but look like regular opaque tights on the leg, which makes them ideal for elegant evening wear.  They come in a range of gorgeous colours, too, if you’re that way inclined.

Nay: The price tag.  At £26, they’re not exactly purse friendly.  You do get what you pay for in terms of quality and longevity, but they might be a stretch for your pre payday bank balance.

My verdict: The luxury option – great for wearing in the evening.  If you can’t justify the price, why not put them on your Christmas list, instead?

Pamela Mann Fleecy Thermal Tights

Yay: Super warm and soft but not as thick as the Pretty Polly Tights, these are good if it’s not freezing cold or if you’re likely to end up in a heated office, because they’ll keep you cosy but still let your legs breathe a little.  Plus, they come with a purse friendly price tag.

Nay: Although the name says thermal, and they are incredibly warm, in actual fact these don’t technically have thermal properties.  So although they feel gorgeously soft, they won’t actually lock in extra heat like the other styles.

My verdict: Great if you want a finer fleecy but can’t quite stretch to the Falke version.

Pretty Polly Fleecy Footless

Yay: The footless version of the Pretty Polly Fleecy Tights (they come in knee highs too!), these have all the same great features – super thick, super soft and gorgeous to wear.  I’m not a huge fan of leggings, but I’ll be layering these under shorts when out running on frosty mornings.

Nay: I kind of don’t quite get why you wouldn’t want the fleecy loveliness to extend all the way to your toes, plus as with the tights, you may feel that they’re quite heavy on the leg.

My verdict: If you’re a lover of leggings, you’ll quickly fall for these – and they’re great for wearing with long jumpers or layering under trousers.

Psst! We also have a Charnos version due to hit shelves very soon – I’ll be back with my verdict on those as soon as they arrive, so watch this space…



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Mario Testino – one of the most influential and leading photographers of our time, and even if you aren’t too familiar with the name you would’ve seen his portraits on front pages of high end magazines including Vogue and Vanity Fair (he was the man behind the camera when shooting what was said to be Princess Diana’s last major portrait session in 1997, 12 weeks before her death). So, who better to strengthen the emotional presence of the luxury  Wolford brand than Testino himself?!

The brand have turned up the heat this July with a sneak peek revealed of their new campaign, featuring model Caroline Winberg oozing sex appeal in stylish but provocative black and white photographs. The way Testino collaborates the product and the personality within these pictures creates an original and motivating theme for the refocus of Wolford.

So if one of the world’s most famous fashion photographers (whose persistence in shooting Gisele is credited to be an elevation to her high status today) is shooting exclusive hosiery and bodysuits which reflect the modern woman- why wouldn’t you want to join in and give yourself some instant glamour in the sensual hosiery?!

Here’s the exclusive selection Testino was papping this season and our recommendations on where to wear them in AW14…


For those cooler autumn nights…















For fighting the freeze…














For ‘all in a day’s work’…


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Guest Blog: The Fashion Marketing Guru


As the seasons change, so do hosiery trends, and Michele Duncan, Marketing Manager at INVISTA, the company that owns the LYCRA® fibre brand, takes us through the company’s predicted legwear trends for 2014 / 2015…

Here at INVISTA we love spending time researching fashion trends around the globe and as a result we’ve compiled a range of styles we believe we will be just as popular on the high street as they will be on the catwalk.

Also, we’re proud that the presence of LYCRA® fibre means that our legwear products are fashionable and ultra-comfortable – leaving us ladies to enjoy the day in style!


Beauty Lab

Using brave experiments to create contouring for constructive silhouettes, Beauty Lab is about concentrating on how to build a perfect body. Through the use of a minimalist palette to enhance silhouettes, this trend gives a hint of science by showing a touch of mathematics and robotics in the designs. This results in flattering legwear created by linear grids, dashed lines and highlighted body parts. Beauty lab trend leggings with LYCRA® fibre >>



Do the Twist

Do the Twist is all about making traditional and iconic patterns relevant for a new generation of legwear consumers by adding a playful twist and an element of surprise to ordinary legwear. Using popular patterns that are made to look as though they have been cut up and pasted back together again, this creates a series of geometrically composed hosiery items displaying surprising novelty in a monochrome palette. Do the Twist trend LYCRA® fibre leggings >>



Raw and Wild

Raw and Wild uses surfaces that are inspired by nature’s organic surfaces and wild animal skins using earth tones as the main palette. Reflecting a raw rusticity, this trend includes motifs that look as if they were touched by time and the elements, with legs matching rustic heathers and marls and tweeds that are on trend for the coming seasons. Raw and Wild trend MADE TO FIT YOU tights with LYCRA® SOFT COMFORT fibre >>




Montmartre is inspired by the belle-époque spirit of Toulouse Lautrec’s Montmartre. This trend alludes to the boudoir through the use of ribbons and lace and is complimented by the soft and silky texture. This trend creates a feeling of nostalgia and ensures that the hosiery looks sophisticated. Montmartre trend LYCRA® fibre tights >>




The Cabaret trend demonstrates ‘cancan’ looks that are pretty and lavish, reviving the spirit of music halls and chorus lines and celebrating the audacity of couture. Made up of a vibrant palette that allows legs to take the lead, parading the stages with frivolous details, extravagant ruffles and ruches, the contrast of jet black and lipstick red makes for passionate plains as well as seductive patterning. Cabaret trend LYCRA® 3D knee highs >>


Athletic Chic


As the name suggests, this is legwear for the fast-paced, athletic and chic woman who wants powerful design that is intended to be noticed.  This legwear shows racy geometrics, juxtaposed with sheers, daring slashes and open works. By using LYCRA® fibres to pair smooth translucency with mirrored foils, electric blues and cosmetic pales, smooth curves and bold colour blocks, these garments really stand out.


Creative Energy


Inspired by design experimentation, this trend entertains one-off patterning and playful creativity connected to cutting-edge technology. Its design inspiration comes from digital screens, glitches, grids and graphs with its rhythm and symmetries broken by wide angles and sharp facts.


LYCRA® is a trademark of INVISTA

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Style File: Emma (Press)

Press assistant Emma tells us all about her style choices…

Name Emma  EmmaWolfordVelvetDeluxeAnthracite
Occupation Press Office Assisant at MyTights
Describe your style in three words. European, classic, feminine
Favourite High Street Stores? H&M, M&S, New Look
Favourite Designers? Moschino, Emilio Pucci
Most Coveted Item? Rainbow heels
Favourite Trend this season? Floral
Where do you get your fashion inspiration from? Youtube video blogs, fashion blogs, my daily commute
Biggest fashion disaster? Gold denim trousers – just why?!
Favourite item of clothing you own? Cream leather jacket from Italy
Who is your style icon? My friend Joanna always looks so stylish and classic. Audrey Hepburn is my celeb style icon.
If you could go back to any era to rock the trends of that time, what era would it be? The 20s – I adore sequins and flapper dresses. Or the 60s because the dresses on Mad Men always look amazing.
What one wardrobe staple could you not live without? Black pencil skirts
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Carole Middleton: Game Changer, Opinion Divider, Fashionista

carole-middleton-patterned-tights-zoomA few days ago, Royal in-law Carole Middleton was snapped in demure patterned tights, and instantly made waves in the fashion world, sparking fierce debate with fashion critics everywhere to criticise her style for being “too young”.

MyTights sprang to her defence in our blog – and lo and behold, a few days later everyone is changing their tune and decided that her look is actually rather fabulous – which must mean that MyTights is now the go to experts on all things fashion (probably).

Not only have the Daily Mail published a guide to patterned tights, everywhere we turn there’s someone quoting Vogue as saying that “fashion tights are back”.  Woman and Home Style Director, Angela Kennedy, agrees with us too: “No age is the wrong age to wear black patterned tights – it’s all about having the right legs and the confidence to carry them off.”  Hear hear!

The perfect transitional piece to take you from winter coat to sundress in style, a classic pair of patterned tights will go with everything in your wardrobe, as well as giving you a little coverage when it’s still too cold to contemplate bare legs.  Here’s our round up of the Daily Mail’s guide on how to rock patterned tights, whatever your style… so now you’ve got no excuse!

Catwalk Queens

Those who like to nod towards high fashion in their sartorial choices should look toward the Mad Men era this season in subtle, sexy seamed tights Feeling brave?  Animal print tights are sure to make a statement and never seem to go out of fashion.

Embellished Princesses

Keep the rest of your look simple and understated – a simple LBD with minimal jewellery is perfect – and go statement with a gorgeous pair of embellished tights.  Think sequins, sparkle and everything in between.

Workaholic Fashionistas

Patterned tights to the office isn’t as much of a no-go as you might think – the trick is to keep it simple.  Try a very fine pattern in a surprising shade, or go for a classic, like polka dot tights.

Curvy Goddesses

No bright colours and no fishnet designs, says the DM, which can often be unflattering on larger legs.  Instead opt for ribbed tights styles which streamline your shape and make your legs appear endless.

Shop all of the tights featured in the Daily Mail Round Up



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MyTights Dazzles at Underlines Star Awards 2013

Last night a groomed, preened, and generally spruced up MyTights headed to the Underlines Star Awards 2013 – an industy event hosted by Underlines lingerie trade magazine, held this year at the super swish Cumberland hotel in London.  The night celebrates the best in the world of lingerie, hosiery and swimwear, and in the words of Underlines’ Managing Editor, the awards “were created in 2007 to recognise and reward entrepreneurial skill, innovation and experience in these specialised sectors. Particularly aimed at independent stores, the event highlights the resilience, competence and flair of retailers across the UK and Ireland.”

With top names like Figleaves, House of Fraser and Fenwicks all nominated for awards, and with 264 retailers and 24 brands represented, there’s no denying the competition was fierce.  But we should have known that when it comes to what makes MyTights really special (Team MyTights and our customers) we are the best in our field, and so it proved. From 380 nominations in total, MyTights was one of 11 winners – for Best Specialist Etailer – and runner up in the hosiery retailer of the year award, too (we weren’t too disappointed, though, as we lost out to Fenwicks, whose hosiery buyer Sue knows everything there is to know about tights).


A super snazzy trophy was duly handed over by Paul Ross (brother of Jonathan, in case you were wondering) – the cherry on top of a fantastic evening which started with a champagne reception, continued with a fabulous four course meal and finished with wine, music and dancing. Needless to say, an amazing night was had by all (we heard a whisper that founder Laura didn’t get home until 2am)!



We are so proud to have won recognition from those who really know their stuff in the industy, and want to say a massive thank you to everyone at Underlines, to Invista for having us as their guests, and to Team MyTights for their dedication, talent and sheer hard graft. And of course to you, our customers. Without your passion for hosiery, honest feedback and unwavering loyalty none of this would be possible.

Oh, and in case you were wondering – Suzanne is wearing the Charnos Lurex Spot Opaque Tights in Black/Gold, and Laura the Falke Seidenglatt 70 Tights in Marine.


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MyTights.com Graces the Pages of Grazia Magazine

With winter chills approaching and light nights already a distant memory, tights are being hailed by fashion editors across the land as THE accessory to be seen in. ?Which is why we were thrilled, but not altogether surprised, to see so many of our tights gracing the glossy pages of Grazia magazine this week…


Shop The Lot!

The Never Flashy Nanas: Falke Soft Merino Wool Tights

The Less-Than-10-Denier Doyennes: Trasparenze Noemi Tights

The Printed Pantyhosers: Wolford Carr? Tights; Pamela Mann Sheer Hearts Tights; Pretty Polly & Patternity Tower Block Tights

The Colour-Block Crazies: Falke Seidenglatt 70 Tights; Pamela Mann 80D Tights

The Tights Traditionalists: Pretty Polly 60D Silk Finish Tights 2PP


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