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Men in Manx ? Sandra Bullock wants to meet you!

What does she want? Men! And what does she want them wearing? Spanx! That?s right, you haven?t read the headline wrong ladies, Hollywood super starlet Sandra Bullock has let the cat out of the figurative bag, confessing that she?s rather keen to meet any members of the opposite sex who dote on Spanx as much as her!

Spanx For Men

Speaking to weekly gossip glossy Heat, the former Miss Congeniality star reveals the extent to which her shapewear enthusiasm travels, letting the British public into the secret behind her stunning red carpet looks. Rarely putting a manicured foot out of line when it comes to her polished style, Bullock claims that she relies on Spanx to see her through public appearances. What?s more, she doesn?t just like them ? she loves them! After spilling the beans on her favourite pair (for the record, she adores shapewear with a high waist, just like the Spanx Undie-tectable High Waisted Panty), the raven haired beauty went on to talk about Spanx for men ? or ?Manx? as she affectionately coined them.

Here at MyTights HQ, we can?t get enough of shapewear for men. Helping to bridge that gap between the sexes, the nifty shapewear works to help men look sharper, stand taller and feel better in their clothes. And why shouldn?t they? Given that our hosiery drawers have been blessed with shapewear for as long as we can remember, it?s high time that the men in our life can join in on the fun too.

Spanx For Men

For the man who?s always on go, we recommend the Spanx For Men Cotton Compression Crew. Designed to fit and look just like a regular tee, the discreet but effective shaping top offers a clever compression system that will firm chests, narrow waistlines and flatten stomachs. All without having to break into a sweat! Made from a breathable cotton fabric, he?ll feel cool & comfortable despite that lengthy commute, and as the seams lie completely flat ? no-one will be able to guess the secret to that enviable figure.

If he?s beginning to warm to idea of shapewear (and who wouldn?t?! A fabulous new figure in seconds!), then might we suggest the Zoned Performance Tank from Spanx. With no sleeves, this tank is set to become a wardrobe favourite. Move aside Rex as it appears man has a new best friend, with a clever zoned compression system that creates a sporty, more toned look instantly. Targeting abs and concentrating around the torso and chest, the support will also work its magic on that posture too, helping him to stand tall after years of slumping. For even more bonus points, a comfortable spandex nylon fabric boasts ?breatheasy? zones to cool underarms and back. Phew! Who says shapewear doesn?t work hard?

So men with ?Manx?, please come forward! A certain Hollywood starlet is waiting to meet you…



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