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Lilo in semi-opaques!

Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan


It’s rare that Lindsay Lohan features anywhere but the fashion hall of shame, but that all changed this week when the actress come socialite stepped out in this gorgeous autumn ensemble. Teaming heeled boots with a floral shirt dress, the 29 year old brought her look together with a pair of classic semi-opaque tights. At this time of year, semi-opaques are the perfect choice – snug enough to keep you warm, but not thick enough to leave you melting on the warmer autumn days. It’s the perfect compromise! Need to stock up? Check out the top 5 semi opaques at MyTights!

Oroblu Sensuel 30 Tights

Oroblu Sensuel 30 Tights

1. The Aristoc 30D Opaque Tights are a great everyday option, these 30 denier tights will show through a slight glimpse of skin, and are durable enough to last all season long. Value for money – check!

2. After a helping hand? Check out the Falke Leg Energiser 30D Tights, giving pins a chic autumnal look, but with strong compression to boost circulation and leave your legs feeling altogether fresher.

3.Virtually indestructible and with an elegant sheen, no hosiery capsule is complete without a pair of the Oroblu Sensuel 30 Tights – choose between 7 gorgeous shades!

4. Looking to cover over imperfections? The Wolford Neon 40 Tights are perfect for you, with a high shine finish ideal for evening events, and made in 7 on trend colours. Worth every penny!

5. Smooth over your tummy and look chic in the process with the Calvin Klein Ultra Fit 30D High Waisted Tights, using light control to gently streamline your shape.

Keep it up, Lilo!


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September – time for semi-opaques!

Wolford Neon 40 Tights

Wolford Neon 40 Tights

Started to pack away your sheers? We don’t know about you, but we’ve noticed the temperatures have almost dropped overnight as we make the transition to autumn. While this does mean the end of bare legs, sandals and sun hats, there is one perk to the change in the season – and that’s semi opaque tights! Thick enough to protect your legs from that early morning chill but thin enough to mean you won’t be a flustered mess by the time you reach the office, semi opaques are the perfect choice for this tricky is it summer/is it autumn period! What’s more, they look great too, so it’s a win-win. To make things a little easier for you, we’ve rounded up a selection of our favourite semi opaque tights to wear across the autumn period.

One perk of semi-opaque deniers is that they’re great for covering over blemishes or skin imperfections. If this sounds like something for you, the very best on the market are the Wolford Neon 40 Tights, which will appear like a 20 denier, but have the coverage and durability of a 40! What’s more, they have a lovely shiny finish to give your looks a dash of glamour. Or if you prefer something a little more understated, the Austrian brand have a matte semi opaque too, in the Wolford Perfectly 30 Tights – ideal for the office!

Aristoc 30D Opaque Tights

Aristoc 30D Opaque Tights

If you’re on the budget, turn your attention to the Pretty Polly 40D Silk Finish Tights, which come two per pack and have an elegant slight sheen that’s perfect for wearing day or night. And at just £5 a pack, they’ll leave change leftover for a Friday night drink! For something in the mid price points, our favourites are the Sensuel 30 Tights from Oroblu. Not only are they available in a host of shades, but they’re virtually indestructible, so will last across the season. In a similar vein, be sure to also check out the 30D Opaque Tights from Aristoc, which feel far more luxurious than their price tag would suggest!

Take a look at all our semi opaque tights before you head off…

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Ask The Expert: Your hosiery questions answered!

Spending the working week surrounded by tights, I’ve amassed a fair chunk of knowledge over the years about all the different realms of the hosiery world, whether on the production side of things, technical terms, or even how to instantly spot different types of toe (yes, really!) With the colder autumn months looming, we thought it would be a great idea to put together a one stop guide that will hopefully answer the most common questions the MyTights team are asked. Haven’t found the answer to the question you’ve always wanted to know? Don’t hesitate to contact our friendly customer services team who will be happy to assist!


1. What is denier?

All tights are discussed in terms of denier, but what actually is it? Well, put simply, denier is the technical term used to describe how thick hosiery is. Referring to the weight of the yarn from which the hosiery is woven, 1 denier means that 9,000 metres of yarn weights 1 gram. Generally speaking, the lower the denier, the sheerer the appearance of the tights are. Likewise, the higher the denier, the more opaque the hosiery will be!










2. What’s the difference between sheer and opaque hosiery?

You might have noticed that hosiery is classified as being either sheer and opaque, the difference lying in the weight of the yarn used. Sheer hosiery (usually between 10-20 denier) is finer in appearance, and thin enough for your skin to show through. Opaque hosiery on the other hand is thicker in appearance, much warmer and altogether more durable. We define opaque hosiery as being above 40 denier, with tights lying between 30-40 denier considered to be semi-opaque


3. What is a matte finish?

The most versatile of hosiery tends to have a matte finish. This is characterised by tights that have a completely flat look without any reflection, generally knitted from multifilament yarns which don’t reflect light. What’s more, matte hosiery won’t draw any attention to your legs, so can be worn for just about any event, regardless of whether it’s a trip to the shops or a formal event. How’s that for versatility?


Falke Shelina Tights - one of our favourite bare leg styles!

Falke Shelina Tights – one of our favourite bare leg styles!

4. What are the benefits of bare leg look hosiery?

You might think that wearing tights in exactly the same shade of your legs is futile, but wearing bare leg look hosiery has a host of hidden benefits. Like make up for your legs, skin tone styles give your pins a flawless finish, help in achieving an even colour and moisturised finish, and can even help you cheat your way to a sunkissed glow! What’s more, they offer some slight coverage should it be a chillier summer day, without taking away from a natural look.





5. Are footless tights the same as leggings?

Similar in appearance, the main difference between footless tights and leggings lies in the thickness. Although both are free from any material at the foot, leggings tend to be much warmer, and thick enough to be worn without the need for longer hemlines. Footless tights on the other hand tend to be less opaque, and would usually require a dress or tunic to cover up.


6. What’s the difference between hold ups and stay ups?

You may have seen both ‘hold ups’ and ‘stay ups’ used to describe the same style of hosiery, that is hosiery that offers a similar look to stockings, but with sticky pads rather than the inconvenience of a suspender belt. So, what is the difference? The answer is – there isn’t one! Both terms are used to describe the exact same thing – tomay-to, tomar-to!


7. Can I fix a snag in my tights before it becomes a ladder?

We’ve all been there – getting dressed in the morning to find our brand new tights have already snagged, it’s enough to put anyone in a bad mood! But to stop it developing into a ladder, a top yet very simple tip is to add a dab of clear nail varnish to the area. Or if you’re especially keen to prevent ladders from forming, check out our range of run resist hosiery, instead!


Pamela Mann Sheer Dotty Tights: A fab fashion style!

Pamela Mann Sheer Dotty Tights: A fab fashion style!

8. What makes fashion tights ‘fashion tights’?

Any regular visitors to the site will know that we separate some of our hosiery into a fashion category. This is generally the case when tights feature something that is considered to be a trend, be it a floral pattern, spots, diamonds, or even something as traditional as a backseams. Fashion styles will ensure you stand out from the style pack, and differ from plain opaques and sheers, which are considered to be more everyday wear.


9. Which hosiery brands will last me the longest?

At MyTights, we hand select our products to ensure that they all offer value for money, but there are some brands that tend to go the extra mile in terms of durability. As with all walks of life, you get what you pay for when it comes to hosiery, but my top tips for brands to invest in when you’re building a hosiery capsule are Wolford, Falke and Oroblu. That’s not to say that the brands in the more affordable end of the price bracket should be overlooked however, and I would also advise to take a look at our ladder resist styles, which are made with specialist yarns to prevent ladders from forming.


10. How often should I wash my tights?

We recommend to wash your hosiery after every wear, to keep it a) looking its best, and b) staying fresh. In an ideal world, washing hosiery by hand is the best solution to keeping it looking pristine, but alternatively, popping your tights in a hosiery bag and using a cool wash is an equally good method!


11. How should I dry my tights?

One of the worst things you can do to your hosiery is to leave it to dry near direct heat, such as a radiator. STOP IN YOUR TRACKS! Drying in extreme temperatures will damage the weave, and will likely leave your tights ready for the fashion scrapheap. The best way to dry tights is on the line, or on a drying rack placed away from any direct heat. Oh, and never iron, either!


12. Which denier weights are appropriate for which season?

We all know how quickly the weather can change from heatwave to washout, but generally speaking, different weights of hosiery will be more of use in specific seasons. In the winter, stick to thermal tights or opaque tights, occasionally wearing semi opaque hosiery should it be a milder day. The spring and autumn months are often subject to change, but typically you’d wear semi-opaque or sheer styles. In the summer, opt for sheer or for something extra natural – ultra sheer styles.


Aristoc Bodytoners Low Leg Toner Tights, one of our bestselling control top tights

Aristoc Bodytoners Low Leg Toner Tights, one of our bestselling control top tights

13. Control tights vs. Support Tights – what’s the difference?

Control top tights and support tights are similar in that they both have hidden talents, and offer a lot more than meets the eye. The fundamental difference is that control top tights help to smooth over your figure using hidden shaping zones, whereas support tights alleviate tired legs by boosting circulation, thanks to a system called graduated compression. This works by applying pressure at your ankles, which gradually travels up the leg, getting lighter as it does so. Both equally as brilliant, however!




14. What’s the best type of toe to wear with different footwear?

If you’re a fan of chunkier footwear styles such as winter boots and trainers, I would recommend opting for a reinforced toe, which has a thicker weave to prevent any holes from forming in the often fragile toe area. Next up on the spectrum are sandal toes, which have barely visible reinforcement, where the weave is slightly stronger across the toe, but perfect for wearing with open toed shoes.

In the summer, sheer toes are invaluable, and are common in ultra sheer tights. Sheer toes should be worn with open toed footwear as strappy sandals, as can open toed styles, which you should choose if you want a super natural look, but still want to benefit from the even skin tone offered by sheers.


15. What’s the difference between gusset types?

Tights can not only differ in terms of denier and toe, but in the type of gusset they use too. Tights with a cotton gusset are designed to improve comfort, fit and hygiene, and can be recognised by a white circular patch in the section where the legs join. Similar to a cotton gusset, traditional gussets also help to improve comfort and fit, but won’t aid hygiene, as they aren’t made from breathable cotton.

Not all tights will have a gusset however, with some opting to have the same fabric on the crotch as in the rest of the leg. Finally, some styles may also have an open gusset, in which there is no fabric whatsoever on the crotch, and these are great for keeping cool and refreshed in the warmer weather.




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Laura’s Choice: Between Season Style

British weather permitting, we seem to be over the worst of winter. It might still be a little damp and drizzly, but at least the blue skies have started to make an appearance. Although the mere sight of the sun being out makes most of us want to reach for our sheers, the reality is it’s not yet warm enough to embrace summer in full – the weather is firmly stuck in limbo land! But good news, your wardrobe doesn’t have to follow suit. How? With our top ‘between season style’ picks of course! From semi-opaque tights through to stylish nets, the collection of trans-seasonal fashion at MyTights.com will leave you looking and feeling your best before we can officially welcome in the spring.

To nail a ‘between season style’, semi-opaque tights should be your port of call. Sitting between 30 and 40 deniers, semi-opaque tights still allow you to show off some skin but with a smidge more warmth than sheers.. As well as being incredibly functional at this time of year, they’re also very much on trend. Don’t believe me? Just look the countless celebrities who have worn semi-opaque tights of late.

Anne and her gorgeous look!

 Best for: Work

Marketing manager Hannah in her Calvin Kleins!

Marketing manager Hannah in her Calvin Kleins!

For the office, the general etiquette is to stick with classic styles, and that’s exactly what’s on offer with the Wolford Perfectly 30 Tights. The ultimate in elegance and quality, I think these are a fabulous investment for your workwear wardrobe. Sure, they’re slightly more expensive than some other brands, but the quality is second to none, and I guarantee they’ll last you not only for the spring but also for the autumn and seasons to come. From the luxury to the everyday, my next offering comes from British heavyweights Pretty Polly, namely the Pretty Polly 40D Silk Finish Tights. Two pairs of 40 denier tights, complete with reinforced toe and boxer brief, for just £5! You can’t argue with value like that, so what better excuse to mix up your office style with the bottle green or navy shades?

After a compromise between the two? Turn your attention to the Aristoc 30D Opaque Tights. Representing real value for money, these classic tights are sale for just £9 a pair. The value stems from the use of microfiber yarns, which give your legs that soft finish you crave, not to mention coming with a reinforced toe and matte finish to ensure they keep cropping up in your everyday wear. If you require a little shaping magic to leave you feeling your best in the workplace, it simply has to be the Calvin Klein Ultra Fit 30D High Waisted Tights. What’s great about these is that they look and feel like any other pair of tights, yet come with light shaping control in the high-waisted panel to cinch in your waist and tone your wobbly bits to perfection. What could be better? Check out marketing manager Hannah in hers on the left!

Best for: Dinner and drinks

Be it a bite to eat with the girls or after work drinks, we all want to nail an elegant evening style. If it’s colour your wardrobes lacking, check out the Jonathan Aston 40D Opaque Tights. As well as leaving you with change leftover for the cab home, these 40 denier tights come in 17 funky colours, all of which will give your look a fun twist that’s perfect for the weekend! From metallic silver to deep violet, there’s no better way to jazz up your wardrobe at this time of year.Me in my Trasparenze Rita Fishnets in Black!

Prefer a more timless style? One of my favourites are the Oroblu Sensuel 30 Tights. Perfect for trans-seasonal weather (in fact, I wear mine all year round), these 30 denier tights have a subtle gloss to them to dress up nearly any ensemble. What’s more, they’re virtually indestructible, so they come highly recommended!

Anyone who knows me will know I’m a big fan of fishnet tights. While wearing fishnets on their own at this time of year isn’t always wise, the trick is to opt for micronet styles, which are made from a finer net offering the same sort of warmth offered by sheers. The Levante Micronet Tights are brilliant at adding some instant sophistication to your look without giving too much away. Another trick I’ve learnt being surrounded by hosiery every day is to layer a pair of fishnet tights over some classic sheers. Not only adding a personal touch to your look but bringing with it plenty of warmth, I tend to experiment with the Trasparenze Rita Tights. Available in four colours, there really is a shade to complement any outfit you fancy wearing… look what I did with mine on the right!

Best for: Nights out

Wolford Neon 40 Tights

Wolford Neon 40 Tights

When you require your legwear to add some glamour to your look, my top pick are the Wolford Neon 40 Tights. Good news if you can’t wait for your summer style to come into fruition, these fabulous tights have the look of a 20 denier sheer, yet the durability of a thicker 40 denier. The best of both worlds and a shiny finish making them evening appropriate – worth every penny in my opinion! Choose between eight colours to match your look to a tee. If you always find yourself straying towards patterns, why not try out the Pretty Polly Backseam Opaques with Bow. Ideal for taking away the chill in their air with their 40 denier weight, the wow factor can be found at the back, with a contrasting backseam and satin bows stitched onto the leg at mid-calf height. Vintage style personified, they’re also only £10 a pair.

Here’s hoping the weather can only improve!

Until next time…

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The Best On The Market: Semi-opaque Tights


Black sheers treading the runway at Milan.

We’ve entered that tricky time of the year where we’re stuck in the middle between two seasons. No longer are we spending each and every morning slipping into our winter thermals, but we’re not quite ready to safely pack away our opaques for another year – it can be a real conundrum to know what to wear! The answer to your legwear woes lies in semi opaque tights, which are a fantastic choice for getting you through the next couple of months until you can embrace your sheers, or if we’re really lucky… bare legs! With a denier weight of between 30 and 40 denier, semi-opaque tights allow you to show off a little bit more skin than with opaques, but with greater protection and durability as experienced with sheer tights. The perfect compromise.

It’s not all about functionality, however. Semi-opaque tights are a fashion-forward option in their own right. Don’t believe us? Just ask the countless runway shows at the recent fashion weeks that featured semi-opaque styles. One such show was Italian designer Vivetta, showcasing sheer black tights alongside a knee length purple dress with racy side split and matching boots. If you’re itching to copy the look and get your hands on some similar tights, MyTights.com stock a huge selection of semi-opaque tights, with something for every event, style and price point…

Oroblu Sensuel 30 Tights

Oroblu Sensuel 30 Tights

1) The everyday semi-opaque – if you’re looking for a quality pair of tights for everyday use, it simply has to be the Oroblu Sensuel 30 Tights. Great for covering up skin blemishes and coming in 7 stylish shades, these 30 denier tights are ideal for taking you from the workplace to the champagne bar. Virtually indestructible!

2) Colour, colour, colour! – if it’s colour you’re after, look no further than the Jonathan Aston 40D Opaque Tights. Towards the higher end of the semi-opaque scale, these 40 denier tights come in no less than 17 shades, ranging from more conservative shades of black and navy blue through to the vibrant daffodil yellow and velvet green. Something for everyone.

3) Treat yourself to some luxury – for pure quality, the Wolford Neon 40 Tights come out on top every time. Ideal for giving your legs a healthy glow with their shiny finish, these 40 denier tights have the appearance of 20 denier but with the durability of a semi-opaque, so you’ll look as if you’ve opted for a sheer tight, without the chilly legs!

Pretty Polly Backseam Opaques with Bow

4) Shaping magic – make the Calvin Klein Ultra Fit 30D High Waisted Tights part of your everyday essentials. Quality semi-opaque tights but with hidden shaping magic in the control panel, they’ll smooth over your lumps and bumps and leave you feeling utterly content.

5) Fantastic fashion – to add a vintage feel to your look, up your style credentials in the Pretty Polly Backseam Opaques with Bow. All the qualities of a semi-opaque but with a retro backseam and super pretty bow at the mid-calf.

Spring style saviours!

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How To Nail The Layered Look!

Shorts, shorts, SHORTS! Are you as ready for spring as we are at MyTights? Lose those frumpy winter jackets and break out those high-waisted shorts ladies!

Alexa Chung

Alexa Chung

While we all love a good pair of denim shorts, sometimes they can get a bit boring. How can you revive your outfit? With tights of course! This spring it’s never been easier to do so with the comfortable and trendy layered look. Whether you’re strolling through the park, or strutting your stuff on the high street, MyTights can give you just the look you’re craving.

Talk about street smarts – iconic Alexa Chung does it best! Casually sipping her coffee, Alexa poses with her loose fitted shorts and semi opaque tights. Recreate this chic look by adding classy shades, a patterned jumper, black booties, and the Calvin Klein Ultra Fit 30D High IMGWaisted Tights.

Reverse this look with a solid coloured top and a pair of patterned tights as this fashion guru does. The only thing that makes our jaws drop more than her sock bun are her tights! Add a pair of fashion tights to your high-waisted denim shorts giving your outfit a splash of fun – the Pamela Mann Baroque Tulle Tights are just the ticket. Also try a pair of the Charnos Opaque Flower Tights. Not only will this add a great pattern to your outfit, the floral print brings with it the perfect dash of spring!



Trasparenze Dora Wool Rib Tights

Trasparenze Dora Wool Rib Tights

Don’t let a chillier day stop you from doing what you do best. Beat the chill with a super comfortable pair of wool tights. The Trasparenze Dora Wool Rib Tights are sure to leave your friends envious with their textured, snug appeal. Bored with that look? Add an edgy pair of hold ups to your shorts. Show a smidge of skin while staying warm with the Trasparenze Jennifer Wool Hold Ups for a trendy look that has sexy written all over it.

Want more? No worries, we’ve got one more trick up our sleeve for you to complete the layered look. Be bold and add a pair of comfortable leg warmers. Which ones? The Pamela Mann Legwarmers, of course, for their retro vibe and range of colours.

If you didn’t have spring fever before, we’re hoping you do now! Put down those bulky jackets, and put on the shorts. MyTights will help you comfortably own them with ease.

Voila – layered look complete!

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Semi-opaque Tights: Who Wore It Best?

The trusty black opaque has reigned supreme for years, and with good reason. Chic, versatile and great for locking in the warmth, it’s no surprise that they tend to be the go-to option for most women across the country. But, in recent seasons, we’ve noticed a somewhat changing trend. While black opaques are undoubtedly still popular, it seems that the tide may have turned, and wearers of hosiery are instead opting for more elegant semi-opaque or sheer styles. Anyone who follows fashion will know that you can always count on celebrities to be at the forefront of any breaking trend, and never more than so than this week, with no less than three fashionistas stepping out in an elegant semi-opaque leg. Anne Hathaway, Cara Delevingne and Nicole Kidman were all papped in the hosiery staple, albeit channelling very different looks. Which begs the question – semi opaque tights: who wore it best?

Anne and her gorgeous look!

Anne and her gorgeous look!

Starting off with MyTights favourite Anne, the Hollywood actress opted for black semi-opaque tights for her interview on the Today show, wearing her chic legwear with a monochrome patterned mini-dress. We think Anne looked fabulous (let’s face it, she always does!); her elegant legwear provided the perfect base for her busy dress, coming together to form a style that would work from day to play with ease. What do you think of her look?

Next up in the ring we have model of the moment Cara Delevingne, who went for all out-glamour in a flapper style mini-dress. Finishing off her fringed look with suede black heels, tailored blazer and simple black semi-opaques, the 22 year old looked stunning. Her chic ensemble proved that you don’t always need statement legwear to stand out, and we may be biased, but we loved the elegant finishing touch her tights added to her evening look. In fact, we’re going to say it… she may have just pipped Anne Hathaway to the post!

Cara's Fabulous Flapper Look!

Cara’s Fabulous Flapper Look!

But it’s not over yet; as yet another Hollywood starlet also went for a semi-opaque style this week, the contender in question this time being Nicole Kidman. Wrapping up warm and landing at LAX Airport, the 47 year old wore a gorgeous polkadot dress, black pashmina scarf, completing her winter style with black semi-opaques and chic leather brogues. Yet another super-elegant look, proving just how versatile semi-opaque tights are…

So, who wins? After much deliberation, we’ve come to our decision. While we love all three looks in their own individual way, it has to be Cara Delevingne!

Do you agree – why not have your say below?


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Laura’s Choice – Black Sheer Tights

Wearing thin tights in the winter might seem like ‘sheer’ lunacy, but during the previous season the sales of sheer tights (and luxury sheers in particular) rocketed, spurred on no doubt by the current trend for black sheer tights.  Seen on everyone who’s anyone, from Miranda Kerr to Alexa Chung, I’ve decided it was high time I bring you my pick of the best sheer black tights MyTights.com has to offer…


Ultra Sheer (5-9 denier)

Ultra sheer tights are the thinnest tights that are available, giving you just a touch of coverage and making them ideal for warmer weather. With a slight sheen finish, the Trasparenze Capri Tights will provide your lovely legs with a flawless complexion whilst allowing them to stay cool and fresh thanks to their low denier. These are also a great option for those on a budget, thanks to the purse friendly price – but if you’re after a more luxurious option, the Wolford Individual 5 Tights are perfect for getting a hosiery drawer to rival Ms. Middleton’s.  Renowned for their quality, including double-covered elastane in every row for increased durability as well as a perfect fit, these are quite simply incredibly strong for a 5 denier tight – bravo Wolford!


Sheer (10-20 denier)

If you are looking for classic black sheer tights then 10-20 denier tights are perfect for you. The Pretty Polly Nylons Tights is a beloved product and strong seller coming from the brand with a 95 year history.  Made in 10 denier, these sheer tights are marvellous for showing off those legs at special events thanks to their gorgeous shiny finish and variety of different shades. A long time favourite of our customers, it doesn’t get more classic than the 10 denier Falke Fond de Poudre Tights.  One of the original products from the luxury brand, these sensational sheers combine unexpected durability with an exceptionally flawless “powdered” finish that will make your legs look – and feel – simply divine.


Semi-Opaque (30 denier)

Semi-opaque 30 denier tights are fantastic for those tricky mid-season temperatures, when legs require a bit of coverage but not too much, since this midweight denier givs you a glimpse of leg while banishing blemishes. One of my favourites are the utterly wonderful Oroblu Sensuel 30 Tights, which have a slight sheen finish and glide onto your leg effortlessly. If smoothing your silhouette is what you desire, then the Calvin Klein Ultra Fit 30D High Waisted Tights are superb since along with a 30 denier and matte finish, these semi-opaque tights also provide light control with an extended waist for even more shaping magic (and a feminine V Line brief). Last but certainly not least, the Levante Relax Medium Support Tights provide the clever combination of light control and medium support in a 30 denier.


Very Shiny vs. Matte Finish

I must say that I find glossy tights extremely glamorous and perfect for ensuring that you stand out from the crowd, and the ever popular Aristoc Ultra Shine Tights in 10 denier are perfect for nights out thanks to their sheer toe and shiny finish for high gloss glamour in an instant. If you’re looking for a thicker denier, perhaps for an all day wedding, I would certainly suggest the Levante Brillante Tights with their 20 denier appearance and comfort waistband you can dance the evening away in style and in comfort.   However a matte finish remains a favourite for some and I must admit that when at work I do prefer matte tights like the Falke Pure Matt 20 Tights in a sheer 20 denier, featuring an extremely soft feel as well as superior coverage. These luxurious sheer tights show yet again that Falke are experts at giving those legs a gorgeous look and feel.


mama-spanxFuller Figures

If you’re looking for sheers to accommodate your curves, then look no further, as MyTights stock a great range of plus size styles, too.  The aforementioned gorgeous Pretty Polly Nylons tights have a fuller figure version, the Pretty Polly Curves Nylons Tights, which fit up to a 60 inch waist providing you with superior levels of comfort and an enhanced fit.


Soon-to-be yummy mummies have not been forgotten, either –  the Trasparenze 20 Denier Maternity Tights have been designed especially for you, with their wide gentle waistband and stretchy material that expands to accommodate your growing bump. For a little more support from your pregnancy tights, then the Mama Spanx Maternity Tights in 20 denier boast a special support panel designed to go under the belly.




Ladder Resistant

As you can well imagine, if there is one thing that I just cannot stand it is ladders, so thankfully Charnos have come to the rescue with the 10 denier Charnos Run Resist Sheer T

 ights. Their innovative yarn technology means that their stitches are bonded together, so that they’re protected from turning into bigger holes and runs. Hot on their heels, and boasting Lycra Fusion technology that keeps them safe from laddering, the Aristoc Ultimate 10D Matt Tights have a classic matte finish and are woven in a 10 denier, while their sheer toe sets these apart as being suitable for wearing with sandals or peep toes – so they’re brilliant for taking on holiday! Ultra fine in a 5 denier, the Levante Resistenza Tights’ special yarn is resistant to runs and these super sheers are available in a multitude of sizes especially for leggy ladies.

If you’re not quite sure what you’re after, take a look at our entire range of fabulous black sheer tights. Also do make sure to look at our What My Tights Wore blogs for more ideas of how to style those sheers!


Until next time…





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Laura’s Choice – Workwear

aristoc-ultra-shine-tightsIt?s back to work again. Even those of us who love our jobs will miss those lie-ins and free time. However, the one thing that can perk up even the dreariest of commutes is new hosiery. Working nine to five (and then some!) is not as daunting when you are in a great pair of tights.

Stunning Sheers
How could you possibly be miserable with flawless, gleaming legs? You are bound to boast the glossiest legs in the office in Aristoc Ultra Shine 10D Tights, so prepare yourself for jealous glances! Woven in a fine 10 denier, they provide enviable coverage in a number of different shades. These glamorously glossy sheer tights are also available as hold ups.

For a subtler look, perk up your morning routine by slipping into a pair of silky smooth Oroblu Sensual 13 Tights. The sublime feel of these tights will give you a buzz even before you?ve reached for that frothy cappuccino! Furthermore, the sheer number of shades means that there is a pair for every dress you own. They come in a plus size version, too ? ladies with curves rejoice! Or if you?ve got never ending legs, look no further than Le Bourget Voilance Satine 15 denier tights. Stand tall in these gorgeous sheers thanks to their generous selection of sizes.

Busy girls have busy schedules ? and our range caters for all occasions. Has your calendar just reminded you of that glamorous black tie work event? The dress is sorted, now all you require is a pair of natural looking tights to give you flawless coverage. German brand Falke?s Shelina Tights come in a range of shades that have been developed with a team of dermatologists, ensuring that your bare leg style looks as natural as possible. Their 8 denier appearance (though it might as well be 0 denier, they look so invisible once on) is boosted by 12 denier strength, providing these sheers with superior resistance to snags. No one will ever believe you?re wearing tights ? they?ll just envy your ?naturally? flawless skin.


Outstanding Opaques
If you?re in need of something a little warmer in the colder weather, gorgeous work wear staples need not be expensive. Take the Pamela Mann 80 Denier Tights, for example. Made in a sublimely thick 80 Denier, these opaque tights will keep you delectably warm. Variety is the spice of life, and with 19 shades to choose from you will enjoy no end of choice. Give a classic dark purple peplum dress a novel twist with a Damson pair of coloured opaques for an on-trend colour block. look.

When the weather outside takes a turn for the arctic do not put off that commute, rather slip on a pair of Pretty Polly 200D Fleecy Opaque Tights. Recommended by the Guardian no less, these tights are so toasty thanks to their impressive thickness and wonderfully soft by virtue of their fleecy lining. No wonder they?re constantly at the top of our bestseller list! http://www.mytights.com/gb/pretty-polly-200d-fleecy-opaque-tights.html If you?re after glamorous opaques that embrace your curves then Cette Dublin Plus Size 60 Denier Tights are just the ticket. Having been designed especially for voluptuous goddesses, these tights will fit you like a dream, whatever your shape or size.

Now, no matter how many snagging hazards may dwell at your desk, the Andrea Bucci Lycra Fusion Opaque Tights triumph over adversity every time. At the forefront of hosiery innovations, these tights include special Lycra Fusion technology meaning that even if they get a hole these tights will not ladder. Even Velcro holds no fear for these tough tights. Give yourself a payday treat with Wolford Mat Opaque 80 Tights, they feel just wonderful and last forever. Now busy ladies on the go can stop fretting over unsightly snags for good.

oroblu-jillian-patterned-tightsSpeaking of busy ladies, we know finding time to fit the gym into your life can be nigh on impossible ? however, you can magic away any pesky muffin tops with the Calvin Klein Ultra Fit French 30D High Waisted Tights. Their light shaping control ribbed panels trim waists, slim thighs and lift up derri?res.

For ladies who like the finer things in life, what better way is there to pamper yourself than investing in a pair of luxury tights? The Wolford Neon 40 Tights have a sublimely glossy appearance and are thick enough to give great coverage for blemishes and veins ? think personal air brush! Virtually indestructible, they are quickly becoming a firm favourite with our beloved customers. I often wear my Coca brown pair with a plaid skirt and cream cable knit jumper.

Classic Fashion
If your office lets you get away with something a little different, draw those faces away from their computer screens and indulge in Oroblu Jillian Tights. I adore fashion tights, it?s always refreshing to wear something different and yet subtle enough for the office. Their geometric pattern oozes style and sophistication, and I find that their 30 denier provides the right level of thickness all year round. I enjoy standing out from the crowd in my glorious demi-circle patterned tights and brown shift dress.?I also love the Charnos Honeycomb tights, which feature an exquisite design buzzing with tiny ovals.

For something a little more striking, the Wolford Nahla Tights are a modern twist on an old favourite- a classic net design now combined with intricately detailed lacey floral motifs. From your work space to that great cocktail place you will lose count of the compliments these tights (and of course your legs!) generate.

lebourget-essential-15-stockingsA bit much for your conservative office? Go for a classic like polka dots instead ? the Pamela Mann Sheer Dotty Tights are covered in dainty dots, meaning we can toil with spreadsheets in style!

Stockings/Hold Ups
Whether it?s comfort or style you?re after, some of you just prefer the old time glamour of stockings and hold ups. Keep both cool and chic in your stuffy cubicle with the aid of Le Bourget Essential 15 Stockings, which feature an intricately designed 12cm wide lace top packed with swathes of swirls and flowers. adorn these feminine lace tops. Misplaced that suspender belt? Jonathan Aston Seam and Heel hold ups provide the perfect solution ? their charming back seam evokes old Hollywood glamour, and makes your legs appear endless! I tend to match these hold ups and stockings with a mid-length dark emerald dress and pointed black heels.

For Under Trousers
If you?ve a penchant for a pant-suit, there are alternative hosiery options that can still transform your working day. No woman should have to suffer to look good ? the Charnos Court Shoes Padded Ball Footsies mean you won?t have to, as they have been made with a special cushion that protects the ball of your feet ? so now you can enjoy your lunch break stroll in style and comfort. Not a fan of heels? Chances are you won?t escape the winter unscathed, either. Well, Levante Ultra Sheer Knee Highs have come to the rescue ? a secret layer of warmth for your feet on the coldest winter days, and at ?5 for two pairs you can keep one in your handbag for fashion emergencies. Their subtle sheer finish will provide the perfect accompaniment to that treasured footwear. Plus wearing knee highs will protect both foot and shoe from odours and wear and tear.

I hope that I have given you some inspiration for banishing those winter blues. If you ever need any hosiery inspiration, feel free to ring us for some advice, we love discussing tights ? almost as much as wearing them!

Until next time?


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Kate in Opaques: Savvy Styling or Fashion Faux Pas?

kate-middleton-opaques-under-dress-editOur beloved K-Middy can do no wrong, it seems, when it comes to fashion.? Through her carefully selected on-trend-yet-classic wardrobe, she has expertly toed the line between Royal protocol and her own (excellent) taste, leaving us with a serious case of wardrobe envy.

Much was made a couple of years ago about her devotion to the nude sheer, with some corners of the fashion world turning their noses up and decrying them as an 80s throwback we should have long since left behind.? But with sales of luxury sheer tights up 43% so far this year, we think some of those critics might now be eating their words.? But what do you make of the Duchess? latest fashion ?controversy??

At the screening of Sir David Attenborough?s Natural History Museam Alive 3D last Thursday, Kate wore a stunning, floor skimming Temperley dress, ticking all the necessary boxes (on trend lace/cool Brit designer/flattering but reserved cut).? But as she lifted her skirt to step up onto the pavement, she unwittingly also lifted the lid on her warming secret ? black opaque tights layered under her floor length gown.

Now, we?re all for trying where possible to combine fashion with comfort (except for when it comes to onesies), but we?re wondering if maybe a thicker sheer might have been the answer? Twenty or even thirty denier semi opaque tights in a skin tone shade would have provided the necessary protection from the chill but also would have remained incognito if a glimpse of ankle or shin were to be unveiled.? But then she?s the darling of the fashion world for a reason ? for all the rules and protocol, she can wear what she likes and 99% of fashionistas everywhere will happily follow suit.

We say, if you are going to go there, why not go the whole hog?? Layer your long party frocks over a pair of Pretty Polly?s Fleecy Tights and you?ll have a toasty warm layer no one will ever know about ? unless of course they happen to catch a glimpse, in which case you can just tell them you?re working The Kate.



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