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Spanx Creator Sara Blakely: 10 Golden Rules

Shapewear Supremo Sara Blakeley!

Shapewear Supremo Sara Blakeley!

If we were pushed to name a few of our favourite women in the world, the mastermind behind shapewear maestro’s Spanx would undoubtedly feature on the list somewhere along the line. Ah, our trusty Spanx! Increasing the body confidence of women across the globe, Sara Blakely and her range of fabulous shapewear make smoothing over our lumps and bumps easy. We trust anything Sara has to say here at MyTights… after all, she’s revolutionised our lives, so why wouldn’t we?! Featuring in this month’s issue of Porter Magazine, the self-made billionaire disclosed her 10 golden rules for having a more positive outlook on everyday life. Listen up, ladies!

1) Trust your gut – Sara revealed that, although she lives just 5 minutes from her work, she actually leaves 45 minutes in advance, opting for a long route to have time to think and come up with innovative new ideas!

2) Look for hidden blessings in bad events – believe that everything that happens will lead to something greater. Giving us one of our favourite quotes of all time, Sara added ‘I mean, look what my cellulite led to!’ What a woman!

3) Be grateful for being a woman in this era – we’ve got it good, don’t we? Embrace life and show gratitude for what you have.

4) Keep close girlfriends – Sara’s had the same group of friends since she was five, and she claims keeping such a loyal and close group has enabled her to get where she is today!

5) Laugh at yourself – don’t get easily offended, let go and find the funny side in your misfortunes. Starting with those terrible fashion choices you made back in the ‘80s!

6) It doesn’t matter what other people think of you – we particularly love this one. Let go, be yourself, wear what you want. If you like an outfit, that’s a good enough reason to wear it!

7) Always aim to be a better version of yourself – Sara constantly asks herself the same question; ‘How would I be doing my job is no-one showed me? Is there a better way?’

8) Care more than anyone else – starting out with just $85000 and with no experience of the shapewear industry, Sara asserts that being so passionate about what she does opened doors for her, you should do the same.

9)  There’s always room for improvement – whether relationships or our careers, we can always improve. Take a step back, listen to motivational audio books, and strive to be the best you can be.

10) Think about what you’ve failed in – there’s no harm in failing. In fact, it makes us work harder. So at the end of every week, have a cup of tea and think about what you could have done better.

Oh Sara, we love you. With all those motivational tips, we’re in the mood to treat ourselves to some fabulous new shapewear. Why not check out our amazing range of Spanx products?


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New Year Fash-olutions: Our top ten



It’s that time of year again. New Year, new you! 2015 is going to be different. This year, you’re going to banish the carbs, work up a sweat at the gym 5 times a week and quit the booze, right?

We envy you if you manage to stick to your January promises, but let’s be honest, it’s not always easy. So why not save yourself the guilt come early February and make some New Year resolutions that you can stick to? In our eyes, the perfect way to bring in 2015 in style is to revamp your hosiery collection. With this in mind, the MyTights team have been busily compiling a selection of our own fash-olutions (get it?)

Here are our top ten…

1) Don’t stress, invest: We’ve all got that token pair of tights in our drawer that we bought on a whim – an impulse buy that you convinced yourself you’d wear once a week, but in reality, have never been taken out of the packet. So this year, spend some time in creating a capsule collection of quality basics that you will actually wear – we’re talking black opaques and luxury sheers!


2) Organisation is key: nobody wants to be rummaging through their bedside table at 6am, desperately trying to find THAT pair of tights that will finish off your outfit perfectly. So take action; throw out anything you haven’t worn in the last year and organise your fashion tights with the brilliant Stoxbox. A neat and tidy hosiery drawer awaits…

3) Be braver: fashion is there to be experimented with, so instead of wishing you could pull off a pair of suspender tights that you’ve seen in a celebrity magazine, go out and try it! You never know, you might find a new hosiery BFF. Ankle socks are a great place to start!

4) Discover your perfect skintone shade: it may take a little bit of trial and error to find exactly what you’re after, but finding your perfect skin tone shade is a must. Not only will it save you time and money, it’ll give you no end of confidence and allow you to pull off a bare leg look with panache! Need a little help? Check out our in-depth skintone guide.

Skintone Guide

Skintone Guide

5) Turn your back on black: colour, colour, colour! Black opaques are a necessary component of every staple collection, but it’s entirely possible to achieve a similarly chic and classic look with a pair of coloured tights. We’re not saying opt for bright yellow straight away, but why not try out muted tones like navy, burgundy and dark grey?

6) Find the ideal shapewear for problem areas: shapewear can be daunting at first – what will work for you? Is it worth the money? The MyTights shapewear guide is there to help, offering you all the advice you need to find something suitable for your problem zones. The hassle-free way to a streamlined silhouette!

7) Throw out your odd socks: most of us have done it at some point, haven’t we? Whether intentional or not, odd socks are a fashion faux pas. Start off the year with a clean slate – grab a bin bag, throw your rejects away and replace them with our fabulous range of quality socks. Something for every style!

8) Know the key trends: a capsule collection is a great idea, but it’s always nice to a mix it up a bit with a patterned pair of fashion tights! To ensure your legwear is current and on-trend, take it upon yourself to follow the catwalks at London Fashion Week to find the most up to date styles. We’ll no doubt be blogging about it as it happens, too, so watch this space!

Levante Relax Medium Support Tights

Levante Relax Medium Support Tights

9) Suffer no more: if you spend a long time on your feet at work, it’s not unusual for your legs to feel tired and jaded come the end of the day. In 2015, tell yourself that enough is enough – give your pins the attention they deserve with a pair of our excellent support tights. No longer limited to frumpy and unflattering tights, our range of support tights are sourced from an array of industry leading brands… so it’s entirely possible to channel a chic legwear look AND have a spring in your step in the process.

10) Put yourself first!: Last but not least…treat yourself. Feeling confident is hugely important, and a brilliant way to boost your mood in the miserable winter months. After all, if you look great, you feel great. So this year, if you’ve spotted a pair of tights that you can’t stop thinking about, don’t worry about the price…splash out and put yourself first!

Happy New Year!


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Could Shapewear Be The Secret Behind Pippa’s Perfect Behind?

booster-shortMillions of people were watching the Royal Wedding three years ago when Katherine Middleton became the Duchess of Cambridge, so naturally the eyes of the world were also on Pippa Middleton and of course her behind as she aided her sister up the aisle.

It’s understandable that Pippa would want to look her best and might opt for some shaping shorts to make sure she looked fit for the occasion, or at least that’s what the French TV presenter Stephane Bern has been saying. During his chat show Mr Bern stated that it was his theory that Mademoiselle Middleton had worn some shapewear to achieve curvier assets.

The sheer absence of VPL (visible panty line) as well as a toned appearance certainly does suggest that she was wearing control wear, but which product?

Pippa could have been wearing the Spanx Slimpicity Booty Booster Shorts with their removable pads designed to give you a peachy behind. The strong control flattens tummies, hips and thighs – just the thing for a figure-hugging white silk dress. Their smooth fabric is laser-cut making them feel like a second skin. Being removable, the so-called “butt-lets” can be taken out whenever they’re not needed- leaving you with a normal pair of shaping shorts.

Want a lifted behind at a purse-friendly price? Then take a look at the Ambra Killer Figure Bum Lifting Shorts featuring clever ‘pockets’ of fabric that shape and lift bottoms for that perfect rear. Their medium strength control also smooths hips, thighs and tummies, giving you a gym bunny look in an instant.

Of course, unless Pippa confirms or denies the rumours we will never know the truth… but at least we can be safe in the knowledge that a gorgeous behind can be achieved in next to no time without a squat or cross trainer in sight!



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Team MyTights’ Capsule Collections

HannahCalvinKlein80DHighWaistOpaquesSuzannePrettyPollyVelvet120DI’ve always been a firm believer in the “capsule wardrobe”.  Whilst it can be tempting to impulse buy on the high street in a mad panic to find something new for a dinner date or party, investing in quality basics has always stood me in good stead, and over the years I have amassed a wonderful collection of investment buys that are utterly timeless.  As with most things, I have of course applied this to my hosiery drawer, and this week bring you my capsule hosiery collection, as well as the hosiery drawer essentials of the rest of the MyTights Team…

Opaque Tights

Classic opaque tights are a core staple of any woman’s wardrobe, and an absolute essential for me, given our temperamental British weather and fondness for bicycling in all weathers! My marketing expert Suzanne and I both love the Falke Seidenglatt 70 Tights, which are gloriously soft and shiny and come in a range of shades (I have them all, of course).  Hannah from the marketing team loves Calvin Klein, and the Calvin Klein 80D High Waist Tights are her absolute favourites, as they contain a little secret streamlining. Meanwhile, customer service queen Nikki and warehouse wonder woman Krys both opted for the Jonathan Aston 40D tights, which come in, as Krys says,”every colour you could want” – and so are ideal for matching to everything you own.

Lauraoroblusensual30moccaSheer Tights

Sheer tights have always been a fundamental part of my collection, and thanks to the advancements made in hosiery technology (not to mention a certain Duchess), sales of sheers have soared in recent years. I truly believe that with quality products like the Oroblu Sensuel 13 Tights you really do get what you pay for. But that’s not to say you can’t get a great bargain- Hannah loves the Pretty Polly Naturals 8D Sandal Toe Tights, which are a steal at just £5! You can even get sheers with in-built extra powers, like PR girl Emma’s favourite Charnos Energising Support which also help to keep the skin moisturised and prevent cellulite.  And the Falke Shelina Tights are a market leader when it comes to practically invisible bare leg look tights (they come in a range of shades designed with the help of dermatologists), so it’s no wonder these were Nikki’s AND Suzanne’s top pick.

Fashion Tights

Fashion tights are set to be THE accessory of the season come autumn (just ask Vogue), so I recommend adding a pair to your essentials collection. A classic pattern, like the Mary Portas Spotty Shaper Tights that made Suzanne’s must have list, or my beloved favourite lace Wolford Nahla Tights, are classic fashion styles will work season after season. For something a little more daring, make like Emma and try the Pamela Mann Paris Skyline Suspender Tights, which have an intriguing mock suspender design featuring the iconic Paris skyline – perfect got adding a little je ne sais quoi to your look.


Other Key Pieces

These three are the starting point for any capsule hosiery collection – what you add after that depends on your personal style. Krys and Nikki both opted for socks (the former for the bold, fun Happy Socks Women’s Gift Box, and the latter for the “ideal for netball” Charnos Trainer Socks). Hannah confessed a certain weakness for the Spanx Power Panties (“an absolute essential for under clingy dresses”), and I have to say I love the SPANX Active Leggings for making me feel stylish at the gym.

I hope the team’s top picks have provided you with a little inspiration for your own capsule collection – after all, it only takes one great buy to get you started!

Until next week…




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Laura’s Choice: Shape It Up!

With more and more women confessing to owning and wearing shapewear in some form or another, it was about time that someone came up with something new and exciting.  Thank goodness, then, for Pretty Polly’s Shape It Up collection, which has gone some way to making shapewear seem young, cool and fun.  The five new medium control additions to their existing capsule collection are perfect for those demanding ladies who want it all – shapewear that controls effectively, feels amazing to wear and looks great too.  You’d think that any products combining all this would pretty much bankrupt you for the next season – but no, Pretty Polly have made their whole range fabulously affordable as well, so no one gets left out.

For those that like a classic shapewear shorts style that will target the traditional “legs, tums and bums” areas, the Pretty Polly Shape it Up Long Line Shaper Shorts are perfect.  With a longer leg than average shapers, these shorts are perfect for under pencil skirts or form fitting midi dresses, as the leg extends down to just a few inches above the knee.  With a wide control waistband that refuses to roll down and a seamless design to make them as discreet as possible, these are a great all round shaping solution.

For a similar silhouette with added pretty points, the high waisted Pretty Polly Lace Shaper Short gives the same medium control around the hips, tummy, bum and thighs, but has the added bonus of a high waist than extends right up to the bra line, not to mention the elegant lace design and adorable scalloped edges.  This is the prettiest shapewear I’ve ever seen – I predict this is one you might actually admit to wearing!

If you want to make an even bolder statement, the Pretty Polly Boy Shaper Short comes in a vivid hot pink as well as classic black and nude, and has a boy short design, meaning they’re ideal for teaming with minidresses, high hemmed skirts and even micro shorts.  Perfect if you just need a little help around the middle, these will flatten tums and give derrières a subtle boost.

Pretty they might be, but these styles were still designed to be worn under clothes – unlike the Pretty Polly Shaper Leggings, which will shape from ankle to braline with ease.  You can of course layer these if you want to – they’ll work well under slim fitting trousers or clingy evening dresses, as there’ll be no visible lines thanks to the seamless design and the fact that there is no edge where the shaper stops on your thigh like you get with a shorts design. But personally I think they would be fab worn on their own for the gym – their slight sheen finish makes them look just like regular exercise leggings, so fellow gym bunnies will simply think your fabulous figure means you’ve been putting in extra hours on the treadmill.

And whether you team with your leggings at the gym or under a tailored blazer on a night out, the Pretty Polly Shaper Cami is a shapewear classic.  It looks just like any basic vest top, albeit with a luxurious slight sheen to the fabric, but tucked away inside is yet more of Pretty Polly’s pretty fab secret shaping.  With adjustable straps and a non-control structured bit about the bust to lift rather than flatten, the camisole boasts shaping control all around the mid section, so it’s well equipped to flatten tummies, trim waists and smooth backs.  This is perfect for layering under dresses or sheer blouses, as everyone will think you’re just wearing a regular top and so your shapewear can remain your little secret.

The entire range is virtually seamless (any seams that do feature are super flat and usually on the inside of the leg), so there’ll be no risk of anyone guessing the reason behind your amazing new figure.  Plus, all the styles except the Lace shaper shorts have been treated with a cooling finish, so they’ll keep you feeling fresh even in warmer weather. If you love these, be sure to check out the rest of the Pretty Polly Shape it Up collection, including classic control tights and even shaping suspender styles!

Until next week…



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5 Styles For Spring

wolford-eyla-stay-upsIt?s never too early to embrace the SS14 trends, so here are our tips for which tights will go best with the upcoming styles.

Dark Florals
Blooms are booming next season, and this time think sophisticated big floral prints on a dark background. Team a floral dress with black opaques for a classic and flattering look. These stunning Ultra Fit 80D High Waisted Shaper Tights by Calvin Klein render that expensive January gym membership unnecessary. Providing the best of both world, these gorgeous opaques give you an enviable silhouette and still feel comfortable thanks to the soft microfiber yarn.

Sport Luxe
Wolford can do no wrong in our eyes, consistently giving classic staples a fresh and elegant update. This time they’ve worked their magic on their Eyla stay ups, adding a sexy scarlet trim to the tops. The high quality yarn and reinforced toes ensures that these sheers will outlast this glam trend. Match these hold ups in Sahara/Red with a bomber jacket or a slogan sweatshirt and a white mini skirt or shorts.

pamela-mann-art-deco-net-tightsFashion Meets Art

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Many designers have been looking to the art world for inspiration this season. If you want to attain this cultured look why not pair a LBD with these Pamela Mann Deco Net Tights. Featuring a range of intricate patterns including diagonal lines, semi circles and diamonds, this hosiery could hush even the harshest art critic.

Pleats are popular again. Style your on-trend kilt with classic white wool for a look that screams highland chic, and cream woolen tights just don?t come classier than Trasparenze Gennifer Merino Wool Tights. These thick opaque tights aren?t just fashionable but functional thanks to the insulating wool content. Even if the weather doesn?t warm up until September 2014, your pins will stay snug and pampered.

Pink Blush
Pastel pink is one of the hot shades for next season. Embracing this look couldn’t be easier with Jonathan Aston?s 40D Opaque Tights, available in the perfect shade of Candy Pink. If this cotton candy colour is too sickly sweet for you then don?t worry because red and electric blue are also tipped to be big. Yes, you guessed it, Jonathan Aston has terrific tights in these shades too.



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Review: Spanx Higher Power Brief

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Hannah ?higher-power-brief


Spanx Higher Power Brief


Spanx Higher Power




B (I’m a dress size 10)



Colour Comments (if applicable)

A pretty classic nude shade that didn’t show up underneath my sheer blouse!

Appearance comments

At first sight, this looks pretty scary – tiny when you first take it out of the pack, I wondered how I was even going to fit one leg in, leg along a bum and pair of hips too!? But the different sections ressured me that this was a product tailored to fit a real person’s body,? The fabric is functional rather than beautiful – if you’re after shapewear that’s a little sexier I’d try the Spanx Slimplicity range which is a bit more glamorous to the eye, or opt for a black shade instead.

Appearance Score


Feel comments

As outlined above, the name of the game here is function, so when it comes to the fabric don’t expect anything too fancy.? Perfectly comfortable, though, and with a cotton gusset and cotton brief it’s soft enough to keep me happy.

Feel out of ten


Fit comments

Be warned – this shaper looks tiny when you take it out of the pack and it does take some wriggling to get into (particularly over the hips and derriere).? Once on, though, I found it to be comfortable and I soon stopped noticing it.? Yes, it does feel constricting at first, but that’s just the strong shaping support working its magic.? If you really feel it’s too tight, chances are you may need to go up a size, but I found that size B was perfect and correct as per the product’s size guide.

Fit out of ten


Value for Money Comments

At just over ?30, this is relatively cheap shapewear.? Yes, you will find slightly cheaper on the market, but I find this to be the best quality and most effective product in this price range.? When you consider how many times you’ll wear it (and what you’d spend on a dress you only wear a handful of times) it’s actually a complete bargain!

Value for Money out of ten


So, Does it Work?

Shapewear is not a miracle worker – if you’re a size 14 it’s not going to make you a size 8.? But this strong control shaper will give you a smooth silhouette under tight clothing, eliminating lumps, bumps and unsightly bulges, and it definitely flattened my tummy. Plus I found when I was wearing it I became more aware of my posture, sitting up straighter and walking a little taller.

General comments

A classic shapewear style for all who need a little waist and hip shaping – great value for money and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend to a friend.

Any Tips or Care Instructions?

To stop the top from rolling down, firstly make sure you have chosen the correct size, and put it in in front of a mirror, ensuring that the back is pulled up as high as the front (this is a common cause of rolling waistbands).? Finally, put on your bra over the top of the waistband – this will effectively “pin” it into place and also help to create a silhouette uninterrupted by bulges.

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Spanx, I salute you!

Unwanted lumps & bumps. We all have them. But as ever, shapewear guru Spanx has come to the rescue once more, creating even more treats for our shaping collection and leaving us body confident in the process. From the ultra-lightweight to the gym bunny friendly, there?s even a pair of sheers to deliver a J-Lo inspired derri?re! Simply choose the shapewear that ticks most of your boxes and voila ? that enviable outline is a mere click away…

Proving that shapewear needn?t be clunky or overbearing, the ultra-thin Trust Your Thinstincts range combines all-round smoothing with a lightweight feel. What?s more, the clever designers at Spanx HQ have listened to our suggestions, adding in a non-compression bust to their tops & slips. Squash & squeeze free, the range is also equipped with nifty stay-put details for the best possible fit.


For those wanting to tackle tricky tummies, the Thong Body is a?must. Using a medium slimming level, the bodysuit will trim & slim in seconds, smoothing stomachs and skimming love handles. With adjustable straps and a non-compression bust that adapts to all cup sizes, the bodysuit is perfect for wearing underneath your work shirt or a slightly sheerer blouse for the evening (as the top can be disguised as an everyday camisole, shh!). If the idea of VPL (visible panty line) gives you chills, worry not as the silky microfibre thong sits incognito once on. If the ultra-thin quality appeals but you?re after more coverage, the Tank Full Slip from the collection is perfect. Ideal for both work & play, the full length slip also uses a medium control, but this time round the lightweight shapewear will lift bottoms and trim thighs alongside tums & muffin tops. To keep your slip in place, a bodysuit has been used underneath whilst a silicone hem grips against skin for a secure feel. Comfortable enough for everyday wear, the seam free slip will go under shift dresses and LBDs with ease, leaving those around you none the wiser. To avoid a Monday morning kerfuffle, Spanx recommend that you step into the slip instead of trying to put it over your head & neck.

As the first ever cotton shapewear range from Spanx, the Spoil Me Cotton collection is quite something. Possibly the softest way to slim yet, the breathable shapewear on offer will keep you refreshed in your hour (or day!) of need. Hectic schedules have met their shapewear match as the High Waisted Panty not only feels gorgeous but leaves behind a silhouette to be desired. Designed to streamline your figure from just below the bust to the bottom, the panty uses a medium control and a high cotton content to keep you body confident at all times. Offering full coverage for your derri?re thanks to a flattering cut, the panty also features visually slimming seams on the centre section which hug you in all the right places. What?s more, to up the ante when it comes to the tummy control, a double layer of fabric has been used. Phew!

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Forever on the go but can?t bear to part with your Spanx? Making sure you don?t have to, shaping gurus Spanx have added the Shaping Compression Knee Pant to their active wear Active Bottoms collection. This is one product that I regularly wear, meaning no longer do I worry about bumping into a friend en route to the gym! Reaching to just below the knee, the sleek trousers offer a medium control to tame thighs & bottoms instantly ? leaving you to tackle that cross trainer in style. Unlike most trousers, these actually come without a middle seam as a clever curved one has been used instead. Narrowing hips & bums with the illusion, the flat lying seam provides that extra boost of confidence when you need it most (read: that dreaded spin class). When it comes to styling your knee pants, you can choose to wear them as a secret layer or by themselves ? or failing that, you can always pop them underneath your favourite shorts.

And last but by no means least, the Booty-full Sheer Tights. ?Working to give your derri?re the pert makeover that you dream of, the clever 20 denier sheers use a zoned control to lift & define. Concealing a medium shaping control in the boxer brief, the control will transform thighs and tums too whilst the specially designed contours (you?ll recognise these as heavily reinforced strips of fabric) will grant your booty an uplifted and youthful look. Ladies, these ought to be at the top of your lust have list for the season ahead!

If you?re after even more shaping magic (and let?s face it, who isn?t?), have a browse through the rest of the Spanx family ? and remember to always follow the size guide provided to get the ultimate fit for your frame.

Until next time ladies…



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Our Top Picks: October


Each month we pick our top three products, and tell you why.? This month, we?re embracing our hosiery drawer as the alternative to hours at the gym and misery inducing diets, with some seriously flattering figure fixes?

1) Calvin Klein Ultra Fit 30D High Waisted Tights

Why?? The new range of Calvin Klein Control only hit our shelves last month, but already it?s become a firm favourite.? With winter on its way we?ll be opting for the cosy opaque styles before long, but for now we?re besotted with these semi-opaque Calvin Klein 30D high waisted tights.? With a silky smooth feel on the leg, uber-flattering matte finish and medium control high waisted design, tummies are flattened, waists sculpted and thighs smoothed ? these are the hardest working tights in our hosiery drawer.

Style With: High heeled ankle boots and a bodycon midi dress (with such a sleek silhouette you?ll be more than able to pull it off).? Finish with an oversized tote for an optical illusion effect that will make you look even tinier in comparison.

Wear to: work on dress down Friday ? you?ll shock the office with your hot new body!

How much? ?16.00 / ?19,50 / $26.00
Read more of Our Top Picks: October


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Stars And Their Spanx

Recently at the 2013 Emmy’s, Kate Mara of the American political drama House of Cards was spotted on the red carpet showing her Spanx bodysuit through her J Mendel dress. Now, celebrities are certainly no strangers to Spanx! Plenty of our favourite stars have admitted to their love for the shapewear line. From Gwyneth Paltrow to Kim Kardashian, celebrities swear by the power of Spanx.

On the set of Fantastic Four, Jessica Alba wore Spanx under her jumpsuit to create the flawless lump-free look. On the more extreme side, Adele admitted to wearing four pairs of Spanx underneath her dress at the 2012 Grammy’s! The point is, even celebs need some help looking perfect – and there’s nothing wrong with that! Some of the most popular shapewear types among celebrities are bum-lifters and thigh trimmers to help them look great in those fantastic red carpet looks. We can’t forget about the men though! Jesse Tyler Ferguson of?Modern Family?tweeted a picture of himself before last year’s Emmy’s wearing a Spanx for Men compression shirt.

Kate Mara

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So there you have it! If you want to look fierce like Katy Perry (another huge fan of shapewear) on your next big night out, forget about “sucking it in” – just hop into some Spanx?shapewear and let it do the?slimming for you!


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