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Fashion Faux Pas: Kim loves Spanx!

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian

Love her or loathe her, there’s no denying that Kim Kardashian attracts more column inches than the average celebrity. This week was no different, although this time it wasn’t little North West or an outrageous outfit stealing her limelight. Spotted in New York wearing a figure hugging lace top and centre split skirt as she made her way to sign copies of her new (slightly pretentious) selfie-filled book, Selfish, Kim made no secret of how she maintains her curvy hourglass figure. And the verdict? Spanx! Peeking out of her skirt, Kim was wearing Spanx shaping shorts to smooth away her lumps and bumps. We don’t blame her; after all she is a recent mother, but it was satisfying to know that even Kim, with a bum as famous as the Kardashian star herself, isn’t free of everyday problems we face with our own body. Fashion faux pas aide, here are our favourite shaping shorts so you can have your own Kim-licious derriere!

Spanx Shape My Day Girl Short

Spanx Shape My Day Girl Short

Chic Silhouette

For just the right amount of slimming and shaping, try the Spanx Shape My Day Girl Short. These offer a high control and smooth panels that flatten your tummy and lift your bum for a 360 degree shaping support! Even better, these shaping shorts are laser cut  on the thigh which means you won’t get any nasty VPL while still being able to wear you flirty minis and cocktail dresses! If you want a little more tummy shaping magic, opt for the Spanx Shape My Day High Waisted Mid Thigh shorts instead!

A little extra bum boost

Unfortunately, not all of us are blessed with Kim’s lovely behind, but if you crave the extra booty boost, look no further than the Spanx Slimplicity Booty Booster Shorts, with optional “butt-lets” that you can insert into rear pockets to make your bum look fuller! For the post-workout bum look without even hitting the gym, try the Ambra Killer Figure Bum Lifting Shorts as well. And at only £16.00 a pop, these are practically a steal!

Spanx Slimplicity Open Bus Mid Thigh Bodysuit

Spanx Slimplicity Open Bus Mid Thigh Bodysuit

360° Magic

If all-round shaping magic is what you desire, try the Spanx Slimplicity Open Bust Mid Thigh Bodysuit! This body suit is designed with an open bust that begins shaping and slimming from just under the bust and doesn’t end until the mid-thigh. And with the signature trusty Spanx design, these are also laser cut for a seamless slimming silhouette. The ShaToBu Get Fit High Waist Mid Thigh Shaper should also be on your radar; with resistance band technology to tone your muscles and burn calories during wear… without even lifting a finger. Err, where do we sign up?!

Check out our entire range of shaping shorts before you leave!

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Anti-Cellulite, Anti-Fatigue, Anti-Fat: The Body Improving Tights That Work For You

shatobu-tightsIf there’s one thing we love more than hosiery, it’s smartie-pants hosiery that uses modern technology to make our lives easier.  Caffeine tights made headlines a few years ago for their anti-cellulite properties, and now the science behind hosiery design is more advanced than ever.

So sit back, relax and forget all about the gym- here’s a round up of hosiery that could revolutionise your life…

Calorie Burning

We know it sounds too good to be true, but the range of hosiery and shapers from ShaToBu really can help you burn more calories with no extra effort on your part.  The boffins at the brand have designed a range of hosiery and shapewear that use resistance band technology to make your body work harder as you go about your day to day life – without you even realizing.  Still not convinced?  Check out the full ShaToBu explanation for all the science behind these amazing calorie burning tights.


Unsightly orange peel skin can be the absolute bane of even the slimmest woman’s life – how often have you worked your derrière off for months in preparation for the beach season, only to realise that you still dread donning that bikini in fear of others spying a telltale ripple?  The Charnos Emana tights have been clinically proven to increase collagen synthesis by 9% and skin elasticity by 8%, as well as giving an 11% improvement on signs of cellulite!  Again, feel free to check out the benefits of Emana for the nitty gritty on the magical fibre used to make these incredible anti cellulite tights.

Skin Perfecting

Charnos didn’t stop there, either.  They also created the skin perfecting Charnos Energising Support range. In a two month blind trial conducted by Charnos, results clearly demonstrated that support hosiery makes legs look and feel fabulous.  But the main draw of this revolutionary collection is that as well as all of the benefits that support brings (see below for more of us waxing lyrical about support tights), the capsule collection of three products has been treated with a unique microencapsulate blend of Vitamin E (containing anti-oxidant properties which help to protect the skin from premature ageing), Sea Kelp (rich in nutrients known to improve skin tone and stimulate blood flow – which helps to reduce the build-up of cellulite) and Shea Butter (a natural oil helping to keep the skin soft and hydrated).  The result?  Soft, smooth, revitalized legs ready to be put on show!

firm-support-tightsFatigue Busting

In our humble opinion, support hosiery is the most underrated antidote to a hectic schedule we’ve ever come across.  Formerly the preserve of the older woman or “problem” legs, newer products on the market like the aforementioned Charnos Energising Support range and the luxurious Falke Support collection have turned preconceptions on their head.  Support tights work by using graduated compression (which means that they are woven to be tighter around the ankle, slightly less around the calf and less again at the top of the leg), which forces blood back to the heart and can alleviate aching feet and legs, as well as improving blood circulation.  We’ve always said than independent women support themselves… and now from exhausted mums to busy professionals, it’s easier than ever before!

So whether it’s a little TLC for weary legs or tights as good as a beauty treatment for your skin, treat yourself to one of these miracle workers… or stock up on them all!  Who knew science could be so fun?



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Kristen Stewart: A mere mortal, after all?

If you’re anything like us, you’ll be feeling the shame of your Christmas eating binge whilst simultaneously turning green eyed over pictured of celebs who should KNOW BETTER than to flaunt their perfect bodies in front of us at such a vulnerable time. So hurrah for Kristen Stewart, who let us catch a glimpse of her figure fixing Spanx not once, but TWICE in one day back in November.

It just goes to show that no matter how slim, beautiful and successful you are, body insecurities just don’t go away (not even if you have a boyfriend as hot as Robert Pattinson). And although we’re betting that Kristen was red-faced about flashing her slimming secret (first at the Grauman’s Theatre where she was taking part in the hand and foot prints ceremony with Robert and Taylor Lautner, then later on the Jay Leno Show), the fact is that almost all of the celebs wear them for extra slimming and an elegant streamlined figure.

Kristen looks like she’s wearing a shorts shapewear product such as the viagra online

=kristen-stewart-spanx&utm_medium=blog” target=”_blank”>Spanx Undie-tectable High-Waisted Mid Thigh Shaper. By getting something that extends right the way up to your bra line, you can pretty much eliminate the possibility of telltale lines under your clothing – or alternatively choose a seamless product for a similar effect.

If you’re struggling with the extra pounds that Christmas can bring, why not try a shapewear product from the new ShaToBu Get Fit Range, which is shapewear featuring inbuilt resistance band technology that means you actually burn more calories when going about your everyday life with no extra effort!

Oh, and FYI, Kristen… most shapewear products come in nude shades which are perfect for blending in a bit better if you’re wearing a shorter dress, or else try a briefs product rather than shorts, which will be no more visible than normal underwear, no matter how short your hemline is!

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